Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Signs

Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Signs

The Characteristics of those born on the
Cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius

Cusp Dates: November 19 to November 23
Known as: The Cusp of Revolution

Full of strength and rebellious energy, the Cusp Combination of Scorpio and Sagittarius is a dynamic mix thanks to Scorpio’s boldness, aggression and intensity and the adaptability of active Sagittarius. This combines to produce a rebellious, fearless individual that could be accused of running wild.

Rebelliousness need not be a bad thing though – these people are free-thinkers and willing to speak their minds. This can lead to conflicts with authority however, so self-employment may be a good career option and if it can be something that benefits human-kind, then so much the better.

Selfishness is a trait that needs working on and Scorpio/Sagittarius need to try to be more in tune with others’ feelings and they can be impatient and pushy if something isn’t being done in the way they want. However, their natural generosity and sense of humour provides a balance to their more negative qualities.

Scorpio and Sagittarius people like to indulge in deep and focused learning. They are versatile and progressive, but at times they are unsure of their motivation. Their natural secretiveness can also hold them back.

Outgoing and friendly, the Scorpio/Sagittarius combination is deep and loyal, but can often be misunderstood, and others may see them as controlling or sarcastic. Broad-minded and enthusiastic, they sometimes need to engage their brain before they open their mouth, which can get them into trouble.

Scorpio and Sagittarians are both very mystical and scientific Star signs, giving them a special awareness of what is going on around them. They love to debate and their confidence may come across as being argumentative, while their directness can make them seem blunt – but they are just trying to get into the core of the discussion, not realising they may offend.

Natural comics, they are high-spirited and enthusiastic, often flirtatious, while being possessive in their own relationships and they tend to enjoy social life immensely. In their spare time they tend to participate in sports that will stretch their abilities.

The great strength of Scorpio/Sagittarius is how they are so determined to see things right through to the end. They will not succumb to boredom to stop them completing projects and they have total commitment in everything they do. Their great love of information and research makes them one of the most learned and knowledgeable characters of the Zodiac.


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29 thoughts on “Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Signs”

  1. I’ve been doing research lately on my sign. I was born November 23rd. I always referred to my self as a SAG with Scorpio tendencies. This makes so much sense! I wonder sometimes why people tell me I’m so strong…now I know why! #cusper

  2. Same here . I was born on 20th of Nov. Always reading and sharing information. My husband thinks that I know everything, lol (not in a good way). Usually I like to get to the core of the problems. I’m a researcher and a teacher too, I mean I’m in academia a PhD student and I am in a science field. I like to be honest and talk before I think. I’m so happy that my Sagittarius husband understands me, we are kind of honest with each other, lol. I’m also very independent and I like mine me-time (he is also like that). I feel like we are more related to Sagittarius, rather than Scorpio, but I guess it depends on the other planets. Usually Venus and Mars are close to the Sun, especilly Venus, so most of us will have a Venus more likely either in Scorpio or in Sagittarius, therefore depending on that , we ca say that we have more Sag or Scorpio traits. Also depending on Venus, we can say whether we will be attracted mostly to water and earth or to fire signs. I believe that most of us will prefer not to be attracted to air signs mainly because of their flickery personality, but also depends on the other planets.

  3. It is!
    And a scorpion sag is THE most complicated one. It’s like water n fire both packed in one container.
    Bdw, it feels great to connect with so many of PPL like me, who can understand n feel the way we r!
    It’s like we have this intense emotion, this intense passion to show. But mostly misunderstood!

    The fact is we r just telling the truth, others find it difficult to digest!

  4. Wow, I’ll be honest I didn’t think there was much truth in the whole zodiac thing but after reading this I’m speechless ( almost ?) . I started my own small company painting & decorating about a month ago and I’ve never been happier work wise. Reading and learning has also always been a passion of mine, i cant help it, i find something interesting and it sets me off abosrbing everything on the subject i can find, some would say obsessively. I’m single at the moment but if I was to look for a partner what would be my ideal zodiac match? Thanks and awesome article

  5. I was born right in the middle of the night between the two months, it is so true every words is so true about me, I am so rebellious, always love to debate and get into the core of discussion, I am able to sense things, but I guess is is annoying for my surrounding, they think I am a big show off, I can not help my self… lol Specially when there is discussion over serious matters. Sometimes, I feel it is difficult to live and be around the people that does not feel and think as I do. I do not know I love the way I am and it is a precious gift, but it has its own difficulties to deal with.

  6. I’m a scorpio and dating Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp at first we are so passionate love, I felt like a met my soulmate.. but lately he is giving me a lot of excuses…The thing is, I have already knows what’s going on.. I just wanted him to tell me. But its too late now.. him being secretive is not going to work for me. You lied once to me..
    end of conversation!

  7. Great in formation but doesn’t say who we are compatible with, I’m right the end of Scorpio and beginning of Sagittarius…11/22

    1. An article about Cusp Sign Compatibility is currently being drafted. Subscribe to receive updates so you will know when it is published 🙂

  8. Truth. Existentialism. Charity.
    November 22 1985.
    I feel i’d be much happier living in primitive times, maybe as a hunter/gatherer/cook.
    That’s funny, i’m a horror film addict. Fear accentuates my happiness!

  9. Hmm. What convinced me of the accuracy of astrology happened 30 yrs ago when while venturing in a new-age bookstore, a knowledgeable clerk walked me through some reference books that allowed me to look up my own reading. It was illuminating. This same clerk also mentioned with conviction that I share Scorpio traits along with my Sag sun traits due to Scorpio being my rising sign, not the overlap of sun signs – she added knowing the location & time of my birth can file me in one designated sun sign only. If cusp theory is valid, doubling my “curse”, it would explain the horrors that my sag mind encounters from scorp imprints. Linda Goodman warns potential partners exclusively about the Sag-sun Scorp-riser. Whee for me ….

  10. Me to want a true friend well as happy if I have a girl friend
    I don’t like lies
    Like to explore horror places and watch horror movies
    20 November 1986

  11. I was born on nov. 21 and it’sfunny to think that because my friend ( who happens to be a day older than me ) Is a Scorpio- Sagittarius and we laugh about all the time

    1. The same here. I was born November 21st as well and my friend who was born on the 22nd is hilarious!! Same sensitivity, same tastes, same good spirit!!!

  12. I am a Scorpio Sagittarian, and recently met a Birthday twin who is so much like me it’s scary, we cusp kids have to stick together, our nature makes us very unique and powerful people so we need to work together and amplify that power.

    1. Yeah it’s something so unique and the personality is Amazing I always felt there was something different bout me now I know

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