cusp signs 1980 to 1981

Cusp Signs: 1980 – 1989

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Use this table to find out your exact Sun Sign, if you were born on the cusp in any year between 1980 and 1989.

The time column shows the time at which the Sun moved from one Star Sign to the next. For example, if you were born at 16:41 on July 22 1980, your Sun Sign is Cancer. If you were born on 16:42 or after, then your Sun Sign is Leo.

However, although your Sun Sign is Leo, you were born on the Cusp with Cancer, so you will also have some of that Sign’s characteristics.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE TIMES ARE GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT). Click this link to learn how to work out the Birth Time for your local time and to discover more about Cusp Signs, Aquarius/Pisces and Cusp definition.

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Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January21:49Aquarius20 January03:36Aquarius
19 February12:02Pisces18 February17:52Pisces
20 March11:10Aries20 March17:03Aries
19 April22:23Taurus20 April04:19Taurus
20 May21:42Gemini21 May03:39Gemini
21 June05:47Cancer21 June11:45Cancer
22 July16:42Leo22 July22:40Leo
22 August23:41Virgo23 August05:38Virgo
22 September21:09Libra23 September03:05Libra
23 October06:18Scorpio23 October12:13Scorpio
22 November03:42Sagittarius22 November09:36Sagittarius
21 December16:56Capricorn21 December22:51Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January09:31Aquarius20 January15:17Aquarius
18 February23:47Pisces19 February05:31Pisces
20 March22:56Aries 21 March04:39Aries
20 April10:07Taurus20 April15:50Taurus
21 May09:23Gemini21 May15:06Gemini
21 June17:23Cancer21 June23:09Cancer
23 July04:16Leo23 July10:04Leo
23 August11:15Virgo23 August17:08Virgo
23 September08:47Libra23 September14:42Libra
23 October17:58Scorpio23 October23:54Scorpio
22 November15:24Sagittarius22 November21:19Sagittarius
22 December04:39Capricorn22 December10:30Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January21:05Aquarius20 January02:58Aquarius
19 February11:16Pisces18 February17:08Pisces
20 March10:24Aries20 March16:14Aries
19 April21:38Taurus20 April03:26Taurus
20 May20:58Gemini21 May02:43Gemini
21 June05:02Cancer21 June10:44Cancer
22 July15:58Leo22 July21:37Leo
22 August23:00Virgo23 August04:36Virgo
22 September20:33Libra23 September02:08Libra
23 October05:46Scorpio23 October11:22Scorpio
22 November03:11Sagittarius22 November08:51Sagittarius
21 December16:23Capricorn21 December22:08Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January08:47Aquarius20 January14:41Aquarius
18 February22:58Pisces19 February04:50Pisces
20 March22:03Aries21 March03:52Aries
20 April09:12Taurus20 April14:57Taurus
21 May08:28Gemini21 May14:10Gemini
21 June16:30Cancer21 June22:11Cancer
23 July03:25Leo23 July09:06Leo
23 August10:26Virgo23 August16:10Virgo
23 September07:59Libra23 September13:45Libra
23 October17:14Scorpio23 October23:01Scorpio
22 November14:45Sagittarius22 November20:30Sagittarius
22 December04:03Capricorn22 December09:46Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January20:25Aquarius20 January2.07Aquarius
19 February10:35Pisces18 February16:21Pisces
20 March09:39Aries20 March15:28Aries
19 April20:45Taurus20 April02:39Taurus
20 May19:57Gemini21 May01:53Gemini
21 June03:57Cancer21 June09:53Cancer
22 July14:51Leo22 July20:46Leo
22 August21:54Virgo23 August03:46Virgo
22 September19:29Libra23 September01:20Libra
23 October04:45Scorpio23 October10:35Scorpio
22 November02:12Sagittarius22 November08:05Sagittarius
21 December15:28Capricorn21 December21:22Capricorn


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11 thoughts on “Cusp Signs: 1980 – 1989”

  1. I born 21- 11 – 1986
    Time – 22.00 pm
    City Hoshiarpur , state – Punjab
    Country – India

    I wanna know , I’m Caspian or not ?

  2. Thank you for this! For the first time I see a reasonable answer to my ever-nagging curiosity as to which sign I am. Born at 10:32pm on February 18, 1981 I see now that I am in fact a Pisces. Even though every thing I’ve read associates this date with Aquarius, I see that the sun had moved into Pisces approximately 5 hours before my birth. I have always identified with and recognized my personality traits as Pisces, this just solidifies that. Thank you.

  3. I was born at 9:00 on November 22, 1989 in Indiana. I don’t really understand which sign Scorpio/Sagittarius I am. I have really deep characteristics of each and have had people without knowing my birth date ask me if I’m each one. When I read about each of these signs I notice how drastically different they are. What does this mean for me?

    1. Rob, the sun moved into Sagittarius just four hours after your birth, making your sun sign Scorpio. However, I would expect you to appear like a Scorpio one day and a Sagittarius the next! You can find out more info in my article about those born on the Scorpio and Sagittarius Cusp.

    1. Hi Tessa. The sun did not move from Sagittarius into Capricorn until 16:56 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on December 21, 1980. So even allowing for any time differences, your Sun Sign is Sagittarius. You will have a mix of characteristics from both signs and you can find out more here: Sagittarius and Capricorn Cusp Signs.

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