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Dating and Anxiety – 7 Signs of Anxiety and Dating Disorder

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I never realised what a problem dating and anxiety was until I witnessed the  unbearable suffering of someone close to me. However, I have found a product that may help ease dating anxiety.

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Dating and Anxiety – Seven Signs

First date nerves are bad enough, but add anxiety into the mix and it can be a recipe for disaster!

1. Too many pre-date drinks

Do you stoke up on the alcohol to “relax yourself” before you go to meet your date?

This is a big tell-tale sign that you are suffering from Dating and Anxiety Disorder.

2. Appearing distracted

Anxiety can cause you to feel very “in your head”.

This means that you can appear distracted to the point of unapproachable on dates, which can create a lack of connection.

Which leads onto…

3. Telling your date too much, too soon

The fear of NOT connecting with our date can be overwhelming and increase our anxiety.

This means that we try to force connections by revealing too much about ourselves too soon.

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4. Acting cold

Anxiety can cause us to withdraw to the extent that we can come and across as cold and uncaring.

5. You keep saying sorry

Another clear sign of Dating Anxiety is constantly apologising for things that are not your fault. Examples are:

Do you keep apologising for the fact that you were 30 seconds late?

You apologise for the fact that his favourite dish is off the menu.

You apologise because he could not find a parking space.

6. You cancel dates

You agree to go out, then you spend the time leading up to the date panicking. Finally, you can bear it no longer.

So you cancel the date.

7. You feel ill more often

Whether it is sweaty palms, feeling faint, palpitations (increased heart rate) or actually feeling sick, this can make you feel miserable on a date.

dating and anxiety

Can CBD Oil help with anxiety and dating?

Recently I have been learning everything I can about CBD Oil and have seen many genuine testimonies about how it has helped with depression and anxiety.

I personally use  HempWorx CBD Oil for my own anxiety and sleep problems. Someone else close to me uses it to manage her anxiety too.

Anxiety and CBD Oil – a Testimony

I started 5 weeks ago and am still blown away by how awesome I feel – love this stuff!

I’m going to tell everyone I meet about it!

When I took my first few drops the pressure in my chest from anxiety simply lifted away. It was not my imagination.

I nearly cried… since then I am enjoying the freedom .

My over thinking mind is calm, focused and full of clarity. I’m able to cope with day to living with ease, mindful and alert.

I ran out for a week and wow, by day 2 without the oil my anxiety was back knocking in my door. I’ll never run out again!”

Zoe, Australia, 2018

dating and anxiety
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What is CBD Oil & how can it help with anxiety and dating?

HempWorx CBD Oil is made from organically grown industrial hemp plants from farms in Kentucky, USA.

Cannabidiol (CBD) naturally occurs in industrial Hemp.

Until recently, the most well-known compound in cannabis was delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Most of the CBD used for medicinal purposes is found in the least processed form of the cannabis plant, known as hemp.

CO2 is used to extract HempWorx CBD Oil. This means that the oil is solvent free and pure.

Did I just say Hemp?

Yes, I did. But it is not the hemp you are thinking about!

Hemp extracted CBD Oil does not get you high

CBD Oil is legal in all 50 US States

CBD Oil is legal in the UK and Europe

cbd can help dating and anxiety

For some time now I have been discussing CBD with a friend who is a qualified nutritionist who lives in Northern Ireland.

She has also seen many genuine testimonies about all sorts of medical and mental health conditions that can be helped by CBD Oil.

These conditions include anxiety.

I have another friend from the US, who has an anxiety related condition. She has been taking CBD Oil for the last few months.

She has had such amazing results that she has no hesitation in recommending it to her friends.


Dating and Anxiety help

Anxiety can wreck your dating life before it has really started.

Dating and anxiety combined can cause worry, illness, self doubt, lack of confidence and negative self worth. In many cases it is very difficult to overcome without help.

However, Anxiety is usually treatable and various methods are available. These include medication and talking therapies.

There’s also many testimonies regarding the use of alternative therapies, such a hypnosis, reflexology, meditation, various foods and supplements.

If anxiety is hindering your ability to go on dates, then please do your research and choose the best help method that you think will work for you.

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