which zodiac signs make the best match for Leo

Leo Compatibility

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Are you a Leo in love?

Leos love to be in love! But will your love last or will it just be fun while it lasts?

Not only do Leos love to love, they want to feel desired and cared for. A Leo who is down in the dumps is usually down because there’s a problem in their relationship.

So read on to find out how to keep a Leo happy and if you are their ideal partner. Which star signs are the best suited for these frisky Leo lovers?


He has looks AND personality

Starlight Leo PrintLeo Man is usually somewhat of an Adonis. Not only is he blessed with good looks, he has a personality to match.

Leo man can be a bit of a show off and when I asked my Mum about my Dad, who was a Leo, she responded that she did not like him when she first met him because he was a bit too larger than life for her liking! But get past the “swanky” behaviour and you will find a man who just loves to please people – making others happy is one of the big plus sides to Leo.

Along with Libra, Leo is one of the strongest “love” signs of the Zodiac and will do his best to sweep the object of his desire off their feet.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and they make great Dads – yes, I can attest to that! Your Leo man will definitely want children, so if you do not then best to stop anything before it starts.

As a Fixed sign, the majority of Leos are loyal and faithful but some are absolute hypocrites who demand faithfulness in their partners, while they may be “playing away” themselves.

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Leo Woman

The Leading Lady of the Zodiac

Leo, Art Nouveau Zodiac Series Posters

When it comes to style, panache and grabbing the spotlight Leo Woman is definitely the Hollywood Star of the Zodiac.

Good looks and leonine locks are very typical of Leo lasses and she will make it very hard for you to ignore her. She loves to flirt and loves to be chased but there’s also a domestic side to her personality. However, while a Leo Lady will be happy looking after her cubs, she will wants lots of love and attention from her partner.

Leo lady loves to be seen out and about with her man. If she is alone, then you will know there’s problems in the relationship.

Which Zodiac signs make ideal partners for Leo?

Which star signs are the most compatible with the Sign of the Lion?

Leo is normally compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

Leo and Aries is a very powerful combination who could make money together.

Leo loves the beauty and brains of Gemini

Leo and Libra will share lots of laughter together

Leo and Sagittarius both love to play with fire and share a love of children and animals

Star Signs that are incompatible with Leo

These Zodiac signs are NOT a good match for Leo

Leos are best avoiding getting tangled with Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

It’s either all or nothing when Leo gets together with Scorpio – often it is nothing!

Leo and Virgo could founder due to secrets and infidelity

Leo could be turned off by Capricorn‘s uptight attitude towards money and other more “earthy” needs!

Leo may find Pisces fun for awhile but it may not last

The perfect Leo date

How to woo a Leo

Make sure you knock out the Leo on your first date, or there may not be another one! Leos are very cultural cats and they expect the best. Don’t just take them to an Art Gallery, take them to the opening night of an exhibition. It’s the same for the theatre or movies.

A meal out? It has to be the best restaurant.

This is one reason why the financially cautious Capricorn may not suit a Leo!

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