cusp signs 1920 to 1929

Cusp Signs: 1920 – 1929

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Use this table to find out your exact Sun Sign, if you were born on the cusp between 1920 and 1929.

However, if you find it too difficult or confusing  to use the table, then use this link to work out your sun sign:  Cusp Sign Calculator.

The time column shows the time at which the Sun moved from one Star Sign to the next. For example, if you were born at 08:03 on January 21 1920, your Sun Sign is Capricorn. If you were born on 08:04 or after, then your Sun Sign is Aquarius.

However, although your Sun Sign is Aquarius, you were born on the Cusp with Capricorn, so you will also have some of that Sign’s characteristics.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE TIMES ARE GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT). Click the link to learn how to work out the Birth Time for your local time and to discover more about Cusp Signs and Cusp definition.

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Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
21 January08:04Aquarius20 January13:55Aquarius
19 February04:20Pisces19 February22.29Pisces
21 March03:51Aries20 March21:59Aries
20 April15:32Taurus20 April09:39Taurus
21 May15:16Gemini21 May09:22Gemini
21 June23:36Cancer21 June17:40Cancer
23 July10:30Leo23 July04:35Leo
23 August17:15Virgo23 August11:21Virgo
23 September14:20Libra23 September08:28Libra
23 October23:02Scorpio23 October17:13Scorpio
22 November20:04Sagittarius22 November14:16Sagittarius
22 December09:07Capricorn22 December03:17Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January19:48Aquarius21 January01:35Aquarius
19 February10:16Pisces19 February15:59Pisces
21 March09:48Aries21 March15:29Aries
20 April21:28Taurus21 April03:05Taurus
21 May21:10Gemini22 May02:45Gemini
22 June05:27Cancer22 June11:03Cancer
23 July16:20Leo23 July22:01Leo
23 August23:04Virgo24 August04:52Virgo
23 September20:10Libra24 September02:04Libra
24 October04:53Scorpio24 October10:51Scorpio
23 November01:56Sagittarius23 November07:54Sagittarius
22 December14:57Capricorn22 December20:53Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
21 January07:29Aquarius20 January13:20Aquarius
19 February21:51Pisces19 February03:43Pisces
20 March21:20Aries21 March03:12Aries
20 April08:58Taurus20 April14:51Taurus
21 May08:40Gemini21 May14:33Gemini
21 June16:59Cancer21 June22:50Cancer
23 July03:57Leo23 July09:45Leo
23 August10:48Virgo23 August16:33Virgo
23 September07:58Libra23 September13:44Libra
23 October16:45Scorpio23 October22:32Scorpio
22 November13:46Sagittarius22 November19:36Sagittarius
22 December02:45Capricorn22 December08:37Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
20 January19:13Aquarius21 January01:12Aquarius
19 February09:35Pisces19 February15:34Pisces
21 March09:01Aries21 March14:59Aries
20 April20:36Taurus21 April02:32Taurus
21 May20:15Gemini22 May02:08Gemini
22 June04:30Cancer22 June10:22Cancer
23 July15:25Leo23 July21:17Leo
23 August22:14Virgo24 August04:06Virgo
23 September19:26Libra24 September01:17Libra
24 October04:18Scorpio24 October10:07Scorpio
23 November01:28Sagittarius23 November07:14Sagittarius
22 December14:33Capricorn22 December20.19Capricorn
Date of birthTimeSun moved intoDate of birthTimeSun moved into
21 January06:57Aquarius20 January12:42Aquarius
19 February21;19Pisces19 February3.07Pisces
20 March20.44Aries21 March02:35Aries
20 April08:17Taurus20 April14:10Taurus
21 May07:52Gemini21 May13:48Gemini
21 June16:06Cancer21 June22:01Cancer
23 July03:02Leo23 July08:54Leo
23 August09:53Virgo23 August15:41Virgo
23 September07:06Libra23 September12:52Libra
23 October15:55Scorpio23 October21:42Scorpio
22 November13:01Sagittarius22 November18:48Sagittarius
22 December02:04Capricorn22 December07:53Capricorn

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