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Astrobook – The Book of Your Life

This unique Astrology Book is available as an instant download and comes with a money back guarantee. A personalised astrology reading with a difference. Your astrological birth chart interpreted using 10 different types of astrology.

Even if you don’t believe in daily horoscopes, this guide will provide you with some in-depth and fascinating insights into your personality and how you can use this information to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

The Astrobook also makes a lovely gift and you can specify a personal dedication that will appear at the beginning of the book.

astrological birth chart
Astrobook – The Book of Your Life
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Using your personal data, such as date, time and location of your birth, you will receive a report that is unique to YOU. It will cover your:

  • Personality
  • Character and Disposition
  • Specific Talents and Abilities
  • Career
  • Love and Sex Life
  • Strengths and Weaknesses

10 different Astro-analyses combine to present a full and comprehensive guide that will help answer many questions about yourself. These analyses are obtained from:

Love Horoscope

Your astrological birth chart will show how well you relate to the other astrological signs and which are your most compatible Zodiac signs. It will help you identify your inner forces and what drives you as far and love and intimacy are concerned.

Western Astrological Birth Chart

Astrology is the world’s oldest science and our Astrological Birth Chart provides us with a map of what was happening in the stars at the exact moment of our birth. This allows us to identify our personality traits, how we relate to others, our strengths and weaknesses plus talents we not not have relaised we have.

Chinese Horoscope

While Western Astrology focusses on the position of the Sun in relation to the planets and their location at the time of birth, Chinese astrology places great significance on the Moon.

Your Chinese horoscope reading in the Astrobook focusses on who you are spiritually and how this relates to your life journey.

Cabbalistic Name Analysis

Your name analysis will show you the numbers that are associated with your name and their resultant effect on your life. This is why somepeople will go as far as changing their name, in order to introduce more positivity and success into their lives.

Your Cabbalistic Name Analysis will identify your numbers, including:

  • Lucky Numbers
  • Power Number
  • Destiny Number

Native American Horoscope

The Native American Indians have always recognised that man is not an individual separate from his environment, but that we are one with nature in a circle which is formed by birth, death and rebirth.

As with Western and Chinese Astrology, the number 12 is significant and according to the Native American Indian we are assigned one of 12 animals, plants and minerals at the time of our birth and these will determine our characteristics and where we fit into this circle of life and the lessons we need to learn.

Karmic Horoscope

Karnic Law is based on the belief that every Cause has an Effect and that there are strong links between your past, present and future. So the place where we find ourselves now is as the result of actions taken in our earlier life, which in turn will have an effect on our future.

Your Karmic Horoscope will help you establish the links between your past (Cause) and present (Effect), so that you will gain a better understanding and help positively influence your future.

Indian Horoscope

As with Chinese Astrology, Indian Astrology gives more prominence to the Moon and its cycles and their effect on our personalities and lives.

Each phase of the Moon will have a different effect on us and how we react to what is happening around us, depending on the time of our birth.

Astrological Career Analysis

Do you enjoy your work? Or do you sometimes think you are in the wrong job? Maybe you were pushed into a career by certain circumstances, such as influence from your parents, but you just know you should be doing something else?

Your Astrological Career Analysis may simply reassure you that you are in the right career, or maybe it will give you confidence to look at things differently.

Atlantean Horoscope

As with the Native American Indians, the Atlantean Horoscope centers on the belief that each individual has a connection with a counterpart in nature, in the form of different flowers.

However, unlike other types of Astrology, the Atlantean Horoscope also give prominence to physical characteristics such as hair and eye colour, which they believe also determine talents and opportunities. It is these physical characteristics that will also determine which Element (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) will have the most influence on our lives.

Health Horoscope

Knowledge about your health and which parts of your body may be prone to illness will provide you with important information about your mental as well as physical strengths and weaknesses.