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Happy Winter Solstice 2018!

What Can We Expect From The Winter Solstice?

December 21, brings the Winter Solstice and for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere it will be the shortest day of the year.

For many who spend a lot of their time outside and working with animals it is a time for looking forward eagerly to the longer hours of daylight.

This is particularly welcome by one of my daughters who owns horses and works with dogs.

I too am grateful for the longer daylight hours and I am sure my hens are too. This is because at this time of year, they are in their coop for the long 16 hours of darkness.

winter solstice

The move towards the end of the year is always a time for reflection. The Winter Solstice triggers thoughts of looking back over the year, as well as looking forward to the New Year.

It is a time to appreciate the good, positive things that have happened. However, this is also a time to think about what we want to leave behind as we look forward to a New Year and what we hope it may bring.

At this time of year the Sun heads into reliable, steady and masterful Capricorn. Capricorn is a great goal-setter, so it is no wonder that so many are turning their thoughts to New Year Resolutions.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

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Full Moon in Cancer

One day after the Solstice, the last full moon of the year moves into Cancer, bringing a warm family feeling as we anticipate Christmas.

It is only once a year that the Full Moon finds herself in her own sign of Cancer.

full moon in cancer

Sensitive Cancer can churn up a lot of emotions, not all of them positive.

The Cancer Full Moon can also bring the wake up call you need if you have been neglecting yourself physically. This can also mean the mental aspects of your life, including your emotions.

Thanks to the Full Moon squaring Chiron, some previously hidden pain may be exposed. However the Full Moon sextile Uranus also enables the discovery of solutions that may not have been obvious before.

For example, Christmas is often a time of increasing family rifts rather than healing them. Try to resolve any issues beforehand so that if you are going to spend time together for any length of time, then it can be a more enjoyable experience.

Sun Trine Uranus

The day before the Winter Solstice, on Thursday, December 20, the Sagittarius Sun trines Uranus in Aries.

This only happens once a year and can awaken the genius that is sleeping within us.

Those benefiting from this energy in particular are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Everyone should use this time to boost confidence. Find motivational videos and articles online and learn from them.

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For those suffering from the “sensory overload” that comes with all the extra socialising at this time of year, December 20 could also provide more opportunity to step aside from the crowd.

However, for some the Trine between the Sun and Uranus may awaken the need to do good for others less fortunate. It could be the time to gift money to a good cause, rather than spend money on those who already have everything.

Social gatherings and interaction online may provide new connections but be careful of over-selling yourself!

Uranus Retrograde Aries

Uranus is still in retrograde in Aries until January 6. Aries has so much self-confidence that care needs to be taken not to be a “big head”.

winter solstice 2018

Aries likes to be the star and the combination with brash Uranus, will increase the appetite to be in the spotlight.

Be particularly careful of others who may push themselves forward as an expert in matters that interest you. Check them out. By all means take a note of their ideas but do not get “sucked in”.

Winter Solstice 2018 – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

On December 21st, Winter Solstice 2018 Mercury is conjunct Jupiter.

This Jupiter conjunction is particularly auspicious as, instead of lasting for two to three days, it will last for almost two months!

Perhaps parts of the brain have felt as though they have disappeared or become dormant?

Maybe you felt that the left-hand side of the brain had no connection with the right-hand side?

The Mercury conjunct Jupiter will make you feel as though parts of your brain are waking up!

December 24 – Christmas Eve

Mercury in Sagittarius is square Neptune at 13° Pisces on December 24.

The Sun-Neptune square brought creative possibilities at the beginning of the month. Provided you recognised this,  then Mercury square Neptune, on Christmas Eve, will bring more clarity.

You will begin to understand what the next steps should be.

Anyone feeling stuck in a rut will realise it is time to make a change and do things differently.

Even to the extent that something you believe in needs to change – including your job. Even long-term goals!

This can be confusing and resistance to change is likely. However, if you push through, then a whole new world of possibilities can open up.

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