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How to Catch a Capricorn Man!

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How to Catch a Capricorn Man!

Are you wondering how to catch a Capricorn Man and make him totally yours?

Capricorn Man is steadfast, reliable, driven to overcome obstacles, disciplined and intelligent! He is also competitive and has a compelling need to be successful at everything he does.

However, Capricorn Man has trouble letting his guard down with anyone trying to get close to him. This can act as an obstacle for anyone interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

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Are you intrigued by a Capricorn Man? Have you have seen some of the signs to make you think a Capricorn Man is interested but……

  • Do you struggle with his inability to let his guard down?
  • Is he sulky and brooding at times?
  • Are you finding it difficult to understand that he is often a workaholic?
  • Do you find him too cautious at times?

Read on to find out how to make a Capricorn Man fall in love.

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Capricorn Man Characteristics

how to catch a capricorn man

Time to be upfront and honest here!

If you are looking for a demonstrative, extrovert with whom to spend the rest of your life, then you won’t find it with a Capricorn!!


Do you want to give it a go and find out what it’s like to date a Capricorn Man? However, first let me tell you about my own personal experience with a Capricorn Man.

My first husband was a Capricorn. However, after a few years, it was quite obvious that he was never going to be truly compatible with this extrovert, lively Gemini. However, I can now see how it all went wrong!

Following that experience, I then steered clear of Capricorn Men. However, having said that quite a few of my friends are Capricorns!

How to Keep a Capricorn Man Interested?

Capricorn Man will be looking for a partner who is totally honest, genuine and hardworking. This is because Capricorns themselves are one of the hardest working signs of the Zodiac.

He will need you to understand that work and success are VERY important to him. But at the same time, if you can get though his “armour” you will discover that Capricorns like to let their hair down (occasionally) and can be quite funny.

Don’t ever be tempted to hide the truth from a Capricorn. Out and out honesty is hugely important to them and you don’t want to have to learn how to deal with an angry Capricorn!

Because they are so driven by their need for success in the workplace, Capricorns can make their partners feel unappreciated and side-lined. This is something else their would-be lovers have to learn to deal with.

how to catch a capricorn man

How to Deal With a Capricorn Man

Remember Capricorns are masters at hiding their feelings and emotions. If you are finding it hard to read your Capricorn Man this does NOT necessarily mean that he does not like you!

The star sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn does not regard emotions as important. Therefore, do not worry if you cannot understand a Capricorn Man’s emotions because he probably does not understand them himself!

One way to keep the relationship going is for you to accept that your Capricorn Man will NEVER be able to explain what is going on with his inner emotions.

However, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Work at accepting your Capricorn Man for who he is and learn to deal with the negative aspects of his personality without making a big deal of it.

He then may, just may, allow you to connect with him at a deeper level. Then you will see the more passionate side of the Capricorn personality.

One Crucial Thing Every Man Needs

Including Enigmatic Capricorn!

Work, accomplishment and achievement make Capricorn Man happy. However, in his relationships, even if you use the tips in this article, he shares a need with all men, no matter their star sign.

It’s a fact that men fall for certain women because of how good the women make them feel about themselves!

And it is so much easier to make men feel good about themselves than you think.  Yes really!

I can also guarantee that the answer will shock you!

How to catch a Capricorn Man?



Now you know more about specific Capricorn personality traits. Combine it with the best relationship advice and you will learn
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