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Watch out for some surprises this week as Mercury goes Retrograde!

What will happen this week as Mercury goes retrograde?

This coming week, on Thursday July 26 2018, Mercury goes retrograde. You could find yourself in for various surprises, particularly in your love life, including some blasts from the past and happenings that are unprecedented.

The flashbacks will begin on Thursday, as the Messenger Mercury “reverses” his way through glamorous, bold and amorous Leo.

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Which personality traits are influenced by Mercury?

Mercury influences the ways we think, speak and write and is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo.

Also cunning, Mercury has a lot to do with the ways in which we attempt to bend the truth in our favour and can refuse to accept responsibility.

Whenever we pick up a pen, or sit at the keyboard, Mercury influences how we communicate.

Is Mercury Going Retrograde Stressing You Out?

In my post What are Pheromones in Humans and How do They Work? we look at how Pheromones can be used as a natural calming effect on ourselves and those around us.

If you find Mercury going retrograde is stressing you out, then you may like to give Pheromones a try.

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When Mercury Goes Retrograde – The Bad

The biggest problem when Mercury goes retrograde, is that plans seem to go awry.

Travel tickets are invalid, things go missing and technology will seem to be working against you, not for you.

You may also feel it is impossible to make headway in anything!

In business it is not a good time to take on new projects or customers. Stick with people you know and trust.

When Mercury Goes Retrograde – The Good

They say things happen for a reason. Mercury in Retrograde seems to block progress. This means that this is a very good time to review and take stock of where you are. This is relevant in your business and private lives.

This is also a time when you may be able to reconnect with customers and friends you have not seen for a long time.

Make the most of the breathing space that Mercury in retrograde provides. Don’t assume it will be all bad!

mercury goes retrograde in leo

What happens when Mercury goes Retrograde in Leo?

When Mercury goes retrograde in Leo, it will potentially stir up conflict and you may get your romantic wires crossed.

An Ex may crawl out from the stone under which they have been hiding. You could also find yourself quarreling with your current lover.

These next few weeks, a series of squares to Jupiter in Scorpio means that we need to take care that we do not become over-optimistic.

There is a danger that we may become unrealistically over-optimistic. This could lead us to be big on vision but lacking the necessary detail in order to be able to see it through.

This is not a time to take on new projects either personally or in business. You can find out more with a Psychic Reading – get the first three minutes FREE!

Which Signs will be most affected when Mercury goes Retrograde in Leo?

Most challenging for:

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – these star signs will find tensions feature highly in their day to day lives.

Most beneficial for:

Aries and Sagittarius – these star signs may find life is more productive when Mercury is retrograde in Leo.

What effects are you expecting, or already experiencing as Mercury goes retrograde over the next few weeks?

Leo Virgo Cusp Signs

A Guide to Leo Virgo Cusp Signs

Characteristics of those born on the
Leo Virgo Cusp

Known as: The Cusp of Exposure

Leo Virgo Cusp Signs, like the Cusp of Cancer and Leo, can be a complicated combination.

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun and the ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. This means that the Leo Virgo Cusp Sign is open, logical, has overwhelming power but is prone to change their minds.

The Zodiac Sign of Leo The Lion is one of those larger than life characters. This means that there can be inner turmoil  when you consider how reserved Virgo can be.

However, the influence of Virgo means that Leo Virgo Cusp Signs will need more space and time to do their own thing than Leo would normally want.

Leo Virgo Cusp Dates

August 18 to August 27

Those born between August 18 and August 22 are more of a Leo, with a bit of Virgo thrown in.

True Leo-Virgo Cuspers  have birthdays on August 23 or 24.

However, those born between August 25 and 27, will be Virgo with Leo influence.

The Element of Virgo is Earth and Leo is Fire

Will earth smother the fire or will the fire continue to burn despite it?

The result is that sometimes the Leo/Virgo will be full of beans. However, the next minute they will have reverted to not wanting to see anyone, while they do their own thing.

“Astrology on the Cusp: Birthdays on the Edge” sits on my Kindle and is full of helpful information about “Cuspers”, who can be very complex creatures at the best of times!

The Leo Virgo Personality

Leo has a huge need to create. Virgos combine their skills and talents together for the good of others.

This means that the result is a combination that has huge energy and ambition. This leads to success in whatever they choose to become involved.

Leo Virgo has great business acumen. They have meticulous attention to detail. This is combined with their ability to stick to a well thought out organised routine.

Leo-Virgos tend to be popular and even inspiring to others.

leo virgo

However, although the Virgo side of their nature can make them want to keep their own company at times, Leo and Virgo cusps are friendly and sociable. This means that they love to have fun and live life with enthusiasm, throwing themselves into whatever they choose to do.

Those born on the Cusp of Leo Virgo are natural leaders. Their administrative prowess helps ensure that their projects are successful.

Virgo Leo Cuspers are real “givers”. This means that they are one of the most caring Zodiac sign combinations.

Leo Virgo Love Compatibility

In the Leo Virgo Cusp Sign the roar of Leo runs the risk of being silenced by nit-picky, perniticky Virgo. This means that they could find themselves more “single” than they would like.

However, the influence of Virgo, will make the Leo side of this combo more curious about others, including those from other cultures or countries.

leo virgo cusp love compatibility
Find out about Leo-Virgo Cusp Compatibility

Virgo Leo Cusp Sign Careers

Communication is one of the Leo-Virgo Cusp Sign strengths. This means that any career which requires talking to and providing services to others will provide a lot of satisfaction.

Famous People Born on The Leo Virgo Cusp

Bill Clinton (August 19)
Gene Kelly (August 23)
Sean Connery (August 25)


Are you Leo? Or are you Virgo?

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Cancer Leo Cusp Signs

Characteristics of those born on the
Cusp of Cancer and Leo

Cusp dates: July 19 to July 23
Known as: The Cusp of Oscillation

If you are a Cancer and Leo, you may sometimes find it hard to live with the inner turmoil created by the conflicting characteristics of these signs. Cancer is gentle and sensitive, while Leo is one of the dramatic signs of the Zodiac. There will be a lot of ups and downs to cope with.

The opposing elements of Fire and Water can result in Cancer/Leos being shy one minute and then totally outgoing the next. This can lead to others thinking that whichever way you go, you are totally self-absorbed as you veer from ultra-sensitive to totally insensitive.

So you have a constant battle to try to level out between the two!

On the plus side, this Zodiac combination makes for very creative people with a very caring nature. Both make great parents and traditional family life is very important to them.

Both Sun Signs have a natural ability to act and their love of the spotlight means that many Cancer and Leo combinations can be found on the stage and screen.

They also have a strong ability to see projects through to the finish. Leos are natural leaders and Cancerians are natural organisers – a winning combination, particularly as both tend to be popular.

Friendly, sociable, loyal, fun-loving and romantic, they live life with enthusiasm, which makes them a lot of friends.

Please note the “Cusp Dates” given above are general and may be different in some years.


Are you Cancer or Leo?

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Leo Horoscopes – All About Leo Personality Traits

Leo Horoscopes are defined by courage, ambition and leadership!

What’s your Horoscope, Leo?

The three words that define Leo Horoscopes are: “I shall do”.

Leo is a natural born leader! Their courage and ambition sets them above all others.

Leos overcome all adversity to achieve success, through their strong will or sheer hard headedness!

So who is Leo really? What’s their best colour? What’s their lucky number? Who are they compatible with?

This page gives a basic overview of Leo Horoscopes and those born under the Zodiac Sign of The Lion.

However, to delve deeper and plot a Leo birth chart, check out this Astrology Guide, which will help.

And if you ARE a Leo, we know you will attack this task with the fierceness and determination that defines you!

So, who is Leo and what do the Leo Horoscopes have in store for those born under the Zodiac Sign of The Lion?

Stop! Is the Sun Sign definitely Leo?

Born on the cusp of Leo?

Those born on the day the Sun moved into a new sign are described as being were born “on the cusp”.

The sun moved into the next star sign, just two hours before my birth. This means that I was born on the cusp of Taurus-Gemini.

Was the sun truly in Leo? Or was it in Cancer or Virgo?

Anyone born “on the cusp” of Cancer-Leo or Leo-Virgo, (ie around the 20th July or 20th August) should use this link to check exactly which star sign the sun was in on the day of birth: Cusp Signs

Read on to learn more about Leo Personality Traits

Leo Horoscopes 2019

Leo is being called to a higher destiny!

Introducing Leo – “I shall do”

23 July – 22 August

Leo is the 5th sign of the Zodiac and its symbol (or glyph) is The Lion, which represents strength, power and prowess.

In Western Astrology, Leo is considered a “masculine”, positive and extrovert sign along with the other five odd-numbered signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Leo is a very bright constellation that lies in the night sky between Cancer and Virgo.

The Leonids meteor shower that occurs every November originates from the constellation Leo.

Are you in Love with a Leo Man or a Leo Woman?

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Leo Compatibility – How to Win the Heart of a Leo

Leo Compatibility Chart

The Story of Leo the Lion

The constellation of Leo

The story of the constellation of Leo the Lion originates from the Greek myth of Heracles and his 12 trials.

Heracles’ first trial was to kill the Nemean Lion, a ferocious beast that terrorized the villages and citizens of Peloponnese.

Heracles went hunting for the beast, but quickly found it would be difficult to kill. It had skin like armor that could not be penetrated by arrows.

Finally, he decided to wrestle with the Lion, eventually choking it to death in a great battle. He removed the lion’s pelt, cutting the skin with its own claws, and returned with it to prove his victory.

Legend says the Lion was cast into the stars, forever commemorating the fierce battle that Heracles won with sheer strength and courage.

Leo Horoscopes Planner 2019

The Astro Twins are among my fav Astrologers. Their horoscopes are fun and quirky and amazingly accurate!

The Sun

The planetary ruler of Leo

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents vitality, power, authority and expression of self.

Famous people born under the Zodiac Sign of Leo

Do you identify with any of these Leo Celebrities?

Louis Armstrong – 5 August

Napoleon Bonaparte – 15 August

Amelia Earhart – 24 July

Henry Ford – 30 July

Soleil Moon Frye – 6 August

Jerry Garcia – 1 August

Alfred Hitchcock – 13 August

Mila Kunis – 14 August

Beatrix Potter – 28 July

J.K. Rowling – 31 July

Martha Stewart – 3 August

Tim Tebow – 14 August

Louis Vuitton – 4 August

The Elements

Leo is a Fire Sign

The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which represent the four basic modes of being. Signs that share an Element are generally regarded to compliment each other.

The Element of Leo is “Fire”, which it shares, and is compatible with, Aries and Sagittarius.

astrology elements

The Element of Fire symbolizes the burning desire to succeed. It represents self-expression, assertiveness, enthusiasm and passion.

Fire is thought to be the most fundamental of the four elements.

Image is in the Public Domain: The Aristotelian Elements

free cosmic energy profile

The Qualities of Leo

The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Signs that share a Quality are thought to be uncomplimentary.

The Quality determines the basis for an individual’s disposition.

Those with a certain Quality will tend to have commanding characteristics that are deep-rooted and change little throughout their lifetime.

Each Quality views the world uniquely and reacts to situations in their own way. This means that their reasoning and actions may be contradictory to the other Qualities.

The Quality of Leo is “Fixed”

The Fixed Quality is known to be solid and steady. Those with this Quality are likely to be dedicated, self-confident and full of ambition.

On the flip side, Fixed signs can be seen as inflexible, self-absorbed and closed off to new ideas or ways of doing things.

Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are also fixed signs and are therefore less likely to be compatible with Leo.

Leo Qualities

The Positive Side of Leo

Leonians are bound to be the most faithful and generous people you know. They have a wealth of enthusiasm, drive and determination.

They can be very creative and they usually have great ideas for how to get things done.

Those born under the sign of Leo are steady, stable and reliable.

Leo Negative Traits

What’s to dislike about Leo?

Leonians can be seen as domineering and bossy. Their stubbornness and refusal to consider change or new ideas will often seem pompous and intolerant.

Those born under the sign of Leo will be prone to arguments and quick to assert their control on those around them.

They may be known to interfere in situations that do not otherwise concern them, convinced they have all the answers.

Leo Careers

What is Leo good at?

Leo has the drive and determination to be successful in any career field they choose. However, Leos have a need to be in control and find it difficult to take orders from others.

This means that they are most likely to be found in leadership positions or working furiously to achieve a higher title.

Great careers for Leonians would be: surgeon, lead actor, motivational speaker, sales leader, jeweler, CEO or brand spokesperson.

Leo would also be well-suited to self-employment and entrepreneurship, where every aspect of their work is self-controlled and the results are in their hands.

Possible medical weaknesses of Leo

Leo governs the arms, spine and heart

Those born under the star sign of Leo tend to be vulnerable in the spinal region and the circulatory system. They are prone to back and side pain, diseases of the spine, heart, lungs and blood, and can suffer high fevers sometimes leading to convulsions or seizures.

They are also weak in their wrists and forearms, causing them to deal with pain from tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Leonians may also be more likely to sprain or suffer breaks in the lower arm region.

Leo’s Lucky Number is 1

The number 1 is indivisible and the basis for all other numbers. It stands alone as a sign of ambition, success and power.

It represents:

positive energy

Leo’s Lucky Colour: Gold

The bright colour of the Sun

The lucky colour for Leo is gold, the colour associated with its planetary ruler, the Sun. Gold reminds us of a bright, sunny day full of promise and hope.

Gold suggests vitality, strength, and renewal. It instills a sense of hope and energy, supporting Leonians in their never-ending quest to achieve success and reach their goals.

Positive qualities of Gold: friendly, cheerful, sensible, powerful, ambitious, strong

Negative qualities of Gold: pompous, self-serving, stressful, untrusting, conceited

Leonians find luck with the colour Gold because it is powerful and energizing. Those born under the sign of Leo never stop striving for success.

Other favorable colours for Leo: yellow, orange, red

Unfavorable colours for Leo: blue, green, black

Leo on Holiday

Suggested Vacations for Leo

Only first-class accommodation will please a Leo. Their desire is to be treated like royalty.

This means that anyone going on holiday with a Leo should consider 5-star resorts, restaurants, theatres and transportation. They want the best food, the best seats and the best locale.

A tour through Europe, including stops at castles and vineyards along the way, would be good.

Or, if a beach destination is preferred, consider the sparkling waters of the Caribbean.

The perfect winter vacation would be a ski holiday at a luxurious lodge in Aspen (Colorado, USA).

Leo Horoscopes 2019



Leo Compatibility Chart

Which starsigns make the best match for Leo?

Below you will find two Leo Compatibility tables, because for some starsigns what makes a good match for the Leonine Man, may not be so good for Leo Woman and vice versa.

Find out more about Leo In Love

Leo Man CompatibilityWill it work?
Leo Man and Aries WomanBrilliant!
Leo Man and Taurus WomanNO!
Leo Man and Gemini WomanEasy
Leo Man and Cancer WomanNo!
Leo Man and Leo WomanEither way
Leo Man and Virgo WomanNot easy
Leo Man and Libra WomanEasy
Leo Man and Scorpio WomanNot easy
Leo Man and Sagittarius WomanEasy
Leo Man and Capricorn WomanNo!
Leo Man and Aquarius WomanEither way
Leo Man and Pisces WomanNo!

Leo Woman CompatibilityWill it work?
Leo Woman and Aries ManEasy
Leo Woman and Taurus ManNo!
Leo Woman and Gemini ManEasy
Leo Woman and Cancer ManNo!
Leo Woman and Leo ManEither way
Leo Woman and Virgo ManNot easy
Leo Woman and Libra ManEasy
Leo Woman and Scorpio ManEasy
Leo Woman and Sagittarius ManBrilliant!
Leo Woman and Capricorn ManNot easy
Leo Woman and Aquarius ManEither way
Leo Woman and Pisces ManNo!

Leo Compatibility

Are you a Leo in love?

Leos love to be in love! But will your love last or will it just be fun while it lasts?

Not only do Leos love to love, they want to feel desired and cared for. A Leo who is down in the dumps is usually down because there’s a problem in their relationship.

So read on to find out how to keep a Leo happy and if you are their ideal partner. Which star signs are the best suited for these frisky Leo lovers?


He has looks AND personality

Starlight Leo PrintLeo Man is usually somewhat of an Adonis. Not only is he blessed with good looks, he has a personality to match.

Leo man can be a bit of a show off and when I asked my Mum about my Dad, who was a Leo, she responded that she did not like him when she first met him because he was a bit too larger than life for her liking! But get past the “swanky” behaviour and you will find a man who just loves to please people – making others happy is one of the big plus sides to Leo.

Along with Libra, Leo is one of the strongest “love” signs of the Zodiac and will do his best to sweep the object of his desire off their feet.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and they make great Dads – yes, I can attest to that! Your Leo man will definitely want children, so if you do not then best to stop anything before it starts.

As a Fixed sign, the majority of Leos are loyal and faithful but some are absolute hypocrites who demand faithfulness in their partners, while they may be “playing away” themselves.

Image: Starlight Leo Print by Azodnem and available in a range of products at Zazzle

Leo Woman

The Leading Lady of the Zodiac

Leo, Art Nouveau Zodiac Series Posters

When it comes to style, panache and grabbing the spotlight Leo Woman is definitely the Hollywood Star of the Zodiac.

Good looks and leonine locks are very typical of Leo lasses and she will make it very hard for you to ignore her. She loves to flirt and loves to be chased but there’s also a domestic side to her personality. However, while a Leo Lady will be happy looking after her cubs, she will wants lots of love and attention from her partner.

Leo lady loves to be seen out and about with her man. If she is alone, then you will know there’s problems in the relationship.

Which Zodiac signs make ideal partners for Leo?

Which star signs are the most compatible with the Sign of the Lion?

Leo is normally compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

Leo and Aries is a very powerful combination who could make money together.

Leo loves the beauty and brains of Gemini

Leo and Libra will share lots of laughter together

Leo and Sagittarius both love to play with fire and share a love of children and animals

Star Signs that are incompatible with Leo

These Zodiac signs are NOT a good match for Leo

Leos are best avoiding getting tangled with Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

It’s either all or nothing when Leo gets together with Scorpio – often it is nothing!

Leo and Virgo could founder due to secrets and infidelity

Leo could be turned off by Capricorn‘s uptight attitude towards money and other more “earthy” needs!

Leo may find Pisces fun for awhile but it may not last

The perfect Leo date

How to woo a Leo

Make sure you knock out the Leo on your first date, or there may not be another one! Leos are very cultural cats and they expect the best. Don’t just take them to an Art Gallery, take them to the opening night of an exhibition. It’s the same for the theatre or movies.

A meal out? It has to be the best restaurant.

This is one reason why the financially cautious Capricorn may not suit a Leo!

More about Leo in Love by Kelli Fox