cusp signs 1970 to 1979

Cusp Signs: 1970 – 1979

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Use this table to find out your exact Sun Sign, if you were born on the cusp in any year between 1970 and 1979.

The time column shows the time at which the Sun moved from one Star Sign to the next. For example, if you were born at 19:42 on June 21 1970, your Sun Sign is Gemini. If you were born on 19:43 or after, then your Sun Sign is Cancer.

However, although your Sun Sign is Cancer, you were born on the Cusp with Gemini, so you will also have some of that Sign’s characteristics.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE TIMES ARE GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT). Click this link to learn how to work out the Birth Time for your local time and to discover more about Cusp Signs and Cusp definition.

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Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January11:24Aquarius20 January17:13Aquarius
19 February01:42Pisces19 February07:27Pisces
21 March00:57Aries21 March06:38Aries
20 April12:15Taurus20 April17:54Taurus
21 May11:37Gemini21 May17:15Gemini
21 June19:43Cancer22 June01:20Cancer
23 July06:37Leo23 July12:15Leo
23 August13:34Virgo23 August19:15Virgo
23 September10:59Libra23 September16:45Libra
23 October20:05Scorpio24 October01:53Scorpio
22 November17:25Sagittarius22 November23:15Sagittarius
22 December06:36Capricorn22 December12:24Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January22:59Aquarius20 January04:48Aquarius
19 February13:12Pisces18 February19:01Pisces
20 March12:22Aries20 March18:13Aries
19 April23:38Taurus20 April05:30Taurus
20 May22:59Gemini21 May04:54Gemini
21 June07:06Cancer21 June13:01Cancer
22 July18:03Leo22 July23:55Leo
23 August01:03Virgo23 August06:54Virgo
22 September22:33Libra23 September04:21Libra
23 October07:42Scorpio23 October13:30Scorpio
22 November05:03Sagittarius22 November10:54Sagittarius
21 December18:13Capricorn22 December00:08Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January10:46Aquarius20 January16:37Aquarius
19 February00:59Pisces19 February06:50Pisces
21 March00:07Aries21 March05:57Aries
20 April11:19Taurus20 April17:07Taurus
21 May10:36Gemini21 May16:24Gemini
21 June18:38Cancer22 June00:26Cancer
23 July05:30Leo23 July11:22Leo
23 August12:29Virgo23 August18:24Virgo
23 September09:59Libra23 September15:55Libra
23 October19:11Scorpio24 October01:06Scorpio
22 November16:39Sagittarius22 November22:31Sagittarius
22 December05:56Capricorn22 December11:46Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January22:25Aquarius20 January04:15Aquarius
19 February12:40Pisces18 February18:31Pisces
2O March11:50Aries20 March17:42Aries
19 April23:03Taurus20 April04:57Taurus
20 May22:21Gemini21 May04:14Gemini
21 June06:24Cancer21 June12:14Cancer
22 July17:18Leo22 July23:04Leo
23 August0.18Virgo23 August06:00Virgo
22 September21:48Libra23 September03:30Libra
23 October06:58Scorpio23 October12:41Scorpio
22 November04:22Sagittarius22 November10:07Sagittarius
21 December17:36Capricorn21 December23:24Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January10:04Aquarius20 January15:59Aquarius
19 February00:21Pisces19 February06:13Pisces
20 March23:34Aries21 March05:22Aries
20 April10:50Taurus20 April16:35Taurus
21 May10:09Gemini21 May15:54Gemini
21 June18:10Cancer21 June23:56Cancer
23 July05:00Leo23 July10:49Leo
23 August11:57Virgo23 August17:47Virgo
23 September09:26Libra23 September15:17Libra
23 October18:37Scorpio24 October00:28Scorpio
22 November16.05Sagittarius22 November21:55Sagittarius
22 December05:21Capricorn22 December11:10Capricorn

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13 thoughts on “Cusp Signs: 1970 – 1979”

  1. I was born on August 22 at 12:19 am cst , so that would put me in Virgo ? I feel like I’m both I have a conflicted personality very frustrating…

  2. I am born after 8pm on July 18 1975 and when I was younger I identified more with my Cancer side but it is so conflicting because even though I am maternal I am also very ambitious and strong which makes me identify more with my Leo side. I can at times be introverted but I dont think twice in taking the lead and being centre of attention which is strange for a Cancer. Please let me know if I am a Leo or a Cancer.

  3. Hi I was born on the cusp August 22, 1979.
    So, I am Leo-Virgo cusp sign.
    I was born at 2:00am EST. what is my love sign compatibility?

    1. Hi Sammy, although your Sun Sign is Leo, your compatibility with other star signs will depend on whether you are more of a Virgo or a Leo. Virgos prefer a quieter, less dramatic life than Leos, so if Virgo dominates, you may find energetic Aries too exhausting!

      You may find my articles on Leo in Love and Virgo in Love helpful. See which describes your emotional needs the best and then you can see with which Star Signs you are the most compatible, and who you should steer clear of.

  4. Hi, I was born on 19th of May, 19973 at 7 a.m. south-east asian time. I have recently found that i am Taurus-Gemini cusp and need to read traits from both sides. could you please expalin a bit more about it.


  5. hi, I was born on October 24 1979 at 9 am, Central European Time. Once an Astrology expert told me I was a libra instead of scorpio and it solved imho several questions concerning my Personality, because i never felt connected to being a scorpio. Now i see your chart, which leaves me in doubt (once again…) so i am back with beeing a scorpio??

    1. Hi Steena. The sun moved into Scorpio at 28 minutes past midnight on October 24, 1979 so had only been in that sign for a few hours when you were born. Because you are on the Cusp of Libra and Scorpio, you may well have characteristics of both signs and it is not unusual for those of us who are born on a Cusp to identify more with one sign than the other. I was born on the Cusp between Taurus and Gemini and the sun had only just moved into Gemini on my birthday. When I was younger I felt I identified more with the Gemini side of my personality but as I have got older, I can sometimes feel more like a Taurus.

      You can find out more about your Cusp sign here: Born on the Cusp of Libra and Scorpio. I would be interested to hear if this sounds like you 🙂

    2. I was also born on the 24th October 1979, although at 10.30pm, for years I thought I was a Scorpio, but in my early 20’s it was confirmed I am a Libra.

      I am always drawn to looking at my compatibility with partners though, my fiance is a Scorpio and we are pretty much typical of what the stats say 🙂 XX

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