Cancer Compatibility

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Are you in love Cancer?

Are you compatible with your partner? Will your relationship last?

Cancerians are very sensitive souls, who need a lot of understanding. However, in return, once you have earned their love, they will put you before everything else and they will expect this in return.

For some partners this will be above and beyond their capabilities and they will find their Cancerian partners too demanding and possessive.

So which star signs are the most compatible for Cancerians?

Who makes the best partners for these deep feeling individuals?

Cancerian Man

Soft and cuddly

Astrological Cancer Poster

Like their female counterparts, the Cancerian man, is soft and cuddly underneath their hard shell exterior. Very domesticated, Cancerian men are very much at home cooking in the kitchen.

Because the moon rules Cancer, the men born under this Zodiac sign are very sentimental and emotional and suffer the same extremes of emotion as the female members of this star sign. They find it easier to express their emotions than men born under any other star sign.

Cancerian men have very strong emotional ties to their mothers and they either love them or hate them. This of course could cause problems for any other women in their lives. Too strong a bond with their mother can sometimes make their partner feel pushed out and if the Cancerian man’s relationship with his mother is negative then this could affect his view of all women.

All Cancerians make doting parents and the men are just as maternal as the women. Any woman trying to woo a Cancerian male will find that the way to his heart is definitely through his stomach!

Image: Cancer Poster, by Daorge_Productions. Design available on various products at Zazzle.

Cancer Goddess Art Print

Cancer Woman

Cancer Women are very maternal

Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Cancerian women are very maternal. They take great responsibility for protecting their families and are incredibly loyal.

But although they make great leaders, are incredibly artistic and loyal friends, the Cancerian female does tend to overreact and feel inferior when they should not.

Cancerian women are very intuitive and have probably the most extremes of personality of all the Zodiac Signs. On the one hand they can be very shy but they also love the spotlight.

Extremely moody at times (and with two Cancerian daughters, don’t I just KNOW it!), because they are ruled by the Moon, Cancerian women do tend to follow their emotions.

Image: Cancer Goddess Art Print by LacyChenault, on Zazzle.

Which Zodiac Signs are the most compatible with Cancer?

Star Signs that are best matched with Cancerians

Cancerians are most compatible with Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Pisces

Cancer and Cancer understand each other very well

Cancer and Leo will love sharing the spotlight as a couple

Cancer and Capricorn is an intense and exciting relationship

Cancer and Pisces are very intuitive

Star Signs that are incompatible with Cancer

These Star signs are NOT a good match for Cancerians

Cancerians should avoid relationships with Aries, Gemini, Virgo and Libra

Cancer and Aries have incompatible temperaments

Cancer and Gemini will have problems due to Cancer’s moody nature

Cancer will probably find Virgo too demanding

Cancer will find it hard to cope with the freedom loving Libra

The perfect Cancerian Date

How to woo a Cancerian

Cancerians love culture, so a trip to the theatre or an Art Gallery will probably go down very well. But because of their home loving nature renting a video and getting a takeout will also be acceptible. But they won’t turn down a romantic candle-lit dinner either.

More about Cancer in Love from Kelli Fox

Sensitive and emotional


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3 thoughts on “Cancer Compatibility”

  1. Wow, that’s so crazy. You should mention how they are with a cusp. I’m with my boyfriend who is a Gemni-Cancer cusp and oh my gosh, it is amazing. Seriously the best experience I’ve had and we want to be together forever; we’re only 21. It seems the cusp of this is just of that with Cancer but better in a way. Would be cool to see the compatibility of cusps! But, I agree with Cancer and Virgo, however, I’ve also had issues with Leo’s. They always seem to be really carefree and not so focused on Cancer’s emotions by a lot.

  2. I am married to a Aquarius and yes it is a challenge. We have known each other for 15 years been together going on eleven and been married eight years. It is definitely a challenge a lot..

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