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Gemstones for Aries – What are the Best Gemstones for Energetic, Powerful Aries?

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Gemstones for Aries – Which Gemstones are Best for the Zodiac Sign Aries?

Discover how to choose the best Zodiac Gemstones for Aries and how they can be used to benefit this fiery, energetic Star Sign.

About Aries

Aries is one of the strongest and most powerful signs of the Zodiac. Individuals born under the Zodiac Sign of The Ram have a reputation as leaders and pioneers.

The first of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, Aries coincides with the beginning of Spring and is symbolic of new life. The time of Aries is all about the potential for new beginnings or fresh starts.

Not only is Aries the first sign in the Zodiac cycle, those born under the Sign of The Ram want to be ahead of every one else!

Aries like to be first in line, take first place in competitions, in fact be the first in everything!

aries personality traits

Aries’ element is Fire, which drives this Starsign to to succeed. This energy can be aggressive, but generally in a good way. This means that Aries is persistent.

However, Arians are not careless, unlike another Fire Sign, Sagittarius.

Aries is a “doer”, which makes them great at getting things done and completing projects.

Pisces, which comes before Aries, brings the opportunity to relax and reflect at the end of the Zodiac Cycle. It is a time of release as we unburden ourselves of the things not needed – this can include people.

Pisces starts the process of thinking about the next steps on the journey of life. Following this period of reflection, Aries provides the energy to start moving forward again.

What Jewelry does Aries like?

Aries’ jewelry choices usually make the impact expected from someone with such high energy and enthusiasm.

Red, the colour of Aries’ Ruling Planet Mars, is totally aligned to their choice of jewelry. This means that rubies and red enamel, set in silver, are sure to be a hit with Aries Woman.

Black is also a particular favourite because of its association with power. However, Arians also respond well to the calming influence of indigo, which helps calm their fieryness and exuberance.

The diamond is the hardest of all the precious gems and suits the toughness of Aries. However, considered the purest of stones, it can also assist in the attainment of spiritual clarity and truth.

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Aries Birthstones

The Birthstones for Aries are the Diamond and Bloodstone.

Month Birthstones

Aries born in March: Aquamarine

Aries born in April: Diamond

Lucky Metal for Aries

The lucky metal for Aries is Iron.

Best Jewelry Setting for Aries Gemstones

The best jewelry setting for Aries The Ram is German Silver, an alloy based on copper and nickel

best gemstones for Aries
11 Best Gemstones for Aries

1. Amethyst for positive channeling of energy

One of the Best Gemstones for Aries to provide spiritual guidance!

Energetic Aries is stubborn and often suffers from Tunnel Vision. If you have ever tried to change the mind of an Aries, then you will know what I mean!

Amethyst helps provide spiritual guidance. This means that that the typical Aries’ drive and enthusiasm is channeled in a positive way, to help achieve goals.

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2. Apache Tears for grounding

Fiery Aries energy will benefit from the grounding like Apache Tears, which is one of the earth energy.

Using Apache Tears with meditation, will help balance the Root Chakra and provide stability.

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3. Aquamarine for calm and communication

The choice of a watery stone for the fire of Aries may seem strange because of the potential to douse the flames. However, the wild Ram can be calmed by this gentle stone.

Aquamarine can also aid communication in order to achieve desires and goals.

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4. Aventurine to encourage growth and abundance

Another earthy stone, Aventurine, especially Green Aventurine, encourages growth and abundance. Pair this with the drive and energy of Aries to ensure that success is within reach.

Aventurine provides stability for Aries. At the same time it opens the mind, (which is a bonus for those of us who have to deal with their fixed attitudes!) to enable focus to help in achieving goals.

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5. Bloodstone for grounding and stability

The Bloodstone is another earthy, grounding stone, associated with Mars’ energy, which is the ruling planet of Aries. This gemstone can be used to balance the driving energy of Aries with stability.

This means that the energy can be positively harnessed to do its work.

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6. Blue Tiger’s Eye for an alternative perspective

Blue Tiger’s Eye has an earthy energy that complements fire. Aries is usually so focused that they can be blinkered.

This energy of Fire can become all consuming and leave no room for self-reflection. Blue Tiger’s Eye works on the Third Eye, enabling an alternative perspective to manifest.

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7. Carnelian if Fire needs boosting

This may seem crazy – does the Fire of Aries need any more boosting? Well, yes it might – if Aries is lacking in planets that were in Aries at the time of birth.

Fiery stone Carnelian, will definitely be useful if this is the case. This is because it is a stone of creativity and physical vitality.

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8. Citrine to keep emotions in balance

Citrine can keep the emotions in balance while riding out the fiery wave of Aries. It encourages abundance during the time of starting over.

During Meditation Citrine can be used when cleansing the Chakras.

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9. Emerald for hope

Optimism and hope are valuable emotions when undergoing the new beginning iffered when the Sun is in Aries. During this time Emerald will provide hope and also prosperity.

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10. Fire Agate – use with caution!

As the name suggests Fire Agate is a stone that is full of fire energy. It is more useful for other star signs during the time of Aries. However, take care!

Fire Agate has been included in this list for individuals who may not have many fire signs in their Birth Chart, especially Aries.

Used cautiously, particularly by those born under the Zodiac Sign of the Ram, Fire Agate encourages spiritual perfection during the year when we have trouble recognising our spiritual needs.

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11. Unakite for balance

Unakite provides a valuable combination of air and earth. This is useful for balancing the intensity provided by the burning Aries energy.

Water crystals should be used with care with the Fire Signs. This is because of the risk that they can extinguish the fire.

Air feeds the fire and enables it to breathe. Earth provides fuel and a stable base on which the fire can burn.

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