Free Sun Sign and Cusp Sign Calculator and Birth Chart

Born on the Cusp?

Or simply not sure what your Birth Sign is?

Here’s a free Sun Sign Calculator. Use this tool to calculate your true Birth Sign, then follow the links below to find out more about your personality and ideal horoscope love compatibility.

NOTE: the Calculator uses a 24 hour clock

For example, 3.30 PM = 15.30.

Also many towns have the same name, including some in other countries. Selecting the wrong one may alter the Sun Sign, so make sure you select the correct location.

A Birth Chart will be generated and if you hover your mouse over the Sun Sign, your Birth Sign will be confirmed. Information will also be given for the location of each of the planets at the time you were born.

Below is a screen shot of the Chart generated on the day this page was first published.


Once you have established your correct Sun Sign, use the links below to find out more about your characteristics.

The first table links to articles outlining the personalities of those Born on the Cusp and the second links to information about the 12 main Sun Signs.

Cusp Signs

Aries and TaurusLibra and Scorpio
Taurus and GeminiScorpio and Sagittarius
Gemini and CancerSagittarius and Capricorn
Cancer and LeoCapricorn and Aquarius
Leo and VirgoAquarius and Pisces
Virgo and LibraPisces and Aries

Sun Signs


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