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Free Printable Astrology Birth Chart

One of the most common questions I am asked is “What’s my Star Sign?”

For the majority of people with whom I come into contact, it is an easy question to answer. But for some it is not so easy as they were “born on the cusp”, which is the term used to describe the period of transition when the sun moves from one Zodiac Sign to the next.

You can find more information about what being born on the Cusp means, by reading my article about Cusp Signs and then come back here to check exactly which is your Sun Sign and, if you wish, you can print off your free astrology birth chart.

Once your Birth Chart appears, using the navigation bars on the right hand side and bottom of the chart to get it centred on the page, then hover your mouse over the Sun Symbol ☉ to find your true Birth Sign. You can then click on the links in the menus at the top of the screen to find out more about your Sun Sign and your Cusp Sign.

5 thoughts on “Free Printable Astrology Birth Chart”

  1. I don’t know how to read this birth chart. Can you help? I was born on June 20, 1968 in Louise, Mississippi at 9:00 p.m. Am I a Cancer or a Gemini or both?

  2. I’ve always been told I was an Aquarius-Pisces, and I loved it. But this is telling me I’m in Pisces with 1°, because I was born in 2002 AND at 12 AM exact.

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