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Astrology Forecast September 2018

General Astrology Forecast September 2018

Before we get to the General Astrology Forecast September 2018, it has to be said….

Crikey! Where has the Summer gone? I don’t know about you, but I am so not ready to let go of Summer yet!

So while September has arrived, I am thankful that we are promised a nice Indian Summer here in the UK, once some turbulent stormy, windy weather passes this weekend.

Talking of turbulent, how have the last five months been for you?

It’s been a time of eclipses and retrograde planets. Communication has been muddled and even the best laid plans have ground to a halt.

However, the Astrology Forecast September 2018 promises more positive times ahead!

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What does the Astrology Forecast September 2018 have in store?

The beginning of September 2018 saw four retrograde planets  (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune) continuing to muddle things.

On September 05, 2018  the negative retrograde influence of Saturn switched to something more positive as the planet started to move forward again.

Pluto will turn direct on September 30, leaving just Uranus and Neptune in backward motion.

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Plans that have been in limbo should start to take shape and we should all feel a lot more motivated.

On September 09 the Virgo New Moon will provide a helpful influence. Remember that one of Virgo’s characteristics is organisation.

A place for everything and everything in its place” describes Virgo to a tee! The Virgo new moon is a time to relish getting organised both mentally and materialisticly.

new moon in virgo

Be aware though that it won’t all be a breeze. As planets come out of retrograde, they are referred to as being “station”, until they start moving properly forward again.

You know that feeling you get when, as a passenger in the car, the driver suddenly slams the brakes on?

If you are not expecting it, you can be hit by quite a jolt. You shoot forward and then slam back. Then gradually you move forward and momentum is regained.

As retrograde Planets start moving forward again, you can get a similar sort of jolt before your journey becomes a lot smoother.

Watch Out for Mars Tangling with Aquarius and Taurus!

The Astrology Forecast for September 2018 warns us to be careful around the time of September 18.

Thanks to Mars in Aquarius and square to Uranus in Taurus, hot-head, warrior Mars will become tangled with sociable and likeable Aquarius and also stubborn Taurus.

Group dynamics could be affected as a result. This means that  there’s a risk that friends could get mightily irritated with each other.

Tact and diplomacy will be needed and you may just all have to agree to disagree.

mars in aquarius

Fortunately the Sun enters Libra, the peacemaker, on September 22, followed by a Full Moon in Aries on September 24.

The Aries Full Moon in September 2018 will be VERY unusual!

This is because there will be a total lunar eclipse, a blood moon AND a supermoon.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!

What is a Blood Moon?

A blood moon can only happen during a full lunar eclipse, when the Moon is fully in Earth’s shadow.

At the same time, a small amount of light from the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets fall onto the surface of the moon. These light waves are stretched out, making them look red.

This makes the Moon’s surface appear red as the light strikes it. Hence the term “Blood Moon”.

The Effects of the September 2018 Blood Moon

The September 2018 Full Moon is also known as The Harvest Moon.

The purpose of any Full Moon is to encourage us to pause and reflect on what has just gone by. However, because the Full Moon’s position is in Aries, this could make things more difficult.

Impatient Aries finds it hard to think before they act.

This means that The Ram’s influence during the Full Moon could result in knee-jerk reactions, instead of waiting until we have all the facts.

full blood moon

However, the Sun’s position in Libra at the time of the Full Moon, will act as a counter balance. Libra is all about balance and will hopefully influence us to think before we speak or act.

The Full Moon in Aries is also a time when the spotlight will shine on individual needs and accomplishments.

Watch out though! The light under that spotlight could become crowded and it is important not to allow the ego of Aries to make you too selfish.

Self-focused Aries needs to remember that others deserve the spotlight too!

How has September 2018 been for you so far?
Let us know in the comments below

Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018

Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Moving Forward

Following the chaos, stalls and delays caused by Retrograde Planets throughout the Summer of 2018, finally that game we call love can move forward again.

The Mars and Mercury Retrogrades plus three eclipses, has left us bewildered and exhausted with it all.

However, thank goodness September brings us rest and relief. There’s also some supportive energy available.

Hopefully this will allow you to regain momentum in your love life.

Virgo New Moon – September 2018

monthky love horoscope september 2018

The New Moon in Virgo on September 09 brings organisation and the energy to work on whatever you decide as far as romance is concerned.

However, do you need to organise yourself first?

The influence of the New Moon in Virgo means that this is the time not only to clear out your house of unnecessary clutter.

Think about what changes you may need to make to how you do things in order to attract a new lover. Or to reignite a romance that is starting to flicker out.

For example, do you know the
Number 1 reason why men pull away?
I guarantee the answer will shock you!

Venus moves into sexy, mysterious Scorpio on September 09. This can lead to passion for some and less inhibitions about expressing feelings.

Venus opposes Uranus and the influence of a sextile between Venus and Saturn can lead to a new obsession for singles on September 12.

There could be romantic fireworks, which will in turn lead to more stability and calm.

mars retrograde

Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Aries

aries horoscopesThe ruling planet of Aries, Mars, has finally gone direct again, after being Retrograde for months.

This month Aries should rediscover how it feels to be fired up about love and life again. Various things may have happened to put Aries in limbo. It could have been a break-up or a feeling of staleness in a long-term relationship.

Whatever happened over the summer, the famous Aries energy will now re-awaken.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Taurus

monthly love horoscopeThis September, thanks to the chaos in the stars, Taurus will feel like that they are coming to from a long sleep. Existing relationships may have felt boring due to lack of any tangible growth.

However, Venus moving into Scorpio will see the passion re-igniting.

For Singles, the New Moon in Virgo could shine the light on a perfect partner!

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Gemini

monthly love horoscopeGeminis may struggle this month. If there has been any sort of betrayal or deceit, then any trust that may have been had could simply vaporise around September 08.

There could be surprises and discoveries that could drive a wedge between Gemini and their partner.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Cancer

monthly love horoscopeRomantic prospects look positive for Cancer this month.

Captivation and confusion are in the stars for single Cancerians this month as a mysterious person comes into their lives.

Their detached and cool approach may cause confusion, even though they are giving off vibes that say the attraction is mutual.

For those currently dating the 12th could bring exciting surprises that may lead to serious commitment.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Leo

monthly love horoscopeDynamic Leo will not have been quite so dynamic through the Retrogrades of the Summer months!

However, for those in relationships, the Lion will finally get their “oomph” back during this September.

This month will be a time of strengthening bonds, while at the same time letting go of the need to control, which will lead to a healthier relationship.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 -Virgo

monthly love horoscopeSelf-aware Virgo knows exactly that the path to true happiness lies in self-improvement.

This September Virgo’s focus is on exactly that.

Looking and feeling healthier is going to be important. A new way of eating or a new exercise regime may be started.

In addition to physical improvements, Virgo may also embark on a new study course.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 -Libra

monthly love horoscopeThis September, Libra will be making the lighter side of life a priority.

It’s all going to be about fun, play and passion!

Both Single Librans and those in relationships will find that by September 10 it’s going to be clear that both your zest for life and sex drive have returned with a bang.

If totally single, unexpected possibilities in love could crop up.

Libra’s confidence in their own judgement as far as relationships are concerned will be sky high!

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venus in scorpio

Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Scorpio

monthly love horoscopeScorpios will experience a few shocks this month, that they may even be the cause of.

For Scorpios who are not single, this may draw you even closer together.

Sudden encounters with potential new partners are in the stars for single Scorpios. Well meaning friends or relatives may be the source of some new introductions.

At first they may not seem to be your “type” but give it a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised!

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Sagittarius

monthly love horoscopeStand by for a very lively month Sagittarius!

Mars rules the Archer’s love life. Now that the Red Planet is finally moving forward again passion and yearning will be aflame.

However, it is not going to be simple and things could get complicated.

Thanks to Venus moving into The Archer’s 12th house, there will be secrets. Don’t assume it is a bad secret though.

The Full Moon on September 24 will make sure that everything becomes clear and you will know what to do about it.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Capricorn

monthly love horoscopeSince Uranus moved into your Love Life sector on May 15, life has been full of twists and turns. Many of them hilarious.

Capricorns, who have a need to be in control of their emotions, have had a total wake-up call. Those who have never been able to open themselves up to true love need to obey the signs to go ahead and take the risk

September will give Capricorns a shake-up and, as with many other starsigns, they will find themselves coming back to life after being in limbo during the Summer.

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Aquarius

monthly love horoscopeWelcome back to normality Aquarius!

The Mars retrograde made you lack your usual energy and you felt unable to push forward.

This also totally hindered your ability to be successful in romance. However, keeping your feelings locked inside was not good for you and you have been suffering an inner agony as a result.

The good news is that it is all over now!

Mars turning direct at the end of August  and will move back into Aquarius on September 10.

This means that Aquarius will be able to make up for lost time.

The energy to go after what you want has returned!

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Monthly Love Horoscope September 2018 – Pisces

monthly love horoscopePisces is a dreamer. However, this September the sign of The Fish will experience a sudden burst of practicality as far as romance and relationships are concerned.

What will matter most is finding someone with whom Pisces can work with to build a solid relationship that can survive in the modern age.

This will be a great step forward in personal development as Pisces realises that Fairytale Princes and Princesses do not necessarily make for the best partners!

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How did all those retrograde planets
affect you over the Summer?
Let us know in the comments below.

What does it mean in Astrology when we say a Planet is Retrograde?

An explanation of what we mean when we say a Planet is Retrograde.

Have you ever sat in a stationary train at the railway station, which is alongside another train? Then, as you watch the other train, it appears to be moving backwards?

But, to start with, you are unsure if the other train is travelling backwards or if your train is moving forwards?

The same happens with the planets. Although all the planets always move around the Zodiac in the same direction, sometimes it looks like some planets are moving backwards. We call this apparent reverse motion of a planet “retrograde” motion.

Retrograde motion happens in several stages. First of all the retrograde planet will appear to stand still, while the other planets continue to move forward. Next the planet appears to start to travel backward through the starsigns, followed by another period when it appears to stop moving, before it resumes its forward motion.

Retrograde motion occurs with all the planets, except the sun and moon.

The inner planets (Venus, Mercury and Mars) spend less time in retrograde motion than the outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). This is because the orbits of the outer planets around the sun take much longer because they are further away. The time a planet will spend in retrograde varies from about 22 days for nearby Mercury to about 160 days for distant Pluto.

A general misconception is that when a planet is retrograde it always signifies something negative or not pleasant. A retrograde planet will prolong the influence of that planet in the sign and house of a horoscope in which it is located. So if that influence happens to be an unpleasant one, the prolonged negativity will be blamed on the retrograde planet.

On the other hand, we need to remember and take note of the fact that if a retrograde planet is producing a more pleasant effect, that too will be prolonged by the retrograde planet.

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