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Kelli Fox Astrology – Free Horoscopes

Kelli Fox Astrology – Free Horoscopes

Kelli Fox Astrology offers free horoscopes and Natal Charts.

Click on your Star Sign to get your free horoscope from Kelli Fox.

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This spine-chilling reading is not for the faint-hearted. It contains insights and predictions about your future – wisdom that you will use to uncover your path to abundance, happiness and good fortune.

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Not sure about your Birth Sign?

Were you born on the Cusp?

Use this FREE Birth Chart Calculator to find out where the Sun was on your date of birth.

About Kelli Fox

Australian astrologer and businesswoman, Kelli Fox, along with her husband David created one of the first astrology websites, astrology.com in 1995. They moved on in 2003.

She began showing interest in astrology as a child and began studying the subject around the time she first met David.

In March 2004 Fox was diagnosed with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which is a very painful disease, which can be fatal.

She lapsed into a coma and was on life support, while she was treated in the intensive care burn unit. Subsequently she underwent skin grafts.

Kelli Fox’s recuperation began and in February 2005 she and her husband created a new business “The Astrologer”.

She and her husband have one daughter.

Star Sign Compatibility Test – Do You and Your Lover Have the Most Compatible Star Signs?

Star Sign Compatibility Test

What Star Signs Match

Are you brave enough to take the Star Sign Compatibility Test?

Apart from “What’s my Star Sign?”, the other question I am asked the most is “Who am I compatible with?”

Zodiac Love Compatibility is a complex issue, because it is not just dependent on your Sun Sign. When you were born the positions of all the planets plus the Moon, had a huge bearing on not only your personality but also that of your partner – or prospective partner.

If you are not sure of your Sun Sign, then you can find out by entering your date and place of birth in this free Sun Sign Calculator.

It gets even more complicated if you were born on The Cusp, as your personality will be a mix of not just one Sun Sign but two!

Astrology Compatibility By Date of Birth

Here’s a fun free tool that will calculate your compatibility rating. However, this is a very simplified calculator as it is only based on the date of your birth and does not include the time or location.

The calculator will give you an idea about how well you relate to each other and how easy (or hard) you can expect the relationship to be.

My partner and I received a Compatibility rating of 70%, when I tried it out and the following summary:

“Your relationship is smooth, and everything is possible. You simply need to adjust to each other and you can easily do so. It only takes a minimum of warmth and mutual understanding for your couple to function steadily in spite of some rare disagreements. You must turn your marvellous relationship into a success love story because you have all the necessary keys and assets to this end. So, go for it!”

I am Gemini, born on the Cusp with Taurus and my husband is a Sagittarian, born on the Cusp with Capricorn. We have been married since 1996 🙂

Did you try the tool? What was your Compatibility Rating?

Free Astrology Birth Chart

Check out your FREE Astrology Birth Chart

One of the most common questions I am asked is “What’s my Star Sign?”

Follow this link to enter your time, date and place of birth in the free Astrology Birth Chart Calculator.

For the majority of people with whom I come into contact, it is an easy question to answer. However, for some it is not so easy as they were “born on the cusp”.

As a result there can be confusion as to which Zodiac Sign is their Sun Sign.

What Does Born on The Cusp Mean?

Born on the Cusp is the term used to describe those who were born during the period of transition when the sun moves from one Zodiac Sign to the next.

This means that in some years the date will be in one sign and in other years it will be in an adjacent sign.

For instance, in the year I was born the sun moved into Gemini on a day when it is usually in Taurus.

Here’s an example.

Taurus or Gemini?

Taurus Gemini Cusp Signs

Most of the time anyone born on May 21 will be a Taurus. However, in the year I was born the sun moved into Gemini during the early afternoon of May 21.

I was born a couple of hours later, which means that my Sun Sign is Gemini.

Coincidentally my son was also born on May 21 and he too is a Gemini!

However, more information can be found about what being born on the Cusp means, by reading this article about Cusp Signs.

Then come back here to find your true your Sun Sign, which you will discover on your free Astrology Birth Chart.

How to get your Free Birth Chart

You will need:

free birth chart reading