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5 Reasons Why Capricorn Men Disappear & How To Stop Them!

5 Reasons Why Capricorn Men Disappear

Capricorn Man characteristics that can make him pull away

Have you been left wondering why Capricorn Men disappear?

Discover what makes Capricorn Men disappear and get information and help with understanding Capricorn Man.


Capricorn Man Characteristics

Intelligent Capricorn Man has a lot of self-discipline.  Unlike Gemini, he does not flit around from project to project and will never leave a task unfinished.

That is unless he decides that his current project does not have any chance of succeeding!

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. This means that Capricorns require more certainty and security than the other Earth signs (Taurus and Virgo).

It may not look like it on the surface. However, underneath that sometimes serious exterior all a Capricorn wants is close companionship and to have someone to love.

The Problem with Capricorn is…

As far as romance is concerned, Capricorn has difficulty opening up. Therefore his ability to establish true intimacy with another human being is hindered.

However, all is not lost!

Discover what makes a Capricorn Man tick and you will be better able to establish a good, long-term relationship with a Sea Goat.
why capricorn men disappear

Five reasons why Capricorn Men Disappear

Plus links to more help to stop Capricorn Man pulling away

1. Capricorns hate dishonesty

Capricorns can be the human equivalent of a truth drug. If Capricorn Man thinks you have been dishonest, then they will work away at you. They will keep on until you can’t help but tell them what they want to know.

Having been married to a Capricorn, I can confirm that this is so true! At times I felt I was being grilled by the Spanish Inquisition!!

If he finds out, or even thinks, a woman has not been entirely honest with him, then Capricorn Man will pull away. No way will he consider a long-term relationship with anyone he believes has been dishonest with him.

2. Too much drama and emotion will make a Capricorn Man disappear

Most men I know don’t like expressing their emotions and Capricorn Men find it particularly hard to open up.

This mean that you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I an emotional person?
  • Do I let my emotions get out of control sometimes?
  • Will I make a drama out of a crisis?
  • Do I brew storms in teacups?

To be honest, as a Gemini, I can get pretty emotional, even more so when I was younger.

Knowing what I know now about Capricorns, I am sure my Sea Goat found it very hard to deal with my emotional side.

He just closed down and appeared selfish and uncaring.

You can find out more about the pairing of Capricorn and Gemini on my page about Capricorn Compatibility.

why capricorn men disappear

3. Fail to meet his expectations and Capricorn Man will pull away

Capricorn Man sets very high standards for himself as well as those close to him. He works hard. Capricorns are the workaholics of the Zodiac.

This means that if he thinks you are a slacker and don’t share these ideals, then the relationship will be over before it has really started.

4. Capricorns can’t stand feeling unappreciated

A major Capricorn Man personality trait is that they really need recognition every so often. Failing to feel appreciated by their girlfriend can make Capricorn Man disappear.

However, at times it will seem that what he really wants is his own personal Cheerleader.

5. Being hurt is something a Capricorn will shy away from

Once Capricorn Man is hurt by someone, he will do his utmost to ensure that it never happens again.

Capricorns can often be ruled by logic.

Therefore, if he has been hurt by a woman once,  he will be very careful about not sharing his inner feelings and emotions with any future partner he may have.

Providing you are patient with him, he will come around eventually.

However, hurt Capricorn Man and the goat will canter off into the sunset.

why capricorn men disappear

Learn more about why Capricorn Men disappear & get the right help for the right results!

Capricorn Man Secrets will help you learn everything you need to know about Capricorn Man and what makes him pull away.

When we need help, one of the biggest mistakes we make both in our business and personal lives is to seek advice from people who are not necessarily the best people to give it.

As far as relationships are concerned, it is absolutely crucial to get the right help for the right results!

I have discovered a series of ebooks (yep, download instantly) written by a Relationship Counsellor who is also an Astrologer.

Anna Kovach has written Capricorn Man Secrets and as far as I can see it is the only detailed relationship advice aimed specifically at women who have fallen for a Capricorn Man.

Readers will learn about Capricorn Man characteristics and how to handle a Capricorn Man. There’s also some amazing free bonuses!

These bonuses (correct at the time of publishing) include:

  • How to Get a Capricorn Man Back
  • 25 Ways How to Delight Your Capricorn Man
  • How to Text a Capricorn Man
  • Capricorn Sextrology

why capricorn men disappear

Two Top Turn Offs For Guys & Gals – Especially These Starsigns!

What are Two of the Top Turn Offs for Guys & Gals?

Discover two of the top turn offs for guys & gals and which star signs find these turn offs particularly intolerable.

#1 Top Turn Offs For Guys

Being Undependable

One of the biggest top turn offs for guys is a woman who is undependable and it is the same for us girls, isn’t it?

Most men/women who are looking for a long-term relationship wants someone who is reliable. Someone in whom they can trust and believe.

Flighty people often don’t know how to keep their word. They mean one thing while saying something else. They can even indulge in mind games.

Undependable individuals will come up with all kinds of crazy excuses for their behavior, such as:

  • Reasons for being late
  • What made them not turn up at all
  • Why they couldn’t pay for the meal they promised to pay for

Unreliable people are often financially unstable

This means that while they themselves are not dependable, they’re looking for someone they themselves can lean on and depend upon.

However, the majority of decent men and women are just looking for someone who is dependable, independent and knows how to keep their word.

Trust is essential to healthy relationships

Let’s be realistic here! It is impossible to build anything with anyone who has a life that’s out of control. They simply cannot be trusted.

This means that a healthy relationship is impossible without trust on both sides.

Some starsigns have more tolerance and patience with unreliable people than others.

However, the Star Signs driven totally crazy by being let down are:

turn offs for guys


Aries likes to be well organized. So when an Aries asks for help, they expect things to be done as efficiently and quickly as they would do it.

This means that when Aries is let down, or finds someone is undependable, stand by for fireworks. Aries does not hold back when enraged!

If Aries thinks they have been let down be prepared to allow The Ram to calm down before an apology is even attempted.

However, if you have already been dumped by an Aries because you were unreliable, then check out How To Make an Aries Man Want You Back.


Taurus is very reliable. This means that the same is expected in return, or they will be very disappointed.

Stand by for a confrontation if a Taurus feels let down. However, make a habit of it and another chance may not be given.

If you want to be sure that you don’t have any other habits that will turn off a Taurus, then check out this link that will tell you more about Taurus Man Secrets.


Scorpio is resourceful and stubborn. Dedication is another of the Scorpio Characteristics.

This means that there is an expectation that others will keep their word.

Let Scorpio down and they are extremely unforgiving.

If you have been dumped by a Scorpio and want to try and get him back, Scorpio Man Secrets could help.


Self-controlled and disciplined, there’s no wrath like a Capricorn’s wrath. Their look will turn you to stone!

Capricorns get things done right away. This means that if a promise is made to a Capricorn the expectation is that it will be seen through.

I, Gemini born on The Cusp with Taurus, was married to a Capricorn. He just could not cope with my scatty personality.

However, in turn I could not cope with the pressure to conform to the way he wanted to do things.

Unsurprisingly, it did not last!

By the time my marriage was over, there was no way I wanted to get back with him. However, if I had wanted to give it another go, then Capricorn Man Secrets may have helped!

#2 Top Turn Offs for Guys

Being demanding or clingy

The second of these two top turn offs for guys & gals is being demanding and clingy, or both! Someone who’s too clingy isn’t normally dependable.

This is because the strong partner in the dating relationship will constantly have to reassure the clingy one. There will also be a need to constantly feed a constant craving for reassurance and company.

Signs that someone is clingy or demanding

Signs of someone who is clingy include:

  • always wanting to know who you’re with and what you’re doing
  • the fear of being left behind or being cheated on

Even when it is not happening, the insecurities of clingy people can be overwhelming.

A healthy dating relationship needs to be a two way street, with trust on both sides.

I had a friend who hooked up with a demanding and clingy partner. We would go for a Girls’ Night Out, with other friends and she would have to send him a selfie to prove she was with us and that she was actually where she said she was going!

Another time she went to see a friend who is a Psychologist but she told him she was with me, because she knew her partner would not like it!


Do not give up your friends

It is important that each person in a relationship should have a circle of their own friends. They also should have friends they enjoy seeing as a dating couple.

Both need to have outside interests and this includes different friends.

Separate interests can help a dating relationship stay fresh and seem more interesting.

It is important for both men and women to maintain identity and friendships and not sacrifice them just because you want to spend more time together.

top turn offs for guys

Star Signs who will avoid a long-term relationship with clingy people are:


Aries are very self-orientated and won’t even think about wasting time worrying about someone else. Being clingy is a very immature trait in the eyes of an Aries.

Aries is usually respectful of their partners but it is crucial to give them space and allow them to have some independence.

Find out more about Aries


Gemini knows what they want from life. Period.

This means that if Gemini thinks that they are into you more than you are into them, then it’s curtains.

gemini personality traits

The Twins need lots of personal space. The minute they suspect anyone is trying to tie them down and cramp that space, they will feel trapped.

Clingy people make Gemini feel trapped. This is because they want fun, not an insecure partner who needs reassurance and nurse-maiding all the time.

Here’s more information about Gemini Personality Traits


Traditional Capricorn has lots of self-control and will find it hard to display affection, even when they are deeply in love.

However, one of their biggest fears is looking bad and they find public displays of affection embarrassing.

This means that get clingy with a Capricorn and they will create distance.

More about Capricorn Characteristics


Enigmatic Aquarius is someone who everyone would like to be able to understand. On the surface they will hide their feelings.

This means that any potential partner will find it very difficult to tell if their Aquarius even likes them. It’s no surprise that Aquarius would never be clingy.

Aquarius enjoys independence and only those closely involved with them will have any clue whatsoever as to what’s really going on with them. However, Aquarius can be very affectionate in private.

Find out more about Aquarius

Have you found it impossible to tolerate anyone who is undependable, demanding or clingy?

What is your star sign?

7 More First Date Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost! Essential Reading!

7 More First Date Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost!

Here’s 7 more first date mistakes to avoid to add to the 10 Early Dating Mistakes to Avoid, already published.

Scroll down to discover the first date mistakes to avoid that may seem obvious, however they are made time and time again!

You will also discover the Dating Pet Peeves of various Zodiac Signs!

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #1

Personal hygiene – lack of

A dating deal breaker for both men and women is showing up without having spent some time on personal hygiene. If you are too lazy to brush and floss your teeth before you meet up, then you would be better to stay home.

Other major dating turn offs include:

  • wiping your mouth on the sleeve of your shirt after eating
  • coughing and spitting
  • body odor

Taurus and Virgo are completely unable to cope with smelly people!
dating mistakes to avoid

#2 Dating Deal Breaker

Be the real you and do not lie

first date mistakes

Don’t be tempted to pretend be someone you’re not online or through text messages. Showing up in person and looking and acting totally differently will make your date feel foolish and that they have been conned.

Example: a girl who pretends to be into things the guy likes just to impress him. Or the guy who says he has great abs, when actually he has a distinct beer belly.

What both men and women really appreciate is someone who’s honest with them right from the start.

Don’t lie about your looks, height, body type or your hobbies or interests just to get someone interested. When the truth comes out (and it will), it will only backfire on you.

At the end of the day, you want to date someone who likes the real you, not some figment of your imagination who doesn’t exist.

Star Signs who do not tolerate fake people

Aries, Libra and Scorpio.

first date mistakes

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #3

Smoking and drinking too much

Certain habits can also make you less than desirable on a date.

If your date does not smoke, then anyone who smells like cigarette smoke can be a dating deal breaker to some people.

I have to admit that this was a big dating turnoff for me. I think there was only one guy I ever dated who smoked.

People who drink more than their limit on a date are a turnoff, too. It can be totally embarrassing for someone who barely knows you.

first date mistakes

Zodiac Signs Who Can Drink Too Much in Inappropriate Situations

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius

#4 First Date Mistakes to Avoid

Discussing unresolved personal issues

Everyone in the world has some emotional wounds from their life experiences. Having experienced personal problems is nothing to be ashamed of and is normal.

However, dragging these issues around on dates, especially on early dates, is a sure-fire way to turn someone off.

Personal issues that are deal breakers involve things like not being able to let go and move on from things that have caused hurt or heart-break and burdening your date with the fact.

Your date doesn’t want to hear about the times your former friend stole money. Nor do they want to hear about the friend who moved out of the State without paying their share of the rent.

They don’t want to hear about daddy or mummy issues. Or the fact that you have not seen your brother/sister for 10 years. Neither do they need to hear about your neighbor/boss/in-laws from Hell.

If those things are eating away at you, it’s a sign that you need professional help with them rather than date and talk about them.

Your date doesn’t want to hear about everything that has happened to you that was someone  else’s fault. It makes you sound whiny and immature.

And if you admit that it has driven you to try to deal with it through addiction, that is a major turn off.

Which Star Signs dislike people dwelling on the past?

Aries prefers people who find it easy to move on.

Taurus struggles with anyone who tries to bring emotional baggage to a relationship.

Never, ever compare a Leo to your Ex!

first date mistakes

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #5

Addictions to drugs and/or alcohol

Having an addiction with drugs or alcohol is not something that’s fair to expect another person to have to deal with. Particularly if it is someone you hardly know. It is expecting too much of them emotionally.

If you have an addiction with drugs and/or with alcohol, take care of it. Get well before you start dating.

Addictions add a lot of drama to a relationship and it is not fair to expect any new date to accept or put up with it.

In any case, addictions mask the real person, mainly in a negative way. Your date will never get to know the real you.

Addicts usually have mood swings and that’s not a good way to begin a relationship.

#6 First Date Mistakes to Avoid

Being too familiar physically too fast

When you date someone, there are specific boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Not unless it’s clear that the other person is open to the contact.

On a first date, you cannot be too careful and it is OK to have personal boundaries. It is also OK for your date to expect you to have them too.

Treating someone like they’re an old friend is going to make the other person uncomfortable. Be careful of invading personal space.

This is more common in the way that men behave. However, women can also be guilty of this one.

For many it’s important to date someone that they’re physically attracted to. However, dating isn’t a supermarket where you can go in and start touching to see if you like what you see.

Because men are usually bigger, taller and stronger, being too close or hands on can make a woman feel uncomfortable and intimidated. Sometimes this can cross the boundaries into sexual harassment.

Never assume it’s okay to touch your date. This means that you need to make sure that you have a clear okay before you do.

Do not invade the personal space of these Star Signs

Do not invade the personal space of a Virgo. Cancer is also totally rattled by those who have no idea of boundaries or personal space.

Personal space is also extremely important to Aquarius.

First Date Mistakes to Avoid #7

Being too familiar emotionally too fast

It’s not just physical contact where a date can get too familiar too quickly. Being too familiar too soon can be a deal breaker when it comes to emotions as well.

True emotional depth takes awhile to evolve. If it hasn’t been given a chance to develop over time, this can turn people off.

An example of this is when a couple have just started dating. Then by the end of the first week, one party is ready to move in together, to be exclusive, or is already talking about being in love.

This should raise warning flags, because it is usually a sign of deeper emotional issues.

Star Signs Who Avoid Needy People

Aries does not like being with people who are needy or clingy.

Another sign that would feel tied down by a clingy partner is Sagittarius.

These are just some of the first date mistakes anyone needs to avoid if they don’t want things to stop before they have even started!

Basically, all you need to do is be considerate, polite, clean and not eat like you are at a chimpanzee’s tea party!

For more dating advice, visit Meet Your Sweet.com

10 Early Dating Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost! Follow These Simple Steps!

How To Avoid  Early Dating Mistakes!

Here’s 10 early dating mistakes you need to avoid at all cost if you want to keep dating that new person in your life!

Scroll down to discover the early dating mistakes than can end any chance you have of dating the person you have set your sights on.

You will also learn your Zodiac Sign’s pet peeves!

Both women and men have standards when it comes to dating. Everyone has in their minds that perfect someone that they imagine building a permanent relationship with.

However, when you’re left waiting for Mr or Miss Right to come along, you can’t be blamed for sometimes starting to think the opposite sex is just far too picky.

It might surprise you to know that when it comes to deal breakers with dating, men and women are surprisingly similar in what turns them off.

Learning the early dating mistakes to avoid can help you keep the dating going.

Listed below, in no particular order, are some of the  worst early dating mistakes you need to  avoid and the Star Signs who you won’t impress.

Early Dating Mistakes #1

Not Knowing How to Communicate

One of the biggest early dating mistakes is communication problems. This is something that a lot of women just won’t put up with. This includes:

  • not being able to talk clearly
  • not knowing the difference between commonly misused words
  • making eye contact

Men might think that this is just too picky. However, if a man doesn’t know how to communicate from the start, including with their eyes, then a woman will know full well that it won’t get any better as the relationship progresses.

Women put more of an emphasis on communication than men because this is how women relate – well most of them anyway!

These Zodiac Signs are particularly fussy when it comes to communication

Geminis are compulsive communicators, but they do enjoy conversation. However, a big early dating mistake is to interrupt a Gemini.

NEVER interrupt a Gemini if they are recounting a story or something that has happened.

Note: Virgo women hate the use of bad grammar.

early dating mistakes

#2 Dating Deal Breaker

Talking About Yourself Too Much

Another early dating mistake is communication. Particularly if you have a man or a woman who obviously believes they are the star in their own universe

Personally, I steer clear of people like this because it signals that they may well be a narcissist. This does not bode well for any future healthy relationship.

These kinds of people talk so much that it’s hard to get a word in edgeways. However, while it is natural for a new person in your life to want to find out more about you, give them the short story version of yourself, not the War and Peace version!

These Sun Signs avoid people who talk too much

Geminis do not like people who talk too much. Scorpios are uncomfortable answering lots of questions about themselves – so take it easy on a first date.

The Cancer Sun Signs do not like people who boast or who are full of themselves. Neither does Aquarius.

Early Dating Mistakes #3

Don’t jump on the Complain Train!

During an early  date, whatever you do, stay off the Complain Train!

Someone that you’ve just met, or are just starting to date, doesn’t want to hear all about the job that you hate, or the really bad day you’ve just had.

Star Signs who who prefer to avoid complainers

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

#4 Dating Deal Breaker

Talking about your Ex

Communication during a date means communicating with the date. This means that you should be talking about what each other likes.

It doesn’t mean that this is a fresh avenue for you to vent all of your resentment and heartache about your Ex.

Bringing your Ex into the conversation, is a BIG early dating mistake. This is because it shows that you haven’t worked through all your negative feelings about that former flame.

No one wants a glimpse of the excess baggage you’ll be bringing along if they carry on dating you.

Talking about your Ex is selfish and inconsiderate. It’s a major dating mistake to use someone you barely know as a sounding board about the lost loves in your life.

You might think that you’re connecting by expressing your feelings about your Ex. However, the other person will probably:

a) get bored and b) feel like they should be charging you a therapy fee!

It is really important that you work through your issues about your Ex before you move on to dating someone new.

If splitting with your Ex continues to cause you issues then see a real therapist. This means that all of your issues with that situation are resolved prior to you dating someone else.

You’ll be doing yourself (and anyone you date) a big favor!

Star Signs that don’t want to hear about your Ex



early dating mistakes

Early Dating Mistakes #5

Being impolite, rude or disrespectful

The majority of people know how to be polite. Sadly, some do not.

Anyone who doesn’t know how to be polite, can be a real dating turn off. This includes being curt or rude to people serving in restaurants and shops.

It also includes being rude to your friends.

Your date will end up wondering if that’s how you treat other people, then will you start to treat him or her that way as well?

Which Starsigns do not like rude behavior?

Rude people upset these Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leos, who also dislike being disrespected, and Libra.

Also do not put down a Cancer.

Which brings us on to the next big dating no-no….

#6 Dating Deal Breaker

Being racist, sexist or homo-phobic

Having an intolerance toward people who have different religions, are from different cultures or races, or have different sexual preferences is usually a massive turn-off for decent people.

Being small minded or making bigoted or racist comments is definitely the way to make sure you won’t ever date that person again.

This is a particular Pet Hate of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Early Dating Mistakes #7

Lack of basic table manners

If you haven’t mastered basic table manners, then GET IT SORTED before you hit the dating circuit.

Here’s a table manners checklist:

1. don’t put your elbows on the table
2. don’t slouch down so far in your chair that it looks like you’re practically resting on your neck
3. keep your mouth closed when chewing
4. don’t talk with your mouth full

These are HUGE dating deal breakers – especially for women.

And there’s more:

5. don’t slurp your food or drink
6. don’t push your food onto your fork with your fingers
7. don’t burp (or worse!)
8. don’t pick your teeth

If something tastes terrible, don’t make a show of spitting it out. Discreetly remove it with a napkin.

If something is out of reach, ask for it. Don’t reach across the table and grab it.

Zodiac Signs that cannot deal with poor table manners

A Virgo will find a lack of basic table manners very annoying. People who chew very loudly drive them to distraction.

Capricorn will be totally turned off if you speak with your mouth full!

If you are dining out with an Aries, you will drive them nuts if you take ages to choose from the menu.

early dating mistakes to avoid

#8 Dating Deal Breaker

Cell Phones

One of the biggest issues among both men and women are dates that use their cell phone. Text or take a call during a date, unless it’s an absolute emergency, and you can bet you’ll probably never get another date.

It’s rude and totally inconsiderate to pay attention to someone via the phone who isn’t even there!

Which Star Signs will be annoyed if you use your Cell Phone on a date?

Aquarius certainly will not forgive anyone who gets their phone out at the table, unless it is a dire emergency.

This is also a big pet peeve for Pisces. Pisces want to engage with the people they are with. If those people are half listening while distracted by their phones, this drives Pisces mad.

Early Dating Mistakes #9

Expecting your date to like everything you like

Just because you like a certain style of music doesn’t guarantee your date will. To expect someone to give in to your tastes is another dating turnoff.

Instead of looking for someone that is exactly like you when it comes to preferences, learn how to explore and appreciate the differences.

It will keep things interesting.

Besides, it is rude and inconsiderate to be sarcastic, put down or to make fun of something that your date finds appealing or interesting.

You will come across as mean and bullying if you make fun of someone just because they’re into things that you’re not.

Do not put down these Star Signs in particular

Never put down an Aquarius or a Cancerian!

Pisces cannot cope with sarcasm or unkindness.

If a Sagittarius is enthusiastic about anything that does not float your boat, be careful how you handle it. They are driven crazy by anyone who tries to put a dampner on their enthusiasm.

#10 Dating Deal Breaker

Not taking care of your appearance

Let’s get this straight – men and women aren’t looking for someone who doesn’t have any flaws. However, they do look for someone who takes care of his or her appearance.

This can range from clothing choice to hygiene habits.

You should always look your best when you show up for a date, even if it’s a casual date.

I don’t mean your best dress or suit. Just be clean and dress for the occasion.

Your favorite worn sweatpants might be comfortable. However, the signal they will give is that you couldn’t be bothered to put in much effort.

Save the around the house clothes for … yep, around the house.

Don’t wear a pair of shoes that could be worn for cleaning out the garage or gardening. Wear shoes that fit the occasion. For example, don’t wear high heels for a walk in the countryside!

That bright Hawaiian shirt might look great on a vacation, but on a date, it’s better to choose clothes and shoes that blend in to the surroundings.

Save the bolder choices for a later date (if you get that far!)

Watch how you dress with these Zodiac Signs

Appearance is important to these star signs: Taurus and Virgos who cannot cope with messy people or those who are dirty.

Aquarius is bored by people who wear the same clothes all the time.

Poor appearance is a big turnoff for Libra.

Dating in today’s “must have it now” world is not easy. However, there are plenty of good men and women, of all ages, looking for that special someone.

Once you have navigated your way through the first few dates, if you are really keen on him, here’s a guide that will help you make sure things don’t stagnate.


Think about what your deal breakers are. Then try to find someone who suits your personal preferences!

Comment below to let us know your dating deal breakers.

How to Build a Relationship with a Man and Stop Him Pulling Away

Learn How to Build a Relationship with a Man and Stop Him Pulling Away

3 Things a Man Wants In a Woman – No matter what their Starsign is!

How much time do you spend trying to figure out how to build a relationship with a man? Are you driving yourself nuts attempting to work out what the man of your dreams really wants?

OK, so it helps to learn about the personality traits of his starsign. It helps to learn about his likes and dislikes.

However, unless you pay close attention to what I am about to tell you, then you could STILL GET IT WRONG!

how to build a relationship with a man

Find out what pushes a man away

What I am about to say may shock you…but did you know that no man is looking for the perfect woman?

No, he really is NOT looking for the perfect woman!

Let me explain the three things he wants from you

But first, before we get into how to build a relationship with a man, let’s take a look at YOU.

How much time do you spend making yourself look sexy and attractive? You take care with your clothes and makeup. Do you constantly agonise over what to wear on a date?

In addition, how hard do you work at presenting yourself as a fun, interesting, independent woman who is not at all “needy”?

Let me tell you that your whole attitude towards him is based on some unhelpful assumptions and it is time to put you straight!

So you work so darned hard at being who you think he wants you to be. Then you are surprised that this man in your life just takes you for granted.

Sometimes do you wonder if he even notices you at all?

how to build a relationship with a man
You feel taken for granted, then you start making excuses for him…

Which means that you try to convince yourself:

  • It’s probably because he’s immature and needs to grow up a bit
  • He’s been hurt in the past and he’s scared of being hurt again
  • His job is stressful
  • He is worrying about money
  • His Ex is making life hard for him

And so on and so on.

Or maybe … (standby for a lightbulb moment!)

… is it simply because you’ve been doing all the work for him?

Maybe… you made it TOO EASY for him?

Does giving a man space work?

You can give him all the space you think he needs. However, unless you are able to accept the following fact, giving him space won’t be the answer. You will probably lose him anyway.

FACT: what men value the most are the things they have had to work hard to get

This means that if he doesn’t have to work hard to capture you and your heart, then he won’t value it.

Think about it for a moment. Which would you value the most?

A training completion certificate, you were awarded after attending a two day course?

Or the University Degree Certificate that was awarded after three years of hard slog, when you were always broke and struggled to get up for 8am lectures?

You may think that how to build a relationship with a man involves handing him the perfect girlfriend.

Err… this does not work because he will take her for granted.

He won’t value her as much as if he’d had to chase and woo her for weeks just to get her to go on their first date. THIS is why playing hard to get works.

how to build a relationship with a man

However, as you’ve probably also discovered…

Playing hard to get works well while the chase is on. But once the chase is over, what then? Is it “game over” once he thinks he has won you? Does he start to think about the next challenge?

Aries Man enjoys the chase – but so do all men!

Aries Man in particular is well-known for loving the chase. He enjoys the chase but once it is over, he may well disappear to go after the next challenge.

However, if his intended has been hard to get AND providing he can feel he is her hero, then his woman will become his partner for life. I have seen exactly that happen recently with a couple I know.

(Did I just mention the word “hero”? Yes. Read on to discover why.)

how to date an Aries man

An Aries Man I know had to work very hard to win over his partner. She is strong and independent. However, like most women, she has her vulnerabilities. She is not needy but she because has accepted his help, he is totally committed to her.

What does a man want from a woman he loves?

Relationship coach James Bauer has many women coming to him for help with how to build a relationship with a man they have fallen for.

However, some were complaining about guys who were blowing hot and cold. Everything would be going great, something would change overnight and then he would start to pull away.

A guy who had been warm, affectionate and interested would suddenly become distant.

Men who blow hot and cold

I know all about the man who blows hot and cold because I was in that position with a Libra once.

I am a Gemini. As a fellow Air Sign, Libra is meant to be one of the best matches for Gemini. But it did not work out that way for me.

I never did find out what the problem was (not until now, that is). One minute he would be desperate to be with me, then the next he was changing plans.

And this would happen in the space of a few hours!

Then, after it was over, I watched as he did exactly the same to every woman he dated after me.

Heck, I even found out recently that he had separated  from the only woman he actually married just a couple of years ago. And he is now back chasing another woman that he dated more than 20 years ago!
how to build a relationship with a man

What do you do with a man who says he loves you, then pulls away?

Wanting to help his clients, James Bauer started to look into this very male behaviour pattern.

What he discovered made sense of everything.

How to build a relationship with a man – according to James Bauer

James Bauer realised why these men were backing away. He knew what they needed… and what they weren’t getting.

Stand by for a shock!

Bauer discovered that it was not that there was anything wrong with these women. It all came down to something he called “The Hero Instinct”.

This means that most women do something that drives many men away… and they don’t even know they are doing it!

What makes men pull away?

The majority of women are naturally caring. Evolution made them that way.

Men evolved to be the Hunter Gatherers. They protected their women and children.

Women evolved to take care of their men and their children.

Look at YOU for example. I bet you are always there for your man. You look after him. You always make time for him.

Admit it – you would do anything for him, wouldn’t you?

Yep, been there, done that! However, we never get that, while we are doing something that is perfectly natural to us…

… we’re actually taking something away from him. We’re taking away his purpose.

Men want to be Heroes!

You see, your man wants to be your hero – good old Evolution has seen to that too.

He does not want YOU to be HIS Hero!! HE wants to be YOUR Hero

Don’t men love heroes? Look at how many grown men are still fascinated by Marvel comics and Superhero movies.

Every man on Earth, right from his early days, has dreamed of growing up to be the kind of hero who would save the world – and of course the majority dreamed of getting the girl at the same time.

Why do you think boys love dressing up as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk?

Let’s be realistic here! Most men don’t get to put their world-saving dreams to the test in their 9-5 jobs.

how to build a relationship with a man

Their lives don’t call for them to rip off their business ties and shirts inside a phone booth and leap into action, revealing their Superman side.

Maybe they can’t save the planet. But they can still get the girl, can’t they?

An ordinary guy with the heart of a Superhero finds getting the girl a worthy challenge. It takes Superhero confidence. Superhero charm. Superhero immunity to pain. Now, all he needs to find is …

…the girl who needs a hero!

Do You Need a Hero?

Let me guess… you don’t think you do!

Since we got the vote, us women have flouted Evolution. No more will we allow ourselves to be conditioned to need a man to save us. We are quite happy to save ourselves these days aren’t we?

So convinced are we that independence is the way to go, that we raise our daughters to be even more independent than we are.

You’re strong. You are independent. Leaky faucet? No problem. You can change the oil in your car. You can change a wheel.

Heck, you can even renovate a house single-handed – I did!
how to build a relationship with a man

YES – you can take care of yourself! But it does not make you “needy”.

If you need help, it does not make you “needy”!

As for any man in your life, you have a lot to offer. You’re generous. Kind. Loving. Giving to a fault. Most important, you are NOT NEEDY!

All you want is to find a man who will appreciate everything YOU have to give HIM.

Is it any wonder Heroes don’t show up in your life?

That’s why, instead of attracting a Hero, you’ve ended up with so many Takers instead. Guys who take everything you are freely offering. Then they leave you hanging, high and dry.

If you want a hero, then you need to advertise for one.

Here’s how.

how to build a relationship with a man

How to build a relationship with a man – 3 ways you can invite a Hero into your life, starting today

#1 Tip on how to build a relationship with a man

Ask a guy for help

FACT: Guys like to help “Damsels in distress”.

It’s not that they want to feel superior, it’s just that want want to feel needed. And no, that does not make you “needy”!

Ask him for advice on buying a new computer. Desktop or Laptop? How much RAM do you need? And so on.

Tell him you are worried about that strange rattling noise that’s started up in your car. Ask him if he would mind having a listen.

Ask him to get something down from the top shelf.

How about asking him to help you with some decorating?

Then thank him warmly, with a great big smile of appreciation. No, that is not needy. It makes you someone with space for a man in her life.

#2 Tip on how to build a relationship with a man

Take pleasure in male company

FACT: Guys love women who appreciate men for just being men.

So what if his apartment is a shrine to sports or gaming?

If he spends hours on his fantasy football team? So what?

So what if his idea of a clean shirt is the one with the fewest wrinkles?

Let’s face it, he’s a guy. It’s okay. You don’t need him to be more like you, because you’ve got the feminine side of the gender equation covered.how to build a relationship with a man

#3 Tip on how to build a relationship with a man

Let him earn your respect

FACT: Superheroes love challenges.

Men don’t want to be given a gold medal just for showing up. They don’t want your love handed to them on a plate. They want to earn it.

If there’s one thing men crave even more than a woman’s eternal enduring love: a challenge. This means that you need to give him opportunities to prove himself.

You don’t have to do the work of winning him over. Sit back, relax and allow him the pleasure of winning your admiration.

how to build a relationship with a man

Don’t stop here! Keep Learning!

If that sounds like fun to you, click here to watch a video presentation about this relationship enhancement tool.

It’s something you can learn once, but then use for the rest of your life.

how to build a relationship with a man

Zodiac Sign Relationship Compatibility Advice

Here’s some of the Best Zodiac Sign Relationship Compatibility Advice out there! (In my opinion)

The amount of Zodiac Sign Relationship Compatibility Advice that is available world-wide is staggering. However, listed here are various products that I have discovered, which I believe may help you find love, even if at first it looks like your star signs could be incompatible.

I will keep adding to this page, when I find more products that I think may help you negotiate the minefield of dating and relationships using Astrology.

Please note: this post contains Affiliate Links

What You Need To Know About How to deal with Aries Man

Aries Man Likes and Dislikes

Aries Man can be described as “Peter Pan with a temper”. He is youthful, fun and spontaneous, but boy can he hit the roof!

Cold, confusing and mysterious are some of Aries Man personality traits. However, they are also fun and often the life and soul of the party.how to deal with aries man

Through Aries Man Secrets you will discover the answers to questions such as:

  • how to keep an Aries Man interested in you
  • what Aries man likes and dislikes
  • how to make an Aries Man happy
  • how to get an Aries Man to commit

and a whole lot more, including the reasons why Aries Man pulls away.

Aries Man Secrets is an instantly downloadable ebook with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

In the package there are some free bonus books, including How to Get Your Aries Ex Back and How to Text an Aries.

The Ultimate Guide to How to Get Your Aries Ex Back

Free with Aries Man Secrets!

Aries Man Secrets offers an amazing package of advice to help you catch and keep an Aries Man.

However, if you have had your heart broken by an Aries Man and you want top notch advice how how to get him back, then I can vouch for the quality of Aries Man Secrets, as I have bought the book myself.

You will discover everything you need to learn about how to love an Aries Man.

This means that you will be better prepared to work out how to win back an Aries Man’s heart, using How to Get an Aries Man Back

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The Secret of How to Keep Taurus Man Interested

Learn how to win a Taurus Man’s Heart

Taurus Man may come across as practical but underneath he is sensitive.  Taureans are hard to read, hard to please and even harder to keep interested.

Taurus Man Secrets will teach you everything you need to know about how to deal with a Taurus Man in a relationship. You will also learn a lot about his possessive nature and how to “speak his language”.how to handle Taurus Man

Whether you are looking at how to attract a Taurus Man, how to win the heart of a Taurus Man or wanting to know how to get your Taurus Ex back, Taurus Man Secrets will guide you every step of the way!

Taurus Man Secrets is an instantly downloadable ebook and comes with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Included in the package are some free bonus books, including How to Get Your Taurus Ex Back and How to Text a Taurus.

The Definitive Guide To How To Win Your Taurus Ex Back

FREE with Taurus Man Secrets

Anna Kovach has done it again and put together an amazingly powerful package to help you in your quest to capture the heart of a Taurus Man.

However, have you had your heart broken by a Taurus Man?

Then not only is it time to learn everything you can about Taurus Man characteristics, you also need good advice about how to get your Taurus Man back.

Not only will you quickly learn everything you need to learn about Taurus Man, the FREE bonus How to Get a Taurus Man Back give give you the weapons you need in your battle to get him back.


Tarot Relationship Readings

Is He Right For You?

Like most of us I am constantly looking for information and guides that are related to my passion of Astrology and Relationships.

Every so often I discover something online that I think is really cool and that I would like to share.Zodiac Sign Relationship Compatibility Advice

Most of the time it is to do with Astrology, but I also come across stuff to do with my other interests, which are Numerology and Tarot Cards.

Recently I found a Tarot Website, Tarot Reading Daily, that uses state of the art software, that allows it to give Tarot readings online.

I tried it out and it was scary how accurate it was!

Kasamba.com has a very good reputation
Try them out for FREE

What is a Gemini Man Like?

How to love a Gemini Man Explained

There’s no one quite as flexible as a Gemini. They have the ability to see all sides of a situation.

However, if you have a closed mind then you will find it difficult to get anywhere with a Gemini! how to handle Gemini Man

Geminis also like to try out new things. This means that if you find it hard to veer from a set routine, the spark will probably never ignite.

Gemini Man Secrets will teach you everything you need to know about Gemini Man and how to love him, so he will want to stay with you forever.

You will learn about:

  • What makes a Gemini man “tick”
  • A whole list of Gemini Man personality traits
  • Gemini Man attraction techniques
  • Ways to increase your compatibility
  • Lots more little secrets to get your Gemini Man to commit

Gemini Man Secrets is an instantly downloadable ebook and comes with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Included in the package are some free bonus books, including How to Get Your Gemini Ex Back and How to Text a Gemini.

This list is being updated all the time, so come back and check again soon for more info about your or your Lover’s Star Sign

How to Win a Capricorn Man Back

What to do when Capricorn Man Pulls Away & How to Win a Capricorn Man Back

Why do Capricorn Men Withdraw?

Learn how to win a Capricorn Man Back and how to make a Capricorn Man miss you!

Will Capricorn Man come back after a break-up? YES, providing the right approach is taken!!

Are you wondering “will my Capricorn Man come back?” Are you desperate to learn how to get a Capricorn Man back again?

Read on to discover more about the inner workings of Capricorn Man, plus links to more detailed help.

I get asked so many questions about the compatibility of the Signs of the Zodiac. However, I am also contacted by women who thought they had made a brilliant zodiac match, only to suffer heartbreak due to breaking up with a Capricorn Man.

Therefore, understanding the behaviours of a Capricorn Man is crucial in order to learn what to do when a Capricorn Man pulls away.

There’s many websites that provide advice as to “how to get your ex back”. However, unless you learn exactly what motivates a Capricorn Man to behave the way he does, how can you stand any chance of getting him back?

This means that, before even starting to think about how to win a Capricorn Man back, it is essential to figure out what went wrong and work out why do Capricorn Man withdraw, before making any attempt to put things right.

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all for less than the price of a date!

When a Capricorn Man is Done With You

There are many reasons why relationships end. While there is nothing worse than being dumped by a partner, it is made worse by not being able to figure out why!

However, gaining an understanding about Astrology and the different relationship needs of each Zodiac Sign, will make it easier to figure out what went wrong. This means that you will be better informed about how to win a Capricorn Man back.

Sadly, while this information is important to know before and during a relationship, too many people find out too late after the Capricorn Man has started to pull away.

Fortunately, I have discovered an astrologer and relationship coach who helps readers discover a more in-depth understanding of their partner. Through this understanding comes knowledge about how to win back a Capricorn Man.

Capricorn Man Secrets by Anna Kovac will help you learn everything you need to know about dating a Capricorn!

how to win a capricorn man back

Why Capricorn Man Pulls Away

Once the things that really tick him off are clear, then it is easier to set about learning how to win a Capricorn Man back.

When a Capricorn Man pulls away, it is usually for one or more of the following reasons.

how to win a capricorn man back

Capricorn Man in Relationships –
3 Top Reasons Why Capricorns Pull Away

1) He feels insecure
Capricorn Man craves security in his life. This means that insecurity makes him feel vulnerable, which is an uncomfortable feeling for someone who needs to feel in control.

However, if the insecurity in his mind gets a grip, then the Capricorn would rather leave first rather than ending up looking like a fool.

If he even suspects his lady is about to leave him, then the Sea-Goat will scarper. This means that, in his mind, he is retaining control.

2) Were you unreliable or keep letting him down?
It is important to Capricorns that they are seen by others as reliable, responsible and punctual. While he expects the same of those close to him.

This means that Capricorn Man hates to be let down and will see it as disrespect towards him and the things that are important to him.

3) His folks disapprove of or dislike his partner
The majority of Capricorns have strong ties with their family and their opinions matter to him. However, you could both be living in Nepal, while the family lives in New York, but the distance will not help.

If the family is unable to approve of the relationship, then it could be doomed before it has really started.

2 More Reasons why Capricorn Men Pull Away

4) He thinks his relationship is holding him back professionally!
Yep, that still happens these days.

Capricorns are the workaholics of the Zodiac. This means that they are dedicated to achieving their goals, often at the expense of family life.

how to win a capricorn man back

If his partner is constantly bemoaning the fact that they rarely spend any “quality time” together, Capricorn will see that as an attempt to hold him back.

I can personally attest to that. I am a Gemini, was married to a Capricorn (note – was) and he became particularly angry with me one day. The reason?

He asked for a list of all my friends at my Tennis Club. He was a Financial Advisor and he wanted to try to sell to my friends!

I responded that no way was I going to allow him to cold call my friends. He accused me of failing to support him in his career.

We separated soon after. However, because we were so incompatible, I was not interested in learning how to get my Capricorn Man back!

5) Being unfaithful

how to win a capricorn man back
Especially relevant, is that when a Capricorn Man is hurt he is very unlikely to just let it go and this especially goes for cheating.

This means that a lot of soul searching is required to look a lot deeper as to why it happened, before starting to consider what to do to try to repair the relationship.

Did you miss the signs a Capricorn Man wants to break up?

In order to best understand why things went wrong, be totally honest with yourself. However, there’s no point in trying to learn how to get a Capricorn Man back, if the mistakes made are ignored or not addressed.

Maybe he started to become withdrawn? When a Capricorn Man is acting distant and stops making plans with his partner, this is a sure sign he has had enough of their unreliability.

  • Did he start to doubt your true feelings for him?
  • Was the relationship with his family difficult? Did he worry about what they though?

Do Capricorns Ever Come Back?

Now you know the main reasons why Capricorn Man pulls away, the work on how to get a Capricorn Man back can start!

Will a Capricorn Man come back? Hmmmm…….If the fault was yours, then not only do you need to learn how to apologize to a Capricorn Man. However, he will also need convincing that the problems won’t happen again.

When a Capricorn Man is Done with You

Ready to learn how to win a Capricorn Man back?

This INSTANT download will teach everything needed to learn how to win a Capricorn Man back!

Capricorn Man Secrets teaches everything it is necessary to know about how to catch a Capricorn.

Included is a FREE BONUS that will help you learn how to win back Capricorn Man after a break up.

how to win back capricorn manHow to win back Capricorn Man

Finally, also included are:

  • 25 Ways to Delight Your Capricorn Man
  • Capricorn Man Secrets Sextrology
  • How to Text a Capricorn Man




capricorn man secrets money back guarantee

How to Catch a Capricorn Man!

How to Catch a Capricorn Man!

Are you wondering how to catch a Capricorn Man and make him totally yours?

Capricorn Man is steadfast, reliable, driven to overcome obstacles, disciplined and intelligent! He is also competitive and has a compelling need to be successful at everything he does.

However, Capricorn Man has trouble letting his guard down with anyone trying to get close to him. This can act as an obstacle for anyone interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

Are you intrigued by this Capricorn Man? Have you have seen some of the signs a Capricorn Man is interested but……

  • Do you struggle with his inability to let his guard down?
  • Is he sulky and brooding at times?
  • Are you finding it difficult to understand that he is often a workaholic?
  • Do you find him too cautious at times?

Read on to find out how to make a Capricorn Man fall in love. But if you are in a hurry….

for less than a meal out for two!

Capricorn Man Characteristics

how to catch a capricorn man

Time to be upfront and honest here!

If you are looking for a demonstrative, extrovert with whom to spend the rest of your life, then you won’t find it with a Capricorn!!


Do you want to give it a go and find out what it’s like to date a Capricorn Man?

Recently I discovered a fantastic series of Love Astrology Books that may help you. Capricorn Man Secrets has lots of tips and advice to help you understand him and keep a Capricorn Man interested.

To make sure it has the potential to help anyone looking to catch a Capricorn Man, I bought the book Capricorn Man Secrets and found it very enlightening!

My first husband was a Capricorn. However, after a few years, it was quite obvious that he was never going to be truly compatible with this extrovert, lively Gemini. However, having read Capricorn Man Secrets I can now see how it all went wrong!

Following that experience, I then steered clear of Capricorn Men. However, having said that quite a few of my friends are Capricorns!

How to Catch a Capricorn Man!

capricorn man secrets money back guarantee


How to Keep a Capricorn Man Interested?

Capricorn Man will be looking for a partner who is totally honest, genuine and hardworking. This is because Capricorns themselves are one of the hardest working signs of the Zodiac.

He will need you to understand that work and success are VERY important to him. But at the same time, if you can get though his “armour” you will discover that Capricorns like to let their hair down (occasionally) and can be quite funny.

Don’t ever be tempted to hide the truth from a Capricorn. Out and out honesty is hugely important to them and you don’t want to have to learn how to deal with an angry Capricorn!

Because they are so driven by their need for success in the workplace, Capricorns can make their partners feel unappreciated and side-lined. This is something else their would-be lovers have to learn to deal with.

However, Capricorn Man Secrets has a specific chapter that will help you work out how to deal with this.

How to Deal With a Capricorn Man

Remember Capricorns are masters at hiding their feelings and emotions. If you are finding it hard to read your Capricorn Man this does NOT necessarily mean that he does not like you!

The star sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn does not regard emotions as important. Therefore, do not worry if you cannot understand a Capricorn Man’s emotions because he probably does not understand them himself!

One way to keep the relationship going is for you to accept that your Capricorn Man will NEVER be able to explain what is going on with his inner emotions.

However, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Work at accepting your Capricorn Man for who he is and learn to deal with the negative aspects of his personality without making a big deal of it.

He then may, just may, allow you to connect with him at a deeper level. Then you will see the more passionate side of his personality.

how to catch a capricorn man

Are You Ready To Find Out How To Attract A Capricorn Man?

What do Capricorn Men like?

Capricorn Man Secrets by Anna Kovach, will help you understand your Capricorn Man better and give you more of a chance of capturing his heart for life.

This ebook can be downloaded instantly to a phone, PC or reader and comes with bonuses.

Capricorn Man Secrets will show you exactly what makes Capricorns tick and you will learn how to understand them better.

In case you are worried, you won’t be expected to change your personality. However, you will be shown lots of ways in which you deal with these very complex Sea Goats!

Capricorn Man Secrets will give you amazingly useful tips and incredibly useful knowledge knowledge about what Capricorn Man needs and wants from his partner.

What You Will Learn About How To Catch A Capricorn Man

You will learn about:

  • The Star Sign Capricorn and what impels Capricorns to be the way they are
  • The likes and dislikes of a Capricorn Lover
  • What Capricorn Man needs and does not need in a lover
  • Tips about how to gently go about persuading your Capricorn to to open up to you
  • Why Capricorns are so difficult to understand
  • How to keep a Capricorn Man interested
  • How to get a Capricorn Man to marry you
  • 5 ways how to get a Capricorn Man to chase you
  • How to dress to impress a Capricorn Man

Finally, Capricorn Man Secrets has a chapter about the compatibility of every Star Sign with Capricorn.

Capricorn Man Secrets will give you everything you need to know about how to catch a Capricorn Man!

Do you remember me writing in this post, that as a Gemini, a typical Capricorn will find my lively and extrovert personality difficult to live with?

Well, there is a way that a relationship may just work between the Sea Goat and The Twins!

Each of these Star Signs has qualities from which the other may benefit. If Capricorn and Gemini can recognise this and not be annoyed by the total opposite behaviour that each prefers, then there may just be a chance….

Free Bonuses with Capricorn Man Secrets!

Included FREE with Capricorn Man Secrets:

get capricorn ex back

  • How to get a Capricorn Man Back
  • 25 Ways to Delight your Capricorn Man
  • Capricorn Man Sextrology
  • How to Text a Capricorn Man


How To Win A Scorpio Man’s Heart Back

How to win a Scorpio Man’s heart back!

Learn how to win a Scorpio Man’s heart back and make him think that giving you up was the BIGGEST mistake he has ever made in his life!

If you want to know how to win a Scorpio Man’s heart back, then this article contains tips based on what I know about the complex mind of a Scorpio, plus links to more detailed help.

I receive lots of questions about the compatibility of the Zodiac Signs, but just recently I have been contacted by women who thought they had made an ideal match, only to suffer heartbreak, as their men pulled away.

Fortunately, I have discovered an astrologer and relationship coach who can give you a more in-depth understanding of your Scorpio Man and through this understanding you can learn how to get your Scorpio Ex back.

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Have you had your heart broken by a Scorpio Man?

win a scorpio man's heart backAre you desperate to try and win a Scorpio Man’s heart back?

In my post about how to win the heart of a Scorpio Man, I explain about how Astrologer Anna Kovach has published the Ultimate Guide to help you establish a solid relationship with a Scorpio Man.

Scorpio Man Secrets is an instant download that comes with some great FREE bonus books, including How to Get a Scorpio Man Back.

In How to Get a Scorpio Man Back you will discover the main reasons why Scorpio Men give up on relationships and how to turn things around so your Scorpio Man will be desperate to get back with you!

Here’s a clue: establishing a good relationship with a Scorpio is all about communication!

Scorpios are intense, in fact they are without doubt the most intense Zodiac sign!

And boy are Scorpios complicated!

Know Your Scorpio Man Characteristics

Establishing a close relationship with a Scorpio is all about UNDERSTANDING these complex people and then learning how you can best communicate with them, so as not to accidentally create misunderstandings.

Apart from being very intense, Scorpios are also very deep and prone to all sorts of insecurities. This fuels their jealousy.

This jealousy and deep seated insecurity will allow a Scorpio’s imagination to run wild!

You may not have done anything at all to make your Scorpio Man jealous, but if he is feeling side-lined then this will most certainly cause a problem!

win a scorpio man's heart back

What’s it like to date a Scorpio?

Another barrier to establishing a permanent relationship with a Scorpio is intensity. Scorpio Man is VERY intense. If he starts to feel serious about a relationship, then he will start to analyse your motives.

If he suspects that you are not as keen as he is, Scorpio Man will pull away.

How many times have our mothers, sisters, friends told us not to be “pushy” or appear “too keen”?

So we hold back. We try not to appear to be too keen. After all we don’t want to scare off our would-be Scorpio Lover do we?

There is NO all or nothing with a Scorpio Man! He does not want a casual relationship!!

Scorpio Man needs to know that if he is committed, then YOU are committed too.

So can you see why holding back so as not to scare him off, may work against you? Your Scorpio Man may feel that you are not as interested in him as he is in you . This means that to protect himself from being hurt, he will walk away.

win a Scorpio Man's heart back

To make the situation even worse, secretive Scorpio Man will not want to talk about how he feels!!

No wonder you feel hurt, bewildered and powerless to do anything to make things right.

5 Things NOT TO DO When Trying to Win a Scorpio Man’s Heart Back!

Too many ladies make these mistakes when trying to win back a Scorpio Man’s heart:

  • Don’t try to make your Scorpio Ex  feel bad about hurting you
  • Do not try to use facts and logic in an attempt to persuade him to change his mind. For someone ruled by emotions that is the last thing he needs
  • Resist the temptation to try to make him jealous by dating someone else. All that will do is convince him he was right to ditch you all along
  • In a hurry to get your Scorpio back? Wait! Give him time to miss you
  • Don’t deliberately visit places in the hope he will see you. Scorpios hate to feel manipulated and he will see right through you

However, help is at hand for less than the cost of a meal out for two!!

Are you ready to learn how to get a Scorpio Man’s heart back?

So how exactly do you get your Scorpio ex-boyfriend back?

This will not be an easy task, but neither is it impossible providing you are prepared to listen and learn!

Scorpios are renowned for sticking to their guns. Usually once Scorpios make their mind up about something they will tell themselves that there is no going back.

But what if I told you that it just takes time?

Are you prepared to be patient and wait it out?

win a Scorpio Man's heart back

Have you ever been in love with a Scorpio Man? Did it work out? Share your experience in the comments below.

How To Win The Heart of a Scorpio Man – Amazing Tips!

How to Win the Heart of a Scorpio Man!

So, you have met this gorgeous fella, but just how exactly do you win the heart of a Scorpio Man?

Scorpio Man is intense, stubborn, secretive, mysterious, loyal, controlled, possessive, complicated.  In addition, if you have not discovered it yet, he is AMAZING in bed!

You have fallen head over heels in love with this Scorpio Man; you need to learn all about winning the heart of a Scorpio Man, but……

  • Do you struggle with his secretive nature?
  • Would you like to be sure it is YOU he wants and not just sex?
  • Are you finding it difficult to understand the dark and sometimes macabre side of Scorpio Man?
  • Are you wondering exactly how he managed to get under your skin so quickly? (Did I say he was intuitive?)

Read on to discover how to win over your Scorpio Man. But if you are in a hurry….


scorpio man personality traits how to win the heart of a scorpio man

Let’s be honest here. If you are looking for a laid back, relaxed man to spend the rest of your life with, then you ain’t going to get it with a Scorpio!!


Do you want to give it a go and find out what it’s like to date a Scorpio Man?

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How to Win a Scorpio Man’s Heart Back!

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Why I would never date a Scorpio Man!

Those close to me, and who share my interest in Astrology, will tell you that the intensity of Scorpio Men scares the heck out of me!

With what I know from brushes with Scorpio Men in the past (don’t ask lol), I am someone who would never date a Scorpio man.

However, having said that one of my closest girl-friends is a Scorpio!

And of course I may just make an exception if it was Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio!!

“I’m not the person who tries to be cool and trendy,
I’m definitely an individual”
Leonardo DiCaprio

I now realise that as a compulsive communicator (I am Gemini after all), it is the secrecy of Scorpio that makes me wary among other things.

Scorpios like their privacy. This means that they will always hold something back and we all know that Geminis are the least private of people!

My Scorpio “bestie” is so private that she hates having her photos posted on Facebook. Heck, she is not even on Facebook, that’s how private she is!

What is it like to date a Scorpio Man?

It’s easy to assume that for a relationship to be successful, then you should be able to get to know each other inside out.

However, you need to understand that right from the start that this is never going to happen with a Scorpio.

You know the expression “still waters run deep“? Yes, that is Scorpio all over.  Even Scorpios fail to fully understand themselves, so anyone else has no chance!

This can be a big hurdle for potential partners to accept, as they may feel shut out, particularly as the relationship heats up. This is just part of Scorpio’s complicated character and he is not deliberately trying to push you out.

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Scorpios – The Good and Bad

Scorpios have lots of drive and determination. This means that they will become emotionally invested and committed to everything they put their mind to, including relationships.

This can lead to possessiveness and jealousy with a partner, while at the same time he will do everything he can to protect those he loves.

You will find it easy to seduce your Scorpio Man, because sex is very important to him. He could not have a serious relationship without it.

Scorpios are renowned for being among the best Lovers of the Zodiac. However, be prepared to have to work harder at establishing a relationship based on feelings as well as a physical attraction.

Discover How to Keep a Scorpio Man Happy in Bed!

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The two words sum up Scorpio Man are “I desire”. Which tells you a lot!

Are you curious to find out what Scorpio Man likes in bed?

Are You Ready To Find Out How To Date A Scorpio Man?

Scorpio Men and dating

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Don’t worry, no one is expected to change or undergo a personality transplant. It is just a question of UNDERSTANDING these very complex characters!

Scorpio Man Secrets will give you invaluable, in-depth knowledge about what Scorpio Man wants in a relationship.

How to Text a Scorpio Man

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Small talk doesn’t work with Scorpio Man either face to face or via Text.

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What You Will Learn About How To Win The Heart Of A Scorpio Man

You will learn about:

  • The Star Sign Scorpio and what drives Scorpios to be the way they are
  • The likes and dislikes of a Scorpio Lover
  • What Scorpio Man does and does not need in a partner
  • Tips about how to gently go about persuading your Scorpio to trust you
  • The best ways to connect with your Scorpio Man
  • 5 surefire tips to help you get the attention of Scorpio Man
  • How to handle his mood swings
  • Dealing with Scorpio’s vindictive nature – boy can they be vindictive!
  • How to look for the signs that Scorpio Man is totally smitten with you
  • Tricks to making the relationship last
  • Tips on how to “seal the deal” with a Scorpio man
  • What Scorpio is like as a Dad (just in case you are thinking ahead)

Finally, Scorpio Man Secrets has a chapter about the compatibility of every Starsign with Scorpio.

More About Scorpio Men and Dating

25 Tips to help you grow your relationship with a Scorpio

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It may be difficult to get close to a Scorpio Man. However, despite his mysteriousness, like anyone else, he loves it if someone does something special for him!

Scorpio Man Secrets Will Give You Everything You Need To Know About How To Win The Heart Of A Scorpio Man!

Do you remember me saying at the beginning of this post, that as a Gemini, the private Scorpio will find my chatty, light airyness somewhat of a challenge?

However, there is a way that a relationship may just work between the Scorpion and The Twins. That is if the Gemini has sewn their wild oats, has matured and is ready for a partner whose more serious side will actually be attractive.

Call it dark balancing out light. However, I think I will stick with my Sagittarian husband!

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