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Tarot by Date of Birth – Is He Right For You?

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Tarot by Date of Birth?

Just recently I came across a fascinating site that offers Tarot by date of birth readings.

Get a free Tarot reading using your date of birth, that will give a free soulmate reading based on your Past, Present and Future.

I tried out the reading and it was uncannily accurate!

Click the link to get
your Tarot by Date of Birth Reading

for FREE!

OK, here’s a confession…

So I already knew I had found my soul mate. However, believe me it took a few tries, including a failed marriage and other situations. I won’t go into too much detail now in case my kids are reading this!

Finding a truly compatible partner,  means that life takes on a completely different tack, doesn’t it?

However, how many of us waste so much time on the wrong men?

tarot by date of birth

I know I have.

Gemini and Libra – a Match Made in Heaven?

I am a Gemini and a long time ago (seems like it was in a Galaxy, far, far away) I became involved with a Libra.

Now Libra and Gemini are Air Signs. This means that (usually) they are ideally matched. And to start with it seemed like we were VERY suited in a lot of ways.

But guess what happened?

One minute everything was hot. However, Libra Man started pulling away and before I knew it, it was over.

To say I was stunned was an understatement!

In my case the Stars were VERY wrong!

There was no warning, no hint, nothing!

Looking back I still have no idea what went wrong. However, I think that if I had been given a warning, then when the end came it might not have caused such a shock.

Or, I might (just might) have taken heed of the warning and not jumped in headlong without a care in the world.

This Tarot Relationship Reading takes just around 10 seconds.

It’s simple – just think of a question. Then pick three cards, enter your birth date when prompted and the secrets of your romantic past, present and future will be revealed.

tarot by date of birth

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