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Two Top Turn Offs For Guys & Gals – Especially These Starsigns!

What are Two of the Top Turn Offs for Guys & Gals?

Discover two of the top turn offs for guys & gals and which star signs find these turn offs particularly intolerable.

#1 Top Turn Offs For Guys

Being Undependable

One of the biggest top turn offs for guys is a woman who is undependable and it is the same for us girls, isn’t it?

Most men/women who are looking for a long-term relationship wants someone who is reliable. Someone in whom they can trust and believe.

Flighty people often don’t know how to keep their word. They mean one thing while saying something else. They can even indulge in mind games.

Undependable individuals will come up with all kinds of crazy excuses for their behavior, such as:

  • Reasons for being late
  • What made them not turn up at all
  • Why they couldn’t pay for the meal they promised to pay for

Unreliable people are often financially unstable

This means that while they themselves are not dependable, they’re looking for someone they themselves can lean on and depend upon.

However, the majority of decent men and women are just looking for someone who is dependable, independent and knows how to keep their word.

Trust is essential to healthy relationships

Let’s be realistic here! It is impossible to build anything with anyone who has a life that’s out of control. They simply cannot be trusted.

This means that a healthy relationship is impossible without trust on both sides.

Some starsigns have more tolerance and patience with unreliable people than others.

However, the Star Signs driven totally crazy by being let down are:

turn offs for guys


Aries likes to be well organized. So when an Aries asks for help, they expect things to be done as efficiently and quickly as they would do it.

This means that when Aries is let down, or finds someone is undependable, stand by for fireworks. Aries does not hold back when enraged!

If Aries thinks they have been let down be prepared to allow The Ram to calm down before an apology is even attempted.

However, if you have already been dumped by an Aries because you were unreliable, then check out How To Make an Aries Man Want You Back.


Taurus is very reliable. This means that the same is expected in return, or they will be very disappointed.

Stand by for a confrontation if a Taurus feels let down. However, make a habit of it and another chance may not be given.

If you want to be sure that you don’t have any other habits that will turn off a Taurus, then check out this link that will tell you more about Taurus Man Secrets.


Scorpio is resourceful and stubborn. Dedication is another of the Scorpio Characteristics.

This means that there is an expectation that others will keep their word.

Let Scorpio down and they are extremely unforgiving.

If you have been dumped by a Scorpio and want to try and get him back, Scorpio Man Secrets could help.


Self-controlled and disciplined, there’s no wrath like a Capricorn’s wrath. Their look will turn you to stone!

Capricorns get things done right away. This means that if a promise is made to a Capricorn the expectation is that it will be seen through.

I, Gemini born on The Cusp with Taurus, was married to a Capricorn. He just could not cope with my scatty personality.

However, in turn I could not cope with the pressure to conform to the way he wanted to do things.

Unsurprisingly, it did not last!

By the time my marriage was over, there was no way I wanted to get back with him. However, if I had wanted to give it another go, then Capricorn Man Secrets may have helped!

#2 Top Turn Offs for Guys

Being demanding or clingy

The second of these two top turn offs for guys & gals is being demanding and clingy, or both! Someone who’s too clingy isn’t normally dependable.

This is because the strong partner in the dating relationship will constantly have to reassure the clingy one. There will also be a need to constantly feed a constant craving for reassurance and company.

Signs that someone is clingy or demanding

Signs of someone who is clingy include:

  • always wanting to know who you’re with and what you’re doing
  • the fear of being left behind or being cheated on

Even when it is not happening, the insecurities of clingy people can be overwhelming.

A healthy dating relationship needs to be a two way street, with trust on both sides.

I had a friend who hooked up with a demanding and clingy partner. We would go for a Girls’ Night Out, with other friends and she would have to send him a selfie to prove she was with us and that she was actually where she said she was going!

Another time she went to see a friend who is a Psychologist but she told him she was with me, because she knew her partner would not like it!


Do not give up your friends

It is important that each person in a relationship should have a circle of their own friends. They also should have friends they enjoy seeing as a dating couple.

Both need to have outside interests and this includes different friends.

Separate interests can help a dating relationship stay fresh and seem more interesting.

It is important for both men and women to maintain identity and friendships and not sacrifice them just because you want to spend more time together.

top turn offs for guys

Star Signs who will avoid a long-term relationship with clingy people are:


Aries are very self-orientated and won’t even think about wasting time worrying about someone else. Being clingy is a very immature trait in the eyes of an Aries.

Aries is usually respectful of their partners but it is crucial to give them space and allow them to have some independence.

Find out more about Aries


Gemini knows what they want from life. Period.

This means that if Gemini thinks that they are into you more than you are into them, then it’s curtains.

gemini personality traits

The Twins need lots of personal space. The minute they suspect anyone is trying to tie them down and cramp that space, they will feel trapped.

Clingy people make Gemini feel trapped. This is because they want fun, not an insecure partner who needs reassurance and nurse-maiding all the time.

Here’s more information about Gemini Personality Traits


Traditional Capricorn has lots of self-control and will find it hard to display affection, even when they are deeply in love.

However, one of their biggest fears is looking bad and they find public displays of affection embarrassing.

This means that get clingy with a Capricorn and they will create distance.

More about Capricorn Characteristics


Enigmatic Aquarius is someone who everyone would like to be able to understand. On the surface they will hide their feelings.

This means that any potential partner will find it very difficult to tell if their Aquarius even likes them. It’s no surprise that Aquarius would never be clingy.

Aquarius enjoys independence and only those closely involved with them will have any clue whatsoever as to what’s really going on with them. However, Aquarius can be very affectionate in private.

Find out more about Aquarius

Have you found it impossible to tolerate anyone who is undependable, demanding or clingy?

What is your star sign?

7 More First Date Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost! Essential Reading!

7 More First Date Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost!

Here’s 7 more first date mistakes to avoid to add to the 10 Early Dating Mistakes to Avoid, already published.

Scroll down to discover the first date mistakes to avoid that may seem obvious, however they are made time and time again!

You will also discover the Dating Pet Peeves of various Zodiac Signs!

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #1

Personal hygiene – lack of

A dating deal breaker for both men and women is showing up without having spent some time on personal hygiene. If you are too lazy to brush and floss your teeth before you meet up, then you would be better to stay home.

Other major dating turn offs include:

  • wiping your mouth on the sleeve of your shirt after eating
  • coughing and spitting
  • body odor

Taurus and Virgo are completely unable to cope with smelly people!
dating mistakes to avoid

#2 Dating Deal Breaker

Be the real you and do not lie

first date mistakes

Don’t be tempted to pretend be someone you’re not online or through text messages. Showing up in person and looking and acting totally differently will make your date feel foolish and that they have been conned.

Example: a girl who pretends to be into things the guy likes just to impress him. Or the guy who says he has great abs, when actually he has a distinct beer belly.

What both men and women really appreciate is someone who’s honest with them right from the start.

Don’t lie about your looks, height, body type or your hobbies or interests just to get someone interested. When the truth comes out (and it will), it will only backfire on you.

At the end of the day, you want to date someone who likes the real you, not some figment of your imagination who doesn’t exist.

Star Signs who do not tolerate fake people

Aries, Libra and Scorpio.

first date mistakes

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #3

Smoking and drinking too much

Certain habits can also make you less than desirable on a date.

If your date does not smoke, then anyone who smells like cigarette smoke can be a dating deal breaker to some people.

I have to admit that this was a big dating turnoff for me. I think there was only one guy I ever dated who smoked.

People who drink more than their limit on a date are a turnoff, too. It can be totally embarrassing for someone who barely knows you.

first date mistakes

Zodiac Signs Who Can Drink Too Much in Inappropriate Situations

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius

#4 First Date Mistakes to Avoid

Discussing unresolved personal issues

Everyone in the world has some emotional wounds from their life experiences. Having experienced personal problems is nothing to be ashamed of and is normal.

However, dragging these issues around on dates, especially on early dates, is a sure-fire way to turn someone off.

Personal issues that are deal breakers involve things like not being able to let go and move on from things that have caused hurt or heart-break and burdening your date with the fact.

Your date doesn’t want to hear about the times your former friend stole money. Nor do they want to hear about the friend who moved out of the State without paying their share of the rent.

They don’t want to hear about daddy or mummy issues. Or the fact that you have not seen your brother/sister for 10 years. Neither do they need to hear about your neighbor/boss/in-laws from Hell.

If those things are eating away at you, it’s a sign that you need professional help with them rather than date and talk about them.

Your date doesn’t want to hear about everything that has happened to you that was someone  else’s fault. It makes you sound whiny and immature.

And if you admit that it has driven you to try to deal with it through addiction, that is a major turn off.

Which Star Signs dislike people dwelling on the past?

Aries prefers people who find it easy to move on.

Taurus struggles with anyone who tries to bring emotional baggage to a relationship.

Never, ever compare a Leo to your Ex!

first date mistakes

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #5

Addictions to drugs and/or alcohol

Having an addiction with drugs or alcohol is not something that’s fair to expect another person to have to deal with. Particularly if it is someone you hardly know. It is expecting too much of them emotionally.

If you have an addiction with drugs and/or with alcohol, take care of it. Get well before you start dating.

Addictions add a lot of drama to a relationship and it is not fair to expect any new date to accept or put up with it.

In any case, addictions mask the real person, mainly in a negative way. Your date will never get to know the real you.

Addicts usually have mood swings and that’s not a good way to begin a relationship.

#6 First Date Mistakes to Avoid

Being too familiar physically too fast

When you date someone, there are specific boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Not unless it’s clear that the other person is open to the contact.

On a first date, you cannot be too careful and it is OK to have personal boundaries. It is also OK for your date to expect you to have them too.

Treating someone like they’re an old friend is going to make the other person uncomfortable. Be careful of invading personal space.

This is more common in the way that men behave. However, women can also be guilty of this one.

For many it’s important to date someone that they’re physically attracted to. However, dating isn’t a supermarket where you can go in and start touching to see if you like what you see.

Because men are usually bigger, taller and stronger, being too close or hands on can make a woman feel uncomfortable and intimidated. Sometimes this can cross the boundaries into sexual harassment.

Never assume it’s okay to touch your date. This means that you need to make sure that you have a clear okay before you do.

Do not invade the personal space of these Star Signs

Do not invade the personal space of a Virgo. Cancer is also totally rattled by those who have no idea of boundaries or personal space.

Personal space is also extremely important to Aquarius.

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #7

Being too familiar emotionally too fast

It’s not just physical contact where a date can get too familiar too quickly. Being too familiar too soon can be a deal breaker when it comes to emotions as well.

True emotional depth takes awhile to evolve. If it hasn’t been given a chance to develop over time, this can turn people off.

An example of this is when a couple have just started dating. Then by the end of the first week, one party is ready to move in together, to be exclusive, or is already talking about being in love.

This should raise warning flags, because it is usually a sign of deeper emotional issues.

Star Signs Who Avoid Needy People

Aries does not like being with people who are needy or clingy.

Another sign that would feel tied down by a clingy partner is Sagittarius.

These are just some of the first date mistakes anyone needs to avoid if they don’t want things to stop before they have even started!

Basically, all you need to do is be considerate, polite, clean and not eat like you are at a chimpanzee’s tea party!

For more dating advice, visit Meet Your Sweet.com

10 Early Dating Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost! Follow These Simple Steps!

How To Avoid  Early Dating Mistakes!

Here’s 10 early dating mistakes you need to avoid at all cost if you want to keep dating that new person in your life!

Scroll down to discover the early dating mistakes than can end any chance you have of dating the person you have set your sights on.

You will also learn your Zodiac Sign’s pet peeves!

Both women and men have standards when it comes to dating. Everyone has in their minds that perfect someone that they imagine building a permanent relationship with.

However, when you’re left waiting for Mr or Miss Right to come along, you can’t be blamed for sometimes starting to think the opposite sex is just far too picky.

It might surprise you to know that when it comes to deal breakers with dating, men and women are surprisingly similar in what turns them off.

Learning the early dating mistakes to avoid can help you keep the dating going.

Listed below, in no particular order, are some of the  worst early dating mistakes you need to  avoid and the Star Signs who you won’t impress.

Early Dating Mistakes #1

Not Knowing How to Communicate

One of the biggest early dating mistakes is communication problems. This is something that a lot of women just won’t put up with. This includes:

  • not being able to talk clearly
  • not knowing the difference between commonly misused words
  • making eye contact

Men might think that this is just too picky. However, if a man doesn’t know how to communicate from the start, including with their eyes, then a woman will know full well that it won’t get any better as the relationship progresses.

Women put more of an emphasis on communication than men because this is how women relate – well most of them anyway!

These Zodiac Signs are particularly fussy when it comes to communication

Geminis are compulsive communicators, but they do enjoy conversation. However, a big early dating mistake is to interrupt a Gemini.

NEVER interrupt a Gemini if they are recounting a story or something that has happened.

Note: Virgo women hate the use of bad grammar.

early dating mistakes

#2 Dating Deal Breaker

Talking About Yourself Too Much

Another early dating mistake is communication. Particularly if you have a man or a woman who obviously believes they are the star in their own universe

Personally, I steer clear of people like this because it signals that they may well be a narcissist. This does not bode well for any future healthy relationship.

These kinds of people talk so much that it’s hard to get a word in edgeways. However, while it is natural for a new person in your life to want to find out more about you, give them the short story version of yourself, not the War and Peace version!

These Sun Signs avoid people who talk too much

Geminis do not like people who talk too much. Scorpios are uncomfortable answering lots of questions about themselves – so take it easy on a first date.

The Cancer Sun Signs do not like people who boast or who are full of themselves. Neither does Aquarius.

Early Dating Mistakes #3

Don’t jump on the Complain Train!

During an early  date, whatever you do, stay off the Complain Train!

Someone that you’ve just met, or are just starting to date, doesn’t want to hear all about the job that you hate, or the really bad day you’ve just had.

Star Signs who who prefer to avoid complainers

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

#4 Dating Deal Breaker

Talking about your Ex

Communication during a date means communicating with the date. This means that you should be talking about what each other likes.

It doesn’t mean that this is a fresh avenue for you to vent all of your resentment and heartache about your Ex.

Bringing your Ex into the conversation, is a BIG early dating mistake. This is because it shows that you haven’t worked through all your negative feelings about that former flame.

No one wants a glimpse of the excess baggage you’ll be bringing along if they carry on dating you.

Talking about your Ex is selfish and inconsiderate. It’s a major dating mistake to use someone you barely know as a sounding board about the lost loves in your life.

You might think that you’re connecting by expressing your feelings about your Ex. However, the other person will probably:

a) get bored and b) feel like they should be charging you a therapy fee!

It is really important that you work through your issues about your Ex before you move on to dating someone new.

If splitting with your Ex continues to cause you issues then see a real therapist. This means that all of your issues with that situation are resolved prior to you dating someone else.

You’ll be doing yourself (and anyone you date) a big favor!

Star Signs that don’t want to hear about your Ex



early dating mistakes

Early Dating Mistakes #5

Being impolite, rude or disrespectful

The majority of people know how to be polite. Sadly, some do not.

Anyone who doesn’t know how to be polite, can be a real dating turn off. This includes being curt or rude to people serving in restaurants and shops.

It also includes being rude to your friends.

Your date will end up wondering if that’s how you treat other people, then will you start to treat him or her that way as well?

Which Starsigns do not like rude behavior?

Rude people upset these Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leos, who also dislike being disrespected, and Libra.

Also do not put down a Cancer.

Which brings us on to the next big dating no-no….

#6 Dating Deal Breaker

Being racist, sexist or homo-phobic

Having an intolerance toward people who have different religions, are from different cultures or races, or have different sexual preferences is usually a massive turn-off for decent people.

Being small minded or making bigoted or racist comments is definitely the way to make sure you won’t ever date that person again.

This is a particular Pet Hate of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Early Dating Mistakes #7

Lack of basic table manners

If you haven’t mastered basic table manners, then GET IT SORTED before you hit the dating circuit.

Here’s a table manners checklist:

1. don’t put your elbows on the table
2. don’t slouch down so far in your chair that it looks like you’re practically resting on your neck
3. keep your mouth closed when chewing
4. don’t talk with your mouth full

These are HUGE dating deal breakers – especially for women.

And there’s more:

5. don’t slurp your food or drink
6. don’t push your food onto your fork with your fingers
7. don’t burp (or worse!)
8. don’t pick your teeth

If something tastes terrible, don’t make a show of spitting it out. Discreetly remove it with a napkin.

If something is out of reach, ask for it. Don’t reach across the table and grab it.

Zodiac Signs that cannot deal with poor table manners

A Virgo will find a lack of basic table manners very annoying. People who chew very loudly drive them to distraction.

Capricorn will be totally turned off if you speak with your mouth full!

If you are dining out with an Aries, you will drive them nuts if you take ages to choose from the menu.

early dating mistakes to avoid

#8 Dating Deal Breaker

Cell Phones

One of the biggest issues among both men and women are dates that use their cell phone. Text or take a call during a date, unless it’s an absolute emergency, and you can bet you’ll probably never get another date.

It’s rude and totally inconsiderate to pay attention to someone via the phone who isn’t even there!

Which Star Signs will be annoyed if you use your Cell Phone on a date?

Aquarius certainly will not forgive anyone who gets their phone out at the table, unless it is a dire emergency.

This is also a big pet peeve for Pisces. Pisces want to engage with the people they are with. If those people are half listening while distracted by their phones, this drives Pisces mad.

Early Dating Mistakes #9

Expecting your date to like everything you like

Just because you like a certain style of music doesn’t guarantee your date will. To expect someone to give in to your tastes is another dating turnoff.

Instead of looking for someone that is exactly like you when it comes to preferences, learn how to explore and appreciate the differences.

It will keep things interesting.

Besides, it is rude and inconsiderate to be sarcastic, put down or to make fun of something that your date finds appealing or interesting.

You will come across as mean and bullying if you make fun of someone just because they’re into things that you’re not.

Do not put down these Star Signs in particular

Never put down an Aquarius or a Cancerian!

Pisces cannot cope with sarcasm or unkindness.

If a Sagittarius is enthusiastic about anything that does not float your boat, be careful how you handle it. They are driven crazy by anyone who tries to put a dampner on their enthusiasm.

#10 Dating Deal Breaker

Not taking care of your appearance

Let’s get this straight – men and women aren’t looking for someone who doesn’t have any flaws. However, they do look for someone who takes care of his or her appearance.

This can range from clothing choice to hygiene habits.

You should always look your best when you show up for a date, even if it’s a casual date.

I don’t mean your best dress or suit. Just be clean and dress for the occasion.

Your favorite worn sweatpants might be comfortable. However, the signal they will give is that you couldn’t be bothered to put in much effort.

Save the around the house clothes for … yep, around the house.

Don’t wear a pair of shoes that could be worn for cleaning out the garage or gardening. Wear shoes that fit the occasion. For example, don’t wear high heels for a walk in the countryside!

That bright Hawaiian shirt might look great on a vacation, but on a date, it’s better to choose clothes and shoes that blend in to the surroundings.

Save the bolder choices for a later date (if you get that far!)

Watch how you dress with these Zodiac Signs

Appearance is important to these star signs: Taurus and Virgos who cannot cope with messy people or those who are dirty.

Aquarius is bored by people who wear the same clothes all the time.

Poor appearance is a big turnoff for Libra.

Dating in today’s “must have it now” world is not easy. However, there are plenty of good men and women, of all ages, looking for that special someone.

Once you have navigated your way through the first few dates, if you are really keen on him, here’s a guide that will help you make sure things don’t stagnate.


Think about what your deal breakers are. Then try to find someone who suits your personal preferences!

Comment below to let us know your dating deal breakers.

Aquarius Compatibility – What are Aquarius Like?

Who is Aquarius Compatible With?

What are Aquarius Like?

Who is Aquarius’ best love match? Are you an Aquarius in love? Are you in love with an Aquarius?

This article outlines the important Aquarius Character traits. This will lead to a better understanding about who is the best Zodiac Match for Aquarius.

Aquarius Character Traits

What are Aquarius Like in General?

what are aquarius like

Aquarius character traits means that they are free-spirited beings who live life spontaneously. This means that their own rules are set as they go. They are very social and quick to develop meaningful friendships.

However, when it comes to love, Aquarius has a difficult time expressing emotion. This means that building connections with an Aquarius deep enough to sustain a lasting connection are difficult.

Aquarians require freedom to pursue their interests. There’s just one problem…

This can sometime cause jealousy and insecurity in their significant other.

In order to have a long-lasting relationship with Aquarius, their love interest must understand their need for adventure and excitement.

The answer?

The only way to win the heart of an Aquarian is to cater to their needs and never let life get boring. It can be a challenge, but the effort will be well worth it in the end.

What star signs are compatible with Aquarius? Who makes the best partner for Aquarius?

What are Aquarius Like? Aquarius Man Personality

How to deal with an Aquarian Man

Likeable and compassionate but can be moody and unpredictable

what are aquarius like

The Aquarius man is liked by almost everyone he meets. He has a great sense of humor and his view of life is free-spirited and adventurous.

He is likely to be the life of every party and makes friends easily.

In the love arena, however, the Aquarian has a difficult time expressing emotion and committing to a relationship. He makes his own rules and doesn’t follow conventional wisdom in dating or marriage.

He has to have a deep friendship with any woman he will consider falling in love with…and the falling in love part doesn’t happen easily.

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get an Aquarius Man to commit!

How to Handle an Aquarius Man

The best match for Aquarius man is someone who understands that he needs space. Neither should they try to tie him down.

And this is where there could be trouble! Aquarius Man will run for the hills if he feels stifled.

Although sometimes moody, that doesn’t mean Aquarius Man doesn’t care. Give him time to work it out and he’ll be back to his fun-loving self in no time.

It might be hard for Aquarius Man to fall in love. However, once he does, he will be sure to dote on his partner and give her a good time.

What are Aquarius Like? All About Aquarius Woman

The character of Aquarius Woman means that she is free-spirited and friendly but emotionally elusive

Aquarius woman has a friendly, outgoing personality that makes her easy to like. She is free-spirited and finds it difficult to settle down or express herself emotionally.

The nature of an Aquarius Woman means that being friends with her is easy. However, romantic relationships can be quite difficult.

Aquarian women love to meet new people. However, they will be unlikely to stray too far away from their beliefs and preferences. She has a stubborn side that will not accept or be told that her way of thinking is wrong.

A potential lover will not be able to control her or change who she is. If he tries, she will walk away without giving it a second thought.

what are Aquarius like

How to Love an Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman in Relationships

Anyone interested in an Aquarian woman, should work on becoming her friend first. It is crucial that she creates a friendship bond with any potential partner before she falls in love.

This means that she needs her significant other to be her best friend. Aquarian women will often maintain a deep friendship even after the love relationship is over.

However, there are 5 little-known secret laws for making an elusive Aquarian woman want you!

What if you knew how to plant a secret seed of desire in an Aquarian woman’s mind? This, despite the fact that she has said she’s not interested or not ready for a relationship…

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Aquarius Woman is devoted and loyal to those close to her

One of the really positive things about Aquarius Woman is that she is loyal and devoted to the people in her life.

While Aquarians may seem self-centered at times, it is their strong, independent nature that makes them attractive. They seem to make their own rules. Her air of confidence is also very alluring.

What Zodiac Signs are Compatible with Aquarius?

What is the best sign for Aquarius to fall in love with?

Good matches for Aquarius are: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, other Aquarians and possibly Pisces.

what are aquarius like

What are Aquarius like with Aries?

Aries and Aquarius both love to laugh and have fun. They will be the best of friends before they become lovers.

This air of friendship and their enjoyment of social activities will keep their relationship thriving for a long time.

Aquarius and Gemini

Gemini and Aquarius have an intense sexual relationship that keeps them together and may maintain the relationship all the way to marriage.

As long as they both know when to walk away from a disagreement, their relationship should be a strong, long-lasting romance.

Aquarius and Libra

Libra and Aquarius are the ideal love connection. They are very attracted to each other physically and intellectually. This well-matched Zodiac pair will share many adventures together and form a strong bond.

They both tend to shy away from emotions, so they are content with each other and insecurity tends to not be a problem.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Aquarius are both independent and adventurous types, so an exciting relationship is bound to happen.

They will have many fun times together and their mutual desire to travel and explore new places will keep their love life interesting and fulfilling.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius will challenge each other and give each other the freedom to pursue their individual interests and goals. They will also have a highly satisfying sex life.

Their mutual spontaneity will lead to many fun adventures together.

Aquarius and Pisces

Pisces and Aquarius are able to form a deep bond and a lasting romantic connection – but only IF they are both willing to work at it.

They will always be able to find something to talk about and their sexual relationship will be exciting.

These Star Signs are NOT Aquarius Best Match for Marriage

Star signs that are incompatible with Aquarius

Aquarians should avoid relationships with Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, Cancer and Scorpio.

What are Aquarius like with Taurus?

Taurus and Aquarius may start out strong due to attraction of opposites. This means that, the relationship will quickly lose its spark. Socially, they have nothing in common.

Taurus needs a secure commitment that Aquarius won’t be able to give.

Aquarius and Cancer

Cancer and Aquarius will want different things in a relationship. Cancer is a little insecure and needs a lot of personal attention.

However, Aquarius doesn’t show affection very easily and needs independence. This difference will be too much to overcome and the relationship won’t last.

Aquarius and Leo

Leo and Aquarius both enjoy the spotlight. Competing for attention will cause jealousy and create a rift between them.

Their friendship will most likely never become a love affair…and if it does, it will be based on sex and most likely end quickly.

Aquarius and Virgo

Virgo and Aquarius are certainly not a match made in heaven. They may have an excellent friendship. However, they are just too different to have a lasting love connection.

Virgo is organized and loves when things are predictable. However,  Aquarius could never be restricted by a schedule.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Scorpio and Aquarius will rarely be able to share a long term commitment. Scorpio is ambitious and focused. However, Aquarius is spontaneous and unpredictable.

The Scorpion will try to bring Aquarius under control. This means that the relationship will probably come to a quick end.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Capricorn and Aquarius do well together professionally due to their shared work ethic. This means that they aren’t so lucky in love.

Capricorn takes a long time to ease into a relationship. However, Aquarius will not have the patience to wait.

They are polar opposites in social situations and life ambitions.

What are Aquarius Like on a Date?

How to Date an Aquarius

Aquarians are highly social and love to talk, so. Therefore, this should be kept in mind when planning the perfect date.

An intimate dinner date will be the perfect setting for intense conversation. However, just be prepared to be more of a listener than a talker. Aquarius will most likely dominate the conversation!

A group setting such as a charity event or social gathering will be the perfect first date for Aquarius.

Emotional connection is difficult for this starsign. Choose a public location for the fist date. This will take some pressure off and ensure a fun time for both parties.

to discover how to get the conversation going
on a date with an Aquarius

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Star Sign Compatibility Test – Do You and Your Lover Have the Most Compatible Star Signs?

Star Sign Compatibility Test

What Star Signs Match

Are you brave enough to take the Star Sign Compatibility Test?

Apart from “What’s my Star Sign?”, the other question I am asked the most is “Who am I compatible with?”

Zodiac Love Compatibility is a complex issue, because it is not just dependent on your Sun Sign. When you were born the positions of all the planets plus the Moon, had a huge bearing on not only your personality but also that of your partner – or prospective partner.

If you are not sure of your Sun Sign, then you can find out by entering your date and place of birth in this free Sun Sign Calculator.

It gets even more complicated if you were born on The Cusp, as your personality will be a mix of not just one Sun Sign but two!

Astrology Compatibility By Date of Birth

Here’s a fun free tool that will calculate your compatibility rating. However, this is a very simplified calculator as it is only based on the date of your birth and does not include the time or location.

The calculator will give you an idea about how well you relate to each other and how easy (or hard) you can expect the relationship to be.

My partner and I received a Compatibility rating of 70%, when I tried it out and the following summary:

“Your relationship is smooth, and everything is possible. You simply need to adjust to each other and you can easily do so. It only takes a minimum of warmth and mutual understanding for your couple to function steadily in spite of some rare disagreements. You must turn your marvellous relationship into a success love story because you have all the necessary keys and assets to this end. So, go for it!”

I am Gemini, born on the Cusp with Taurus and my husband is a Sagittarian, born on the Cusp with Capricorn. We have been married since 1996 🙂

Did you try the tool? What was your Compatibility Rating?

Taurus Compatibility – How to win the Heart of a Taurus

Taurus Compatibility – Are you in love Taurus?

Are you and your partner compatible? Will it last?

Taureans are sensible and practical people and this underscores their love lives. Although they enjoy being at home and love a quiet evening in with good food and good conversation, they are romantic and it means a lot to them to have a deep relationship.

Money is important to materialistic Taureans and although they may not exactly shower you with gifts, when they do buy you a gift it will be the best. They can be very direct about their needs and wants and are very passionate.

Taureans need someone who is practical and strong like themselves. If you are looking for love with a Taurus, take it slow and easy. They like to build their relationships on strong foundations that could well last a lifetime.

Taurus is a very affectionate and loyal sign of the Zodiac and Taureans have a lot to give when they find the right person.


Practical but sensitive!

TAURUS HOROSCOPES MAYAN PRODUCTS iPad MINI CASETaurus Man is very down to earth and is unlikely to sweep you off your feet. Just like Taurus Woman he is looking for stability and security, is practical when it comes to love. He is looking for a longterm commitment.

They may appear to be overtly practical but underneath Taurus Man is very sensitive, but he is very good at hiding it. He may brush off rejection, however, deep down he will be hurting.

Although no Prince Charming, your Taurean Man is romantic but will hesitate to say “I love you”. Faithfull and affectionate, he will love and accept you for who you are.

What more could a girl want?

Image: Taurus ipad mini case by LOGOCHON available in a range of products at Zazzle


Old fashioned and seductive at the same time!

Taurus Stretched Canvas PrintsTaurus Woman can appear to be very old fashioned, but dig beneath that “straight” exterior and you may find someone surprisingly seductive. However, she will never be promiscuous or casual about the relationships that matter to her, as she values security and stability.

Being in love brings out the best in a Taurean Woman. She loves to care for those close to her and will be open and loving.

Confident in her own judgement a Taurus Woman will give you her all, but she will expect the same in return.

Image: Taurus Stretched Canvas Prints by soanala on Zazzle and available on a range of gifts

Which Zodiac signs make ideal partners for Taurus?

If you are wondering about Taurus Compatibility, Taureans are well matched with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

Taurus is compatible with Cancer, who share the quality of loyalty and, like Taureans, they need security.

Virgos share a similar intellect with Taurus and are also home loving.

A Taurus and a Capricorn have strong passions and shared goals.

Pisces and Taurus will share a good physical chemistry and may be attracted to each other’s opposite traits.

Star Signs that are incompatible with Taureans

Taureans should avoid close relationships with Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Taurus and Aries have very different personalities. Taurus will not be hurried and will be turned off by the energetic enthusiasm of Aries, who tends to be a lot more impulsive. An affectionate affair may be fun, but in marriage Taurus may have to cope with occasional unfaithfullness from Aries.

Taurus may find it hard to tolerate with Leo‘s majesty. Leo is vivacious, Taurus can be practical. Leo is very giving. Taurus can be selfish. Leo can be hard to please, which may prove to be too much trouble in an affair and certainly makes the prospect of a long term relationship even less likely.

Taurus and Scorpio have some similarities. Taurus can be very stubborn when angry and Scorpio’s own anger is something of which all signs of the zodiac should wary – Scorpio really does have a sting in their tail! Because of their physical compatibility they may enjoy a tempestuous affair but marriage would only be possible with extreme tolerance on both sides.

As far as physical love is concerned Aquarius is too introspective to be too interested in Taurus. Aquarius is more mental and Taurus more passionate. A casual affair may work for a time but marriage less likely to be successful.

The perfect Taurus date

How to woo a Taurean

Taureans are food and home loving people, so cooking at home will appeal. However, they will also enjoy a nice, quiet evening out where you can share great conversation and good wine.

Taureans love to laugh and have a great sense of humour, so if you do decide to go out, a comedy show, movie or club will suit them just fine.

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Capricorn Compatibility Chart – Which Starsign is the Best Match for Capricorn?

Capricorn Compatibility Chart

Which Starsigns make the best match for Capricorn?

Use this Capricorn Compatibility Chart to find out which starsigns make the best match for Capricorn.

However, even if you are a Sagittarius, please don’t lose heart! Keep scrolling because further down the page you will find links to crucial information about how to win the heart of a Capricorn!

Below you will find two Capricorn Compatibility tables, because for some starsigns what makes a good match for the Capricorn Man, may not be so good for Capricorn Woman and vice versa.

Find out more about Capricorn In Love

Capricorn Compatibility Chart with Women

Capricorn ManWill it work?
Capricorn Man and Aries WomanNot easy
Capricorn Man and Taurus WomanBrilliant!
Capricorn Man and Gemini WomanEasy
Capricorn Man and Cancer WomanEither way
Capricorn Man and Leo WomanNot easy
Capricorn Man and Virgo WomanBrilliant!
Capricorn Man and Libra WomanNot easy
Capricorn Man and Scorpio WomanEasy
Capricorn Man and Sagittarius WomanNo!
Capricorn Man and Capricorn WomanEither way
Capricorn Man and Aquarius WomanNo!
Capricorn Man and Pisces WomanEasy

Capricorn Compatibility Chart with Men

Capricorn WomanWill it work?
Capricorn Woman and Aries ManNot easy
Capricorn Woman and Taurus ManEasy
Capricorn Woman and Gemini ManNo!
Capricorn Woman and Cancer ManEither way
Capricorn Woman and Leo ManNo!
Capricorn Woman and Virgo ManBrilliant!
Capricorn Woman and Libra ManNo!
Capricorn Woman and Scorpio ManEasy
Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius ManNo!
Capricorn Woman and Capricorn ManEither way
Capricorn Woman and Aquarius ManEither way
Capricorn Woman and Pisces ManEasy

Are you incompatible with Capricorn according to the Capricorn Compatibility Chart?

Learn how to prove the Astrologers wrong!

Only an in-depth Zodiac Analysis can properly assess our compatibility with another Birth Sign.

However, with so many planets having an influence on the Zodiac Houses, things can seem rather complicated. However, it is not just the position of the Sun and the Planets that determine whether or not we are compatible with another Astrology Sign.

All the other Planets, in both you and your partner’s birth charts, also need proper consideration. Their positions in the Birth Chart need analysing.

Remember the position of the Moon plays a very important part too. It also influences the personality traits of all the star signs.

However, what if you have your Birth Chart interpreted by an expert Astrologer and they conclude that you don’t have a hope in heck of making it work with a Capricorn?

Are you tempted to give it a go anyway?

Would you like some help in learning about Capricorn Man characteristics?

Capricorn Man Secrets is a unique “instruction manual” that will teach you everything you need to know about Capricorn Man!

I bought this book and it is full of tips and strategies to make a Capricorn Man fall in love with you. The book is full of incredible insight into the Capricorn Man personality traits.

You will learn how Capricorn Man’s mind works, what he does and doesn’t like in his relationships and how to win his heart.

Capricorn compatibility chart
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Capricorn Man characteristics
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Capricorn Compatibility

Are you a Capricorn in love? Are you in love with a Capricorn? What do the stars have in store for you?

Capricorn men and women may start out in life a little slow, but give them some time and their drive and ambition will change your mind about them.

Hard-working and dedicated to success, Capricorn will often shoot to the top in their career choice and become financially secure. Although they enjoy the finer things, they tend to be conservative in money matters and in other areas of their life. They will carefully consider an investment or conquest from every angle before pursuing it.

If Capricorn seems to be too reserved at first, rest assured they only get better with time. The lover who has patience and can ride out the early years will be richly rewarded by a relationship that is strong, committed and improves every day. The best is yet to come!

Capricorn PrintCapricorn Man
Practical, conservative and successful
The Capricorn man is extremely driven and will rise to the top in all areas of his life. He is likely to be materially wealthy and successful in whatever vocation he has chosen. His main focus will be on his career and his ambition and “go-getter” attitude will guarantee his success.

Although he is career-focused, he is also a hard worker in play and in love. His name and the word “lazy” will never be in the same sentence.

Capricorn will not jump into a relationship. There will likely be a courting period that feels a bit like a job interview. This might sound tedious and unromantic, but the woman who can stay the course will be richly rewarded. It takes him some time to find the right partner and fall in love, but when he does, he will put his heart and soul into making it work.

Like the Capricorn woman, this man will only grow better with age. He will learn from life’s experiences and mistakes, applying his knowledge to new endeavors and relationships. He is continually looking to improve himself and his existence, which is certain to spill over to the lucky lady in his life!

Image: Capricorn Print by JDSavage, available at Zazzle in a range of products

Capricorn, Art Nouveau Zodiac Series Posters Capricorn Woman
Ambitious, hard-working and loyal
The Capricorn woman is ambitious and hard-working. She is driven to achieve her goals in life and will align herself with people she feels can help her along her way to success.

The female Capricorn gets better in all areas of her life as time goes on, including in her relationships. It takes some time for her to figure out what works, but when she finally finds the right path, she will pursue it with a strong passion. She eventually becomes successful in anything she sets out to do.

What is Capricorn looking for in a love partner? She will fall for a man who is hard-working and can match her ambition. She will never waste her time on someone who is lazy and unmotivated. Physical looks are low on her list of desirable qualities.

Although she may be analytical and cautious, she will work hard on her relationship and she will be devoted and loyal to her partner. If she is comfortable with her body, she will be a very passionate and exciting lover. Give her time…with Capricorn, things truly get better with age and her later years will be her best!

Capricorn Compatibility
Which star signs make the best match for Capricorn?

Capricorns are well matched with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Capricorn and Taurus make the perfect coupling in work, friendship and love. They share a hard-working mentality and are driven to success. Money will not be an issue, although financially conservative Capricorn may need to reign in Taurus’ tendency to spend money freely.

Capricorn and Cancer share the same traditional values and are family-oriented, but they can have a very passionate love life. They both tend to be hard workers and will focus on a relationship to make it the best it can be. Long-term love is likely between these two.

Capricorn and Virgo understand each other deeply and communicate well together. Their deep bond will keep them fighting for each other through good and bad. They will form a strong dedication to each other and are sure to have a thriving and enviable love life.

Capricorn and Scorpio share a strong chemistry and their sexual intimacy will be the glue that holds the relationship together. As long as Scorpio doesn’t play games and keep secrets from Capricorn, this is likely to be a passionate, exciting relationship that can stand the test of time.

Capricorn and Capricorn will be two peas in a pod. They will join together to form a powerhouse relationship and should find success in love, family and careers. They will most likely be wealthy, but their conservative natures and charitable tendencies will keep them grounded.

Capricorn and Pisces will be very sexually attracted to each other. Although they are opposites, their differences are compatible and they will thrive off of each other, making them strong individually and as a couple.

Star signs that are incompatible with Capricorn
These Zodiac signs are NOT a good match for Capricorn
Caprocorns should avoid relationships with Aries, Libra, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Capricorn and Aries are very much opposites. Aries will seem too pushy for Capricorn and Capricorn will be too reserved for Aries. They might share a few fun dates, but a lasting relationship is unlikely.

Capricorn and Libra will have different focuses in life which will make this a difficult love match. Capricorn will tend to focus on career goals and success, while Libra will put all attention on Capricorn and their relationship. This will cause frustration and insecurity.

Capricorn and Leo will find it difficult to maintain a lasting relationship. They are very similar in some ways, but they do not complement each other. They both need respect and validation that the other won’t be able to give, making it hard to form a deep bond.

Capricorn and Gemini will initially be physically attracted to each other and may enjoy a short-lived, passionate relationship. However, with time Gemini will become bored with Capricorn’s conservative nature, while Capricorn will become tired of trying to reign in Gemini’s wild ways.

Capricorn and Sagittarius do not make a good love match. While Capricorn is focusing on becoming a success, Sagittarius will be off searching for a new, exciting endeavor. The distance between them will be too much and it is likely bridges will burned before they can reconcile their differences.

Capricorn and Aquarius tend to make better friends than lovers. They will share fun and laughter, but a love relationship will be too challenging. Conservative Capricorn will feel threatened by free-spirited Aquarius. Hard feelings and jealousy will likely tear these two apart.

The perfect Capricorn date
How to woo a Capricorn

A ballgame followed by a dinner at the local diner most likely won’t impress ambitious Capricorn.

This sign of the Zodiac loves the finer things in life and tends to have expensive tastes. If you want to impress, take Capricorn to an exclusive restaurant or wine-tasting. They will love browsing art museums or attending the opera.

If your Capricorn has a hint of an adventurous side, a sailing experience might be just the right mixture of refinement and excitement.

Cautious but loyal

Sagittarius Compatibility Chart

Which starsigns make the best match for Sagittarians?

Below you will find two Sagittarius Compatibility tables, because for some starsigns what makes a good match for the Sagittarian Man, may not be so good for Sagittarian Woman and vice versa.

Find out more about Sagittarius In Love

Sagittarius ManWill it work?
Sagittarius Man and Aries WomanEasy
Sagittarius Man and Taurus WomanEasy
Sagittarius Man and Gemini WomanCould go either way
Sagittarius Man and Cancer WomanNot easy
Sagittarius Man and Leo WomanBrilliant!
Sagittarius Man and Virgo WomanEasy
Sagittarius Man and Libra WomanEasy
Sagittarius Man and Scorpio WomanNo!
Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius WomanCould go either way
Sagittarius Man and Capricorn WomanNo!
Sagittarius Man and Aquarius WomanEasy
Sagittarius Man and Pisces WomanNo!

Sagittarius WomanWill it work?
Sagittarius Woman and Aries ManEasy
Sagittarius Woman and Taurus ManNo!
Sagittarius Woman and Gemini ManCould go either way
Sagittarius Woman and Cancer ManNo!
Sagittarius Woman and Leo ManEasy
Sagittarius Woman and Virgo ManNo!
Sagittarius Woman and Libra ManCould go either way
Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio ManNo!
Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius ManCould go either way
Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn ManNo!
Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius ManEasy
Sagittarius Woman and Pisces ManNo!

Sagittarius Compatibility

Are you in love Sagittarius? Or do you love a Sagittarius? What is in the stars for you?

Sagittarians are optimists and fun-loving adventurers. They take on the challenge of life with enthusiasm, setting goals and working hard to reach them. They tend to be lifelong learners and love teaching others.

The Archer is attracted to an intelligent, challenging personality. However, when they begin to feel bored with a relationship, they will quickly retreat and move on to a more exciting prospect. They are also extremely honest, sometimes to a fault. They don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but their passion for truth is deeply ingrained.

Don’t try to hold down a Sagittarian…they need space and freedom to pursue their aspirations. However, if you are able to keep your relationship exciting, this loyal and dedicated sign of the Zodiac will reward you with a fulfilling life!

On this page you will found out more about Sagittarius Compatibility and what they need in a life long partner.

Passionate and adventurous but has commitment issues
The Sagittarius man “plays to win” in life and in love. He is passionate and adventurous, good at sports and loves outdoor activities. He faces life head-on and doesn’t waste a single day!

This male Archer is a real intellectual. He enjoys intense subjects such as philosophy and the sciences. He is driven to learn new things and teach them to others around him.

The benefit, as well as the bane, of a relationship with a Sagittarius man is his truthfulness. If he declares his love for you, then you can be sure it’s real! However, this honesty can sometimes be hurtful and although he isn’t trying to wound you, it is his nature to “tell it like it is”.

In order to hold on to your Sagittarian, you must keep things interesting! Never let him get bored, in the bedroom or otherwise…or you just might find him wandering away to the next exciting prospect! Commitment can be an issue for this fun-loving guy.

Image: Sagittarius Poster by CHARRON_DESIGN on Zazzle

Shooting Stars Poster Sagittarius Woman
Fun-loving and optimistic but tends to get bored easily
The Sagittarius woman tends to be the “glass half-full” type. She is energetic and adventurous, always looking for the next good thing that will bring her closer to her ideal life! She loves learning new things, experiencing new places and meeting new people.

This lady Archer is a visionary. She is always working toward her goals and aspirations, but she often finds that impatience keeps her just short of attaining the perfection she desires. She may come across as intense, but this is a reflection of her passion for life!

In a love relationship, the Sagittarius woman needs someone who can match her love of life, but who is also loyal and dedicated to her. She enjoys her personal freedom, so her man must be independent and able to give her the space she needs to pursue her passions. She must find her man exciting and a bit of a challenge or she will bore easily and quickly move on.

The man who can hold her attention will be rewarded with a dedicated lover, full of energy and adventure!

Image: Shooting Stars Poster by LinzArcher at Zazzle

Sagittarius Compatibility
Which star signs make the best match for Sagittarians?
Sagittarians are well matched with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Libra and other Sagittarians.

Sagittarius and Aries are very powerful together, sharing a love and intensity for life. They will enjoy each other’s adventurous natures as friends or as lovers.

Sagittarius and Gemini, could go either way, but when it works they are the perfect example of opposites attracting each other. Gemini will be enough of a challenge to keep Sagittarius in hot pursuit, while Sagittarius’ mysterious side will intrigue and allure Gemini.

Sagittarius and Leo are a brilliant powerful combination with a strong sexual attraction to each other. As long as they both get the space they occasionally need, this relationship can be a real success story.

Sagittarius and Aquarius are both independent and social beings but find it easy to get along. A relationship between these two will be exciting and full of fun times.

Sagittarius and Libra are a good love match. They complement each other well and stimulate each other socially and intellectually. Physical and sexual attraction is at its peak with these two.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius are usually strongly attracted to each other, but this is another combination that could go either way. They will lead an exciting and adventurous life together. As long as boredom doesn’t creep in, this relationship should go the distance.

Star Signs that are incompatible with Sagittarius
These Zodiac signs are NOT a good match for Sagittarius
Sagittarians should avoid relationships with Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio.

Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman will find it easier to get along than Sagittarius Woman and Taurus Man, which will be a disappointing love match. While it may start out strong, Taurus’ need for security is a bad match for freedom-loving, independent Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Cancer might have a fun one-night stand, but a long-term relationship is unlikely. Sagittarius will quickly become bored and impatient with Cancer’s mood changes and neediness.

Sagittarius and Pisces will have a short-lived, exciting romance, but they will quickly find themselves at odds. Pisces will become untrusting of Sagittarius’ wild, independent side and move on to someone more attentive.

Sagittarius and Capricorn can have a long, healthy life together, but it will take much patience on Sagittarius’ part. Capricorn is a realist which clashes with the idealism of Sagittarius. The opposite takes on life can be a relationship breaker.

Sagittarius and Virgo are both loyal enough to keep a relationship going, especially if there are children. However, these two take on life differently and will disagree about most things. A long-term love will be hard to acheive.

Sagittarius and Scorpio are not likely to click. Scorpio desires an intense, focused relationship while Sagittarius will find it difficult to commit so strongly to one person.

The perfect Sagittarius date
How to woo a Sagittarius

For the perfect date, take the Sagittarian somewhere they have never been! They will enjoy the excitement of new surroundings and the opportunity to explore.

Meeting new people is enjoyable for the Archer, so don’t hesitate to take them to a party or social gathering and introduce them to your friends. It won’t take long before they fit right in!

Outdoor activities are always a success with Sagittarius. Try a challenging hike in the woods followed by a picnic lunch, or get tickets to watch an outside sporting event.

Carefree and expansive