why capricorn men disappear

5 Reasons Why Capricorn Men Disappear & How To Stop Them!

5 Reasons Why Capricorn Men Disappear

Capricorn Man characteristics that can make him pull away

Have you been left wondering why Capricorn Men disappear?

Discover what makes Capricorn Men disappear and get information and help with understanding Capricorn Man.


Capricorn Man Characteristics

Intelligent Capricorn Man has a lot of self-discipline.  Unlike Gemini, he does not flit around from project to project and will never leave a task unfinished.

That is unless he decides that his current project does not have any chance of succeeding!

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. This means that Capricorns require more certainty and security than the other Earth signs (Taurus and Virgo).

It may not look like it on the surface. However, underneath that sometimes serious exterior all a Capricorn wants is close companionship and to have someone to love.

The Problem with Capricorn is…

As far as romance is concerned, Capricorn has difficulty opening up. Therefore his ability to establish true intimacy with another human being is hindered.

However, all is not lost!

Discover what makes a Capricorn Man tick and you will be better able to establish a good, long-term relationship with a Sea Goat.
why capricorn men disappear

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Five reasons why Capricorn Men Disappear

Plus links to more help to stop Capricorn Man pulling away

1. Capricorns hate dishonesty

Capricorns can be the human equivalent of a truth drug. If Capricorn Man thinks you have been dishonest, then they will work away at you. They will keep on until you can’t help but tell them what they want to know.

Having been married to a Capricorn, I can confirm that this is so true! At times I felt I was being grilled by the Spanish Inquisition!!

If he finds out, or even thinks, a woman has not been entirely honest with him, then Capricorn Man will pull away. No way will he consider a long-term relationship with anyone he believes has been dishonest with him.

2. Why Capricorn Men disappear? Too much drama and emotion!

Most men I know don’t like expressing their emotions and Capricorn Men find it particularly hard to open up.

This mean that you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I an emotional person?
  • Do I let my emotions get out of control sometimes?
  • Will I make a drama out of a crisis?
  • Do I brew storms in teacups?

To be honest, as a Gemini, I can get pretty emotional, even more so when I was younger.

Knowing what I know now about Capricorns, I am sure my Sea Goat found it very hard to deal with my emotional side.

He just closed down and appeared selfish and uncaring.

You can find out more about the pairing of Capricorn and Gemini on my page about Capricorn Compatibility.

why capricorn men disappear

3. Fail to meet his expectations and Capricorn Man will pull away

Capricorn Man sets very high standards for himself as well as those close to him. He works hard. Capricorns are the workaholics of the Zodiac.

This means that if he thinks you are a slacker and don’t share these ideals, then the relationship will be over before it has really started.

4. Capricorns can’t stand feeling unappreciated

A major Capricorn Man personality trait is that they really need recognition every so often. Failing to feel appreciated by their girlfriend can make sure that her Capricorn Man disappears for weeks, perhaps forever.

However, at times it will seem that what he really wants is his own personal Cheerleader.

5. Being hurt is something a Capricorn will shy away from

Once Capricorn Man is hurt by someone, he will do his utmost to ensure that it never happens again.

Capricorns can often be ruled by logic.

Therefore, if he has been hurt by a woman once,  he will be very careful about not sharing his inner feelings and emotions with any future partner he may have.

Providing you are patient with him, he will come around eventually.

However, hurt Capricorn Man and the goat will canter off into the sunset.

why capricorn men disappear

Learn more about why Capricorn Men disappear & get the right help for the right results!

Capricorn Man Secrets will help you learn everything you need to know about Capricorn Man and what makes him pull away.

When we need help, one of the biggest mistakes we make both in our business and personal lives is to seek advice from people who are not necessarily the best people to give it.

As far as relationships are concerned, it is absolutely crucial to get the right help for the right results!

I have discovered a series of ebooks (yep, download instantly) written by a Relationship Counsellor who is also an Astrologer.

Anna Kovach has written Capricorn Man Secrets and as far as I can see it is the only detailed relationship advice aimed specifically at women who have fallen for a Capricorn Man.

Learn about Capricorn Man characteristics and how to handle a Capricorn Man.

These are some of the questions that will be answered:

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  • Why does Capricorn Man withdraw?
  • What to do when a Capricorn Man is does with you
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  • How to make Capricorn Man miss you like crazy!

There’s also some amazing free bonuses!

These bonuses (correct at the time of publishing) include:

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Do Capricorn Men come back?

There’s no guarantees that a Capricorn man will come back. However, the lore you learn about him, the more likely you are to get him back!


why capricorn men disappear

why do capricorns disappear

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