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About Kelli Fox

Australian astrologer and businesswoman, Kelli Fox, along with her husband David created one of the first astrology websites, in 1995. They moved on in 2003.

She began showing interest in astrology as a child and began studying the subject around the time she first met David.

In March 2004 Fox was diagnosed with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which is a very painful disease, which can be fatal.

She lapsed into a coma and was on life support, while she was treated in the intensive care burn unit. Subsequently she underwent skin grafts.

Kelli Fox’s recuperation began and in February 2005 she and her husband created a new business “The Astrologer”.

She and her husband have one daughter.

Zodiac Signs and Anxiety

Zodiac Signs and Anxiety

Discover all about Zodiac Signs and Anxiety!

Which Astrology Signs suffer from Anxiety and are more likely to suffer from an anxiety and dating disorder?

Aries and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyAries usually has too much going on to ever get anxious. However, anxiety may just rear its head when Aries finds herself completely out of her element.

Dating and anxiety is not normally an issue for Aries because she loves meeting new people and trying new things.

However, if she finds herself dragged unwillingly into a negative environment, you’ll see a reaction from her that you didn’t know she is capable of.

Taurus and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyTaurus is generally resilient. However, when she finally succumbs to anxiety, she cannot usually handle it. She will then isolate herself from her friends and family.

I am Gemini born right on the Cusp with Taurus. When I get stressed I call it my “Hermit phase” and I just want to be totally alone.

Stress and anger are the main triggers of Taurus’ anxiety.

Gemini and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyGemini is one of the star signs that is most likely to have a dating and anxiety disorder.

This is because there’s always something going on with Gemini!

Their minds are constantly on the go and it is often running amok negative thoughts!

Gemini is one heck of an indecisive individual.

They also worry about disappointing friends and family through their choices.

Cancer and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyRuled by the Moon, Cancer is totally in touch with her feelings. This means that the constant 24/7 swirl of emotions is draining.

Cancer does not like surprises because she hates not knowing what’s going on. This makes her tense and anxious.

I have two daughters that are Cancerians. The one who was born on July 01 has a serious need to always know what is happening.

She plans everything in advance and then if plans are changed at the last minute it really throws her!

Leo and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyVibrant Leo just LOVES the spotlight. As a result social anxiety NEVER gets to her.

Confident Leo has the ability to adapt to any social situation. This means that while they may have a few first date jitters, they can handle almost anything.

Virgo and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyVirgo is prone to high anxiety every now and then. This is because she thinks WAY too much about stuff.

If Virgo is anxious she won’t rest until she thinks she has worked out why.

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Libra and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyLibra has an permanent ongoing internal discussion with herself, which is constant.

This is because she has a driven need to try to make the best decisions at all times.

However, this leads to conflicts with her unconscious need to always put friends and family first. This in turn leads to anxiety.

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Scorpio and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyOne of the more out-going Zodiac Signs, Scorpio is one of the least anxious.

Yes, she will get anxious occasionally but most of the time she will keep it hidden as she is a master at managing her emotions.

Social anxiety is not something that Scorpios suffer and dating and anxiety is very rare.

Sagittarius and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyCarefree Sagittarius knows that life is made for enjoying and they are brilliant at making sure that negative emotions don’t last very long.

If ever there was a star sign that lives to get as much out of each day as possible it is the Archer.

This does not mean that they deny their emotions. They will acknowledge the feelings and then just stop thinking about it.

My husband is a Sagittarius and I envy his ability to shrug things off that are weighing him down!

Capricorn and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyAnother of the least anxious signs is Capricorn. This is because they usually have good control on their emotions.

This can sometimes come across as cold and uncaring.

This is not to say they NEVER feel anxious. However, they just know that it will pass sooner or later.

Aquarius and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyBecause she is an Air Sign, you would think that Aquarius would be one of the signs to experience quite a lot of anxiety.

However, despite the fact that she doesn’t always like to be around people it is not due to anxiety. This is because she enjoys being alone.

No sign never experiences anxiety. However, Aquarius is very adept at re-focusing her mind if anxiety ever does manage to creep in.

Pisces and Anxiety

zodiac signs and anxietyPisces is another emotional Starsign, like Cancer.

However, the problems occur when she doesn’t always know how to handle her own emotions.

An emotion like anxiety can overwhelm Pisces. This means that she will convince herself that whatever is causing the anxiety is her own fault.

The Most Anxious and Least Anxious Starsigns

zodiac signs and anxiety

Zodiac Signs and Anxiety League Table

Starting with the starsigns most likely to get anxious and ending with the cool guys!

  1. Gemini
  2. Cancer
  3. Libra
  4. Taurus
  5. Pisces
  6. Virgo
  7. Capricorn
  8. Scorpio
  9. Aquarius
  10. Aries
  11. Leo
  12. Sagittarius

Do you agree that these are the least and most anxious star signs?


Taurus Gemini Cusp Signs

Characteristics of those born on the
Taurus-Gemini Cusp

Cusp dates: May 19 to May 23
Known as: The Cusp of Energy

Taurus has more influence on those born on May 19, 20 and (often, but not always) 21.

Gemini is sometimes the main influence for May 21 or 22 – or sometimes it will be Taurus.

However, those born on May 23 will definitely be Gemini with Taurus influence.

Taurus Gemini Cusp

The Element of Taurus is Earth and for Gemini it is Air. Earth signs are definitely more conservative and less adventurous than the Air Signs.

However, the question is will the Element of Earth, smother the lightness of Air?

Born on the Cusp?

Do you know your true Sun Sign?

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Taurus is consistent and can bring a conservative influence to their relationships.

Ruled by Venus, the Zodiac Sign of the Bull loves beauty and friendship.


Thanks to the influence of their ruling planet Mercury, Gemini is all about communication.

They are also adaptable and curious.

Taurus-Gemini Cusp Sign Characteristics

cusp of energy

Qualities of Taurus-Gemini Cusp Signs

The combination of Taurus and Gemini results in a youthful go-getter, who is physically strong, clever and communicative. They have tremendous imagination and are very expressive.

This makes these Cuspers very adaptable. For instance, they have an ability to get along with others from all walks of life and in many different situations.

However, Taurus-Gemini can run out of steam. They want to be able to “do it all”. As a result this can lead to fatigue because they don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

This means that sometimes they just don’t know when to stop!

taurus gemini cuspFind out about
Taurus-Gemini Cusp Signs’ Compatibility

More Taurus-Gemini Characteristics

Taurus and Gemini are both such pleasure-loving signs, that they need to be careful of not overdoing food and drink. They also need to try to be more sensitive to the feelings of others.

If they would just learn to stop, take a step back and listen from time to time they would have the potential to be successful.

The negative qualities of each star sign are successfully balanced out by the positive qualities of the other.

taurus gemini cusp signs

Taurus is literally bull-headed at times. However, this is tempered by Gemini’s ability to reason with people.

Likewise, the flighty nature of Gemini is balanced out by Taurus’ ability to be persistent and dependable.

On the negative side, Taurus-Gemini can be too materialistic as they look for constant stimulation.

The combination of Taurus and Gemini results in individuals who remain youthful and lighthearted throughout their lives. Usually charming and friendly, they make natural leaders.

They usually have many friends and contacts in all walks of life. As a result They tend to be very successful in what they choose to do.

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How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back & Heal Your Broken Heart!

How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back

& heal your broken heart!

Discover how to make a Scorpio Man want you back, using easy and simple methods. You will also learn what NOT to do, because you could drive him away for good!

how to win a scorpio man back

When you’ve shared a special connection with a Scorpio Man, it’s so hard to let it go. Especially when you know there’s so much potential to have the most amazing relationship!

If only your Scorpio Ex Boyfriend would just open up his heart to you again, you just know you could build such a beautiful, wonderful life together!!

Is getting your Scorpio Man back something you really want?

Get help to Win Back Your Scorpio Man

However, are you thinking that it makes sense to try to convince him to give the relationship another chance! Right?

Why wouldn’t you try reasoning with him to try and make him see sense?

Why wouldn’t you try to show him he’s making a mistake by pulling away?

Yet this is where our natural instincts can get it all wrong!

And it’s because trying to convince your Scorpio ex boyfriend he has made a mistake just won’t work. In fact, by doing this, you are almost guaranteed to push him away.

So, take a deep breath, hang on in there and let’s look at how you can win back your Scorpio Man!

What Makes Scorpio Man Pull Away?

In order to understand how to make a Scorpio Man want you back, you need to understand some crucial Scorpio characteristics.

Scorpio Man is a Fixed Sign of the Zodiac. This means that he can be stubborn and hard-headed.

He is not afraid to put an end to what is not working for him. You can thank one of his ruling planets for that – Pluto.

Pluto was named for the Underworld, the place where people go after death. But in the case of Scorpio, Death does not necessarily mean physical Death.

Just like the Tarot Card of Death, it can mean an ending of something, which can lead to a new beginning.

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how to get a scorpio man back

There’s various reasons why Scorpio Man pulls away

It could be his own insecurities. Maybe he thought you were not as committed to the relationship as he was.

Perhaps he found you too bossy? Did you cheat on him? Did you make him feel bad?

Scorpios are dreadful at communicating their thoughts and feelings. This means that they will often just walk away rather than try to put things right.

However, there’s a simple way to powerfully open up your Scorpio Man’s heart to you again…

how to win back a scorpio man
Click here to
get help to make a Scorpio Man want you back!

Here’s How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back

The secret with learning how to win a Scorpio Man back is to discover how to trigger his feelings.

You see… Scorpios are ruled by their emotions. Their feelings will always trump logic. Every time.

Scorpios are not the most rational signs of the Zodiac. That’s true of all forms of their decision-making. However, with Scorpios it is especially true when it comes to matters of the heart.

Things NOT To Do To Get a Scorpio Man Back

Take a look at this list of “Don’ts”:

Don’t argue that your Scorpio Man owes you an explanation because you know he still has feelings for you.

Don’t tell him the relationship was going just fine and then try to get him to own up to his share of the blame for why things began to go wrong and fall apart.

Don’t insist that he owes you something after all you’ve been through together.

Don’t tell him real relationships take work and he needs to grow up (ouch!)

Don’t try to prove you shared something special by forcing him to acknowledge specific examples from your past.

So how do you feel after reading that?

Do you reckon you can resist the temptation to do these things?

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We know how stubborn and hard-headed a Scorpio can be!

Therefore, it should be clear that all that telling, lecturing, convincing, trying to put him on a guilt trip  and arguing will not get you anywhere.

Indeed, it will simply reinforce the painful thoughts and emotions that made your Scorpio Man pull away from you in the first place.

Why Will This NOT Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back?

Scorpio Man’s brain will automatically come up with counter-arguments. This means that he will naturally try to defend himself.

For example, if you lecture him about how great things were in the past, he will immediately test if that’s the truth by scanning his memories for evidence to the contrary.

All he will be thinking of is all the fights, the frustrations and the other low points that he endured.

It will convince him even more that he was right to end it.

Your Scorpio Man will mention those problems in order to defend himself.  This means that, in turn, you will respond by reinforcing your efforts to convince him that he is wrong.

Scorpios hate that. Scorpios hate being made to feel bad.

scorpio personality traits

Although completely unintentional, you’ll end up showing him your worst side. You will come across as:

  • Angry
  • Desperate
  • Needy

If the argument goes on for too long, you’ll inevitably become bitter, resentful and maybe even sarcastic.

This is how we all react when something matters to us deeply but the other person refuses to be convinced. It’s not just Scorpios.

However, it’s the death knell for any relationship with a Scorpio! Particularly if the relationship is already teetering on a cliff edge.

The last thing you should do if you want to learn how to make a Scorpio Man want you back is to come across as needy and desperate!

How To Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back

Number 1 tip on how to get a Scorpio Man back

Whatever you do, DO NOT try to convince him that he made the wrong decision. Instead, let Scorpio Man’s emotions do the work for you.

get scorpio ex back

The trick is to trigger certain powerful emotions within him. Providing you go about it the right way, you will then draw him irresistibly back into your arms.

The kind of emotions I’m talking about will make him dream of a future together. He will come to dread the thought of losing you.

These are the kind of deep emotions that lifelong partnerships are built upon. It will also lead to the deep and meaningful relationship that a Scorpio craves.

Despite his reserved and secretive nature, Scorpio Man is just like the rest of us. This means that he just wants to be loved!

There are many ways to trigger these kinds of emotions in your Scorpio man. However, it’s not always easy to know exactly what to do.

If you’d like laser targeted advice about getting your Scorpio ex back into your life for good, then check out How to Win a Scorpio Man Back and learn what you need to know to capture his heart forever!

to discover more about
How to Win Your Scorpio Ex Back

Taurus Horoscopes – All About Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus Horoscopes are defined by their patience, resourcefulness and acquisitive nature.

What’s your horoscope, Taurus?

The two words that sum up Taurus are: “I have”

Taureans have unequalled patience, are very resourceful but are also very acquisitive.

So who is Taurus? What’s their best colour? What’s their lucky number? Who are they compatible with?

This page gives some background to the starsign of Taurus and the Taurus Horoscopes for 2019 can be found further down the page.

However, if you are more curious and would like to plot a Taurus birth chart, check out this Astrology Guide that will help you.

What do the Taurus Horoscopes have in store for those born under the Zodiac Sign of The Bull?

Stop!! Is the Sun Sign definitely Taurus?

Born on the Cusp of Taurus?

People born on or close to the day the Sun moved into a new sign are born “on the cusp”.

For example, in the year I was born the sun moved into the next star sign, just two hours before my birth.

Is the Sun Sign Taurus? Or is it really Aries or Gemini?

This means those born “on the cusp” of Aries-Taurus or Taurus-Gemini, (ie around the 20th April or 20th May) should use this link to check exactly which star sign the sun was in the day of birth: Cusp Signs.

Taurus Horoscopes 2019

The urge to “grow” is strong!

Introducing Taurus – “I have”

April 20 – May 21 (these dates are a rough guide only)

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and its symbol (or glyph) represents the Bull, the leader of the herd.


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by JerryLambert
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In Western Astrology Taurus is considered a “feminine”, negative and introvert sign along with the five other even-numbered signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

**Read more about Taurus**
How to win the heart of a Taurus
Which Star Signs make the best match for Taurus?

The story of Taurus the Bull

The Constellation of Taurus

According to Greek mythology, Zeus fell in love with Europa, the daughter of the King of Tyre. Because Europa was constantly guarded by her father’s servants Zeus changed himself into a beautiful white bull with golden horns.

He then mixed with the herds, that belonged to the King of Tyre and which were grazing in a large field by the sea.

Europa was walking along the beach and noticed this beautiful animal which she went up and fed. The splendid bull was so beautiful and friendly that she climbed onto its back and grasped its golden horns.

Gradually the white bull wandered onto the beach. It ran into the water and began swimming towards the island of Crete. By this time is was too late for Europa to climb off.

When they eventually came ashore, Zeus changed himself back into his own form. Realising that he could not marry her himself, Zeus gave Europa in marriage to Asterius, the King of Crete.

The constellation of Taurus only shows the head of the Bull. This is because his hind quarters are under water as he swims towards Crete.

Taurus Horoscopes Planner 2019

I love Planners and this Taurus Horoscopes Planner has lots in it to enable a Taurus to organise 2019!

This life planner journal for people born under the starsign of Taurus is a great gift for anyone who loves life improvement and has a busy schedule


The ruling planet of Taurus

Taurus Horoscopes are ruled by the planet Venus, which represents love, beauty, peace, magnetic attraction, harmony and the arts.

venus rules taurus

Famous people with Taurus Horoscopes

Do you identify with any of these Taurus Celebrities?

Andie MacDowell – April 21

Jack Nicholson – April 22

Shirley MacLaine – April 24

Renee Zellweger – April 25

David Beckham – May 2

Audrey Hepburn – May 4

George Clooney – May 6

Pierce Brosnan – May 16

The Elements

Taurus is an Earth sign

The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which represent the four basic modes of being. Signs that share an Element are generally regarded to be harmonious with each other.

The Element of Taurus is “Earth” which it shares and is compatible with Virgo and Capricorn.

The Element of Earth stands for man’s material resources, his environment and his possessions and belongings.

astrology elements

Image: The Aristotelian Elements (in the Public Domain)

free cosmic energy profile

The Qualities

The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable and signs that share a Quality are generally regarded to be hostile to each other.

The Quality relates to the basic temperament of an individual, who will have a prevailing identifying characteristic that is rarely altered through life – nor does it need to be.

Each of these Qualities views the world very differently, their reactions to stimuli are different so that any action they take will be different too.

The Quality of Taurus is “Fixed”

A “fixed sign” is a sign of the zodiac that marks the midpoints of the seasons and therefore Taurus occurs during the fullness of Spring.

Fixed signs tend to be stable individuals who are solid and inflexible. They are wary of change, particularly new ideas and ways of doing things.

However, they are full of purpose and are totally loyal to their family, friends and beliefs.

Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are also fixed signs. As a result they are less likely to be compatible with Taurus.

Taurus Qualities

The positive side of Taurus

Taureans have limitless patience and are very inquisitive and resourceful.

They are very sensitive towards people’s feelings and organising their finances and business affairs are a real strength.

Taureans have a great affinity for the beautiful things in life.

taurus personality traits

Words to describe Taurus

  • kind
  • good-natured
  • modest
  • practical
  • appreciates beautiful things
  • reliable
  • good looking
  • clever
  • determined
  • stable
  • balanced
  • thoughtful
  • steadfast
  • slow to anger
  • strong willed
  • faithful
  • generous
  • stands out from the crowd

Taurus Negative Traits

What’s to dislike about Taurus?

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taureans can be possessive. They are also the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac.

They can also be insecure and like to brag about their possessions.

This means that they have a tendency to judge others by what they have.

taurus negative personality traits

Taurus Careers

What is Taurus good at?

Taureans can do well in many different professions: banking, architecture, building, almost any form of bureaucracy, auctioneering, farming, medicine, chemistry.

In industry they make good managers and foremen.

They can be good at surveying, insurance, education. However they can also do well in the arts: music and sculpture.

Some Taureans are gifted enough in singing to become opera stars or to excel in more popular types of music.

They can also gain fame as a chef.

Possible medical weaknesses of Taurus

Taurus governs the throat and neck

Taureans need to be aware of a tendency towards throat infections, goitre and respiratory ailments such as asthma.

They are said to be at risk of diseases of the genitals, womb, liver and kidneys and of abscesses and rheumatism.

Prone to physical laziness, Taureans can be overweight.

Taurus Lucky Number is 6

(Also known as the Hexad)

Taurus shares the Lucky Number 6 with Libra.

The Number Six represents:

the home
domestic bliss
fraternity and brotherhood
sorority and sisterhood
closeness between people

Taurus lucky colour: Green

The colour associated with the planet Venus

Green suggests nature as in plants and forests, life, stability and restfulness. However, while in modern times the colour has come to represent the environment, it can also represent jealousy and envy.

Green should never be worn on serious or “sensible” occasions. It has a soothing effect on the nerves and has come to symbolise prosperity.

Green has also been regarded as the colour of eternal life, as seen in evergreens which never change their colour or shed their leaves.

This means that because it can have a soothing effect green is often used in hospitals – it is thought to help lower the stress levels of both patients and carers.

Green is believed to be an unlucky colour for those who are about to be married. However, it is otherwise considered lucky if an individual wishes to attract attention.

Positive qualities of green: Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, balance and peace.

Negative qualities of green: Boredom, stagnation, blandness, lack of energy

Taureans are also drawn to deep blues, violets and sometimes pastels or florals. They prefer soft patterns that are suggestive of nature or natural things.

They are also attracted to soothing colours that created harmony and peace, such as the calming tone of lilac.

Taureans can also be helped by yellow. This is because it inspires the mind and helps to offset the inherent tendency of this Sign toward laziness and lethargy.

Other favourable colours: Pink, orange, cream, coral, white, bright brown, black

Unfavourable colours: Grey, dull brown, red, variegated colours, faded colours

The Lucky Gem for Taurus is the Emerald

The star stone for Taurus

The lucky gem for Taureans born in April is the diamond, which they share with Arians born in April.

The lucky gem for Taureans born in May is the emerald, which they share with Geminis born in May.

Taurus on holiday

Suggested vacation for Taurus

Taureans like to be spoiled and pampered while on vacation.

This means that finding an upmarket spa for a massage or seaweed wrap is the perfect way to unwind.

Taurus wants to be surrounded by beauty, comfort, music and art which appeals to all of their laid-back needs.

Taurus Horoscopes 2019


Scorpio Horoscopes – All About Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio Horoscopes are full of passion, intelligence and determination!

What’s your Horoscope, Scorpio?

The two words that sum up Scorpio are: “I desire”

Scorpio is driven to achieve  goals and not allow anything to get in their way. This makes The Scorpion the predator of the Zodiac.

However, Scorpios are focused and intelligent. For instance they are determined to solve problems and see things through to the end!

So what are the Scorpio personality traits? With whom are they most compatible?

This page gives some general background to the starsign of Scorpio.

However, if you are considering digging deeper and wish to discover more about a Scorpio Birth Chart, then here’s a FREE offer!

free scorpio birth chart
to get a FREE Scorpio Natal Chart

So, who is Scorpio? What do the Scorpio Horoscopes have in store for those born under the Zodiac Sign of The Scorpion?

Stop! Is Scorpio Definitely the Sun Sign?

Born on the Cusp of Scorpio?

Anyone born on the day the Sun moved into a new sign is said to be  born “on the cusp”.

Just two hours before I was born, the sun moved into the next star sign. In my case it moved from Taurus to Gemini.

Is the star sign actually Scorpio? Or is it really Libra or Sagittarius?

Anyone born “on the cusp” of either Libra-Scorpio or Scorpio-Sagittarius, (ie within a few days of either the 20th October or 20th November) needs to use this link to check exactly which star sign the sun was in the day you were born: Cusp Signs

Introducing Scorpio – “I desire”

scorpio personality traits

October 23rd – November 21st

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Its symbol (or glyph) represents the Scorpion, governing will and authority.

Words to describe Scorpio include:

  • Intensity
  • Power
  • Passion
  • Complex
  • Analytical
  • Secretive
  • Intuitive
  • Jealous
  • Cunning
  • Patient

In Western Astrology, Scorpio is considered a “feminine”, even-numbered, negative and introvert sign. The other five even-numbered signs of the Zodiac are Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn,  and Pisces.

Scorpio Horoscopes 2019

Are you open to change Scorpio?

The Story of Scorpio the Scorpion

The Constellation of Scorpio

Scorpio is a very bright constellation located in the southern hemisphere. This means that it can easily be viewed through binoculars.

The constellation of Scorpio contains many bright sky objects such as nebulae and star clusters.

scorpio horoscopes

There are many stories surrounding the legend of Scorpio. However, Orion The Hunter seems to be at the center of them all.

Orion was a Greek giant with killer looks and the ability to have his way with any woman. He was an expert hunter and often bragged about his conquests. Both the animal and female varieties!

The most popular myth surrounding the connection between Scorpio and Orion goes something like this:

When Orion “conquered” the goddess Eos, Apollo heard of his boasting and became enraged. Apollo was the protector of animals. As a result he knew Orion was a hunter.

Because of this Apollo sent a scorpion to sting and kill Orion.

In the end, both Orion and the Scorpion were immortalized by being placed among the stars as constellations. However, they were placed on opposite sides of the sky to prevent any more trouble between the two.

Are you in Love with a Scorpio Man or Woman?

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Mars and Pluto

The Ruling Planets of Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by the Planet Mars and the dwarf planet Pluto. In mythology, Mars is named for the God of War.

Pluto was for awhile down-graded from a true planet. However, astrologers have always believed that it will continue to be a powerful ruling force over Scorpio.

ruling planet of scorpio

Those ruled by Mars and Pluto tend to be ambitious, organized, powerful, stubborn and sexually driven.

Mars and Pluto are said to give Scorpios their power, fierceness and determination.

Famous People with Scorpio Horoscopes

Do you have anything in common with these Scorpio Celebrities?

Two former First Ladies are in this list! AND the daughter of a President!!

scorpio characteristics

Scorpio is a Water Sign

The Elements

The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These represent the four basic modes of being.

Signs that share an Element are generally regarded to be harmonious with each other.

Scorpio Element

The Element of Scorpio is “Water”. Other Water Signs are Cancer and Pisces.

Water symbolizes man’s waves of emotion. This Element provides an ingrained, almost psychic, intuition regarding the feelings, needs and experiences of others.

The Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio’s Quality is Fixed

The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities. These are: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

However, signs that share a Quality are normally hostile to each other.

The Quality relates to an individual’s basic temperament. This means that they will have unique and prevailing identifying characteristics. These characteristics are rarely altered through life.

Each of these Zodiac Qualities views the world very differently. Their reactions to stimuli are different. As a result any action they take will be different too.

scorpio characteristics

The Quality of Scorpio is “Fixed”

Fixed signs stand for resistance to change. Scorpio tends to work hard toward a certain end. They stubbornly hold onto the way things are.

This means that they will shun the idea of change or starting over.

However, once Scorpio has decided that something is no longer useful, they will discard it.

This includes ending a relationship if they feel it is going nowhere.

Other Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.

Scorpio Qualities

The Positive Side of Scorpio

Scorpio is very powerful and strong-willed. This means that they are persistent when it comes to solving problems.

They love getting to the bottom of things. Scorpios are likely to enjoy a really good mystery!
scorpio personality traits
Scorpios are determined and driven. When they see something they want, they will go after it with everything they have.

They often achieve big things. This is because of their ability to focus on something and see it through to the end.

Scorpions are known to be passionate and exciting. They draw people to them like magnets. They are also held up as inspiring individuals.

Scorpio Negative Traits

What’s to dislike about Scorpio?

Scorpios can be very controlling and possessive. This means that they have a tendency toward obsession and jealousy.

scorpio negative characteristics

Their powerful side can become overbearing and intrusive.

This is because their probing tendencies can make others feel uncomfortable. As a result it can cause them to distance themselves from Scorpio.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio tend to be compulsive. They can also come across as having a negative outlook at times.

Scorpio Careers

What is Scorpio good at?

Scorpio is a powerful and intense starsign. This means that they will not be drawn to jobs they consider to be “menial”, such as labor, cleaning or service positions.

They will want have important positions that give them authority and a sense of power.

Scorpios tend to be very intelligent and self-confident. Once they know what career they want, they will stop at nothing to achieve success.

Great career choices for Scorpio include: doctor or surgeon, lawyer, politician or diplomat, law enforcement officer or detective, military member, preacher, engineer or business manager.

Scorpio Health

Scorpio Medical Weaknesses

Each sign of the Zodiac has tendencies to specific health problems and weaknesses.

Scorpio tends to be weak in the nasal cavity area, along with the “private places”. Also the urinary tract system and bowels.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio may be prone to

  • headaches
  • sinus infections
  • kidney infections and stones
  • liver and gallbladder ailments

The tendency of some Scorpios to be promiscuous may lead to an increased incidence of STDs . They can also have problems with the pelvis and intimate areas.

Scorpio may also have an increased chance of developing ulcers, boils, abscesses, piles and other ailments of this type.

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Gemini Horoscopes – All About Gemini Personality Traits

Gemini Horoscopes are underpinned by The Twins’ curiosity and compulsion to communicate!

Gemini Horoscopes

The two words that  up Gemini are: “I think”

Thanks to their active mind and insatiable curiosity, Gemini is the Pandora of the astrological signs.

Yes, Gemini is a great conversationalist and can talk and talk!

Here you will find an overview about Gemini. Further down the page is the Gemini Horoscope for 2019

However, if you are more curious (and if you are a Gemini, then of course you are) and would like to plot a Gemini birth chart, this book will provide help and guidance.

So who is Gemini? With whom are The Twins compatible?

Stop! Are is the Sun Sign definitely Gemini?

Born on the Cusp with Gemini?

People born on the day the Sun moved into a new sign are born “on the cusp”.

In the year I was born the sun moved into the next star sign, just two hours before my birth.

Are you absolutely sure that the Sun Sign is Gemini? Or is it really Taurus or Cancer?

Those born “on the cusp”, of Taurus-Gemini or Gemini-Cancer (ie around the 20th May or 20th June) should use this link to check exactly which star sign the sun was in on the day of Birth: Cusp Signs

Read on to discover all about Gemini Personality Traits

free cosmic energy profile

Introducing Gemini – “I think”

May 20 – June 20

Gemini is the third Sign of the Zodiac and its symbol (or glyph) represents the pillars of knowledge.

In Western Astrology Gemini is considered a “masculine”, positive and extrovert sign along with the other five odd-numbered signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Gemini is also a sign of transition that marks the passing of Spring into Summer.

Gemini Horoscopes 2019

Time to clear out the closets of your mind!

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The Story of Gemini the Twins

The Constellation of Gemini

Many stories are told about the birth of the twins castor and Pollux, who it is generally accepted were fathered by Zeus. Their mother was Leda.

They are often referred to as The Dioscuri, meaning “sons of Zeus”.

Castor and Pollux were Argonauts who sailed with Jason in his quest to find the golden fleece.

Castor was killed by Idas in one of the Argonauts’ raiding trips.

Because Pollux was so upset by the death of his brother, Zeus placed them side by side in the heavens.


The Ruling Planet of Gemini

Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury. Always in motion, Mercury was the Messenger of the Gods.

Those ruled by Mercury tend to be expressive, intelligent, clever, talkative and perceptive.

Famous People Born in Gemini

Do you have anything in common with these Gemini Celebrities?

Alanis Morrisette

Angelina Jolie

Brooke Shields

Che Guavara

Clint Eastwood

Donal Trump

George Bush

Isadora Duncan

John Wayne

Johnny Depp

Liam Neeson

Marilyn Monroe

Paul McCartney

Queen Victoria

Gemini Horoscopes 2019 Planner

This 2019 Gemini Horoscopes Daily Planner contains one whole page for every day of the year!

Gemini is an Air Sign

The Elements

Aristotelian elements The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These represent the four basic modes of being.

Signs that share an Element are generally regarded to be harmonious with each other.

astrology elements

The Element of Gemini is “Air” which it shares and is compatible with Libra and Aquarius.

The Element of Air symbolizes man’s intellect and his ability to communicate and reason

Image: The Aristotelian Elements (in the Public Domain)

The Qualities of Gemini

The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Signs that share a Quality are normally hostile to each other.

The Quality relates to an individual’s basic temperament. They will have unique and prevailing identifying characteristics that are rarely altered through life.

Each of these Qualities views the world very differently. Their reactions to stimuli are different so that any action they take will be different too.

The Quality of Gemini is “Mutable”

Mutable signs stand for transition. Gemini marks the transition from Spring to Summer.

This means that Mutable signs tend to be adaptable to change, new people and experiences.

Other Mutable signs are Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Gemini Qualities

The Positive Side of Gemini


Geminis are enthusiastic but can also be aggressive .

They are natural multi-taskers. They can manage many projects at the same time.

Because they are very quick witted they are the life and soul of many a party.

Gemini Negative Traits

What’s not to like about Gemini?

Gemini is often referred to as the Butterfly of the Zodiac. They flit around all over the place, never staying in one place for long.

And boy can they talk!

Gemini Careers

Communication is a strong point!

Talking and communication in general is a strength of the Gemini. This means that any career involving communication would suit them.

Geminis make good journalists, teachers, broadcasters, linguists, writers, engineers, travel agents, truck drivers and stenographers.

Gemini Health

Gemini Medical Weaknesses

Geminis become ill because they try to do too much! They need to learn to slow down, but they never will.

They put too much of a strain on their nervous systems and then they wonder why they can’t cope.

Other weakspots for Geminis are their hands, arms, shoulders and lungs.

However, while everyone will have a cold that will last for seven days, Geminis will get over their’s in three or four.

Gemini also rules over the Eustachian tubes that run from the ear into the lymph gland system.

The other “tubes” Gemini need to watch out for are the fallopian tubes (in a woman of course), the ureter tubes and the urethra.

Lungs are another weak link in the Gemini body, so they need to be careful of bronchitis. Pneumonia can be a problem too.

Those born under the Sun Sign Gemini need to learn to relax – yoga and meditation would help but they probably won’t do it, because it would mean sitting still for too long!

Gemini Horoscopes 2019


Aries Horoscopes – All About Aries Personality Traits

Aries horoscopes are defined by their forceful energy making them hard to keep up with!

What’s your horoscope, Aries?

Two words define Aries: “I am” and a lot of their conversations begin with “I”!

So who is Aries? What’s their best colour? What’s their lucky number? Who are they compatible with?

This page gives the background to the starsign of The Ram and Aries Horoscopes.

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So, who is Aries and what do the Aries Horoscopes have in store for those born under the Zodiac Sign of The Ram?

STOP! Are you SURE the Sun Sign is Aries?

Born on the Cusp of Aries?

Anyone born on the day the Sun moved into a new sign then they were born “on the cusp”. For example in the year I was born the sun moved into the next star sign, just two hours before my birth.

Are you absolutely sure that you, or the person you are reading up on, is an Aries? Or is the Sun Sign actually a Pisces or a Taurus?

This means that those born on the cusp of either Pisces-Aries or Aries-Taurus, (ie around the 20th March or 20th April) need to see this article about Cusp Signs to check exactly which star sign the sun was in on the day of birth.

Read on to discover all about Aries Personality Traits.

Introducing Aries – “I am”

March 20 – April 20

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and its symbol (or glyph) represents the Ram, the leader of the flock.

aries personality traits


In Western Astrology, Aries is considered to be a “masculine”, positive and extrovert sign, along with the other five odd-numbered signs of the Zodiac: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Aries is also the first sign of spring, the season of new beginnings, enterprise and energy.

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All about Aries

by Kelli Fox

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The Story of Aries the Ram

The constellation of Aries

The Zodiac sign of Aries was named for the constellation of the same name, which in Greek tradition is also called “The Ram”.

The story associated with this constellation is that of the golden ram that rescued Phrixus, taking him to the land of Colchis.

aries constellation

In Greek mythology, Phrixus was the son of Athamus, king of Boiotia, and Nephele, the Goddess of the Clouds.

Phrixus and his twin sister Helle were hated by their stepmother, Ino, who plotted to get rid of the twins by roasting all of Boiotia’s crop seeds so they would not grow.

Frightened of famine the farmers consulted the local oracle for assistance. Ino bribed them to lie and tell the others that the oracle required the sacrifice of Phrixus and Helle.

Before they could be killed Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a flying ram with a golden fleece, that was sent by Nephele, their natural mother.

During their flight Helle fell off the ram and drowned in the sea then known as the Dardanelles, which was renamed the Hellespont.

Her brother survived the journey to Colchis, where King Aeëtes, the son of the Sun God Helios, took him in and treated him kindly, giving Phrixus his daughter, Chalciope, in marriage.

In gratitude, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave the king the golden fleece of the ram, which Aeëtes hung in a tree in the holy grove of Ares.

Phrixus and Chalciope had four sons, who later joined forces with the Argonauts. The oldest was Argos, who built the ship the Argo.

And of course it was Jason who sailed the Argo in search of the famed Golden Fleece.


The ruling planet of Aries

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which represents energy, sexual drive, anger, self-assertion and aggression.

aries horoscopes

Famous people born under the Zodiac sign of Aries

Do you identify with any of these Aries Celebrities

Sarah Jessica Parker – 25 March

Vincent Van Gogh – 30 March

Al Gore – 31 March

Colin Powell – 05 April

David Cassidy – April 12

Thomas Jefferson – 13 April

Charlie Chaplin – 16 April

Freddie Ljungberg – 16 April

Victoria Beckham – 17 April

Adolf Hitler – April 20

The Elements

Aries is a Fire Sign

The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which represent the four basic modes of being. Signs that share an Element are generally regarded to be harmonious with each other.

The Element of Aries is “Fire” which it shares and is compatible with Sagittarius and Leo.

Aries element is fire

The Element of Fire symbolises the primitive urge to live and the creative inspiration to find a suitable outlet for one’s energy. It represents enthusiasm, faith, spontaneity, intuition and idealism.

The Qualities of Aries

The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable and signs that share a Quality are generally regarded to be hostile to each other.

The Quality relates to the basic temperament of an individual, who will have a prevailing identifying characteristic that is rarely altered through life – nor does it need to be.

Each of these Qualities views the world very differently, their reactions to stimuli are different so that any action they take will be different too.

qualities of aries

The Quality of Aries is “Cardinal”

A “cardinal sign” (also called by older astrologers a moveable sign) is a sign of the zodiac that initiates a change of temperate zone season when the Sun makes its annual passage into them.

The word “cardinal” originates from the Latin word for “hinge,” and these signs are considered forceful and dynamic, initiating action and providing leadership.

However, on the other hand, cardinal signs can be controlling, inconsiderate, stubborn, selfish and demanding, as they are sure that their way is best and that others should follow.

Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are also Cardinal signs and are therefore less likely to be compatible with Aries.

Aries Qualities

The positive side of Aries

aries qualities

Arians are forceful and possess huge energy. Their curiosity also urges them on.

If they fail at anything they will simply pick themselves up and start all over again.

They have good communication skills and find it easy to join in conversations and take them over!

Those born under the starsign of Aries have leadership potential.

Aries Negative Traits

What’s to dislike about Aries?

Arians can be very impatient when situations and others involved in them do not proceed as quickly as they would wish. They can resent others in authority, despite wanting to be leaders themselves.

aries negative traits

Arians put their own survival above everyone else and a lot of their conversations can begin with “I”, which can annoy people.

Those born under the Zodiac Sign of Aries need to appreciate that other people matter as well!

Aries Careers

What is Aries good at?

Arians make good athletes and climbers, doctors, explorers. By exploration this can mean new ideas as well as uncharted territory, which these days can involve travelling into space!

Aries also make good members of the armed services (army, navy and airforce) and also leaders in politics and industry.

Possible medical weaknesses of Aries

Aries governs the head and brain

Arians can be prone to headaches, particularly migraines, sunstroke, neuralgia and depression.

Indigestion and nervous disorders are also a threat.

The Arian rashness, impetuosness and sometimes over-the-top physical commitment can make them accident and injury prone.

Aries Lucky Number is 9

(also known as The Novena)

Aries shares the Lucky Number 9 with Scorpio. Nine is one of the three mystical numbers (the others being three and five).

The Number 9 represents:

society and completion
social issues
universal love,
the brotherhood of man
the common good

Aries lucky colour: Red

The colour associated with the planet Mars

The lucky colour for Aries is crimson or deep red and is the colour associated with its ruling planet Mars.

Red has a stimulating effect, but the Arian needs to be careful because it can be irritating to the eye.

Red should never be worn by an Arian trying to patch up a quarrel or when tact or a compromise is needed. However, if faced with a situation that demands courage and energy, the colour red can act like a charm.

Red represents life and vitality and has always been the symbol of love, fire, blood and infatuation. Basically, it represents strong emotions rather than cerebral thinking.

Positive qualities of red: Physical courage; strength; warmth; energy; basic survival; stimulation; masculinity; excitement

Negative qualities of red: Defiance; aggression; visual Impact; strain

Arians prefer bold and bright colours which have assertive undertones. In addition to red, black is a particular favourite with its influence of power but Arians also tend to respond well to the calming colour of indigo, which helps calm their exuberant fieriness.

Other favourable colours: Pink, orange, white, yellow, royal blue, navy blue, bright brown and variegated colours

Unfavorable colours: green, grey, faded colours

Diamonds are the lucky gem for Aries

The Starstone for Aries

The lucky gem for Arians born in March is the bloodstone, which they share with Pisceans born in March.

The lucky gem for Arians born in April is the diamond, which they share with Taureans born in April.

Aries on holiday

Suggested vacation for Aries

Arians are energetic souls, who enjoy being in control so if they are driving to the mountains or elsewhere they need to be the one behind the wheel.

When they do arrive at their destination they want to test their rugged and competitive skills at rock-climbing or sky-diving.

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Happy Winter Solstice 2018!

What Can We Expect From The Winter Solstice?

December 21, brings the Winter Solstice and for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere it will be the shortest day of the year.

For many who spend a lot of their time outside and working with animals it is a time for looking forward eagerly to the longer hours of daylight.

This is particularly welcome by one of my daughters who owns horses and works with dogs.

I too am grateful for the longer daylight hours and I am sure my hens are too. This is because at this time of year, they are in their coop for the long 16 hours of darkness.

winter solstice

The move towards the end of the year is always a time for reflection. The Winter Solstice triggers thoughts of looking back over the year, as well as looking forward to the New Year.

It is a time to appreciate the good, positive things that have happened. However, this is also a time to think about what we want to leave behind as we look forward to a New Year and what we hope it may bring.

At this time of year the Sun heads into reliable, steady and masterful Capricorn. Capricorn is a great goal-setter, so it is no wonder that so many are turning their thoughts to New Year Resolutions.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

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Full Moon in Cancer

One day after the Solstice, the last full moon of the year moves into Cancer, bringing a warm family feeling as we anticipate Christmas.

It is only once a year that the Full Moon finds herself in her own sign of Cancer.

full moon in cancer

Sensitive Cancer can churn up a lot of emotions, not all of them positive.

The Cancer Full Moon can also bring the wake up call you need if you have been neglecting yourself physically. This can also mean the mental aspects of your life, including your emotions.

Thanks to the Full Moon squaring Chiron, some previously hidden pain may be exposed. However the Full Moon sextile Uranus also enables the discovery of solutions that may not have been obvious before.

For example, Christmas is often a time of increasing family rifts rather than healing them. Try to resolve any issues beforehand so that if you are going to spend time together for any length of time, then it can be a more enjoyable experience.

Sun Trine Uranus

The day before the Winter Solstice, on Thursday, December 20, the Sagittarius Sun trines Uranus in Aries.

This only happens once a year and can awaken the genius that is sleeping within us.

Those benefiting from this energy in particular are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Everyone should use this time to boost confidence. Find motivational videos and articles online and learn from them.

A Cosmic Energy Profile will also help guide you to getting the best from 2019.

For those suffering from the “sensory overload” that comes with all the extra socialising at this time of year, December 20 could also provide more opportunity to step aside from the crowd.

However, for some the Trine between the Sun and Uranus may awaken the need to do good for others less fortunate. It could be the time to gift money to a good cause, rather than spend money on those who already have everything.

Social gatherings and interaction online may provide new connections but be careful of over-selling yourself!

Uranus Retrograde Aries

Uranus is still in retrograde in Aries until January 6. Aries has so much self-confidence that care needs to be taken not to be a “big head”.

winter solstice 2018

Aries likes to be the star and the combination with brash Uranus, will increase the appetite to be in the spotlight.

Be particularly careful of others who may push themselves forward as an expert in matters that interest you. Check them out. By all means take a note of their ideas but do not get “sucked in”.

Winter Solstice 2018 – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

On December 21st, Winter Solstice 2018 Mercury is conjunct Jupiter.

This Jupiter conjunction is particularly auspicious as, instead of lasting for two to three days, it will last for almost two months!

Perhaps parts of the brain have felt as though they have disappeared or become dormant?

Maybe you felt that the left-hand side of the brain had no connection with the right-hand side?

The Mercury conjunct Jupiter will make you feel as though parts of your brain are waking up!

December 24 – Christmas Eve

Mercury in Sagittarius is square Neptune at 13° Pisces on December 24.

The Sun-Neptune square brought creative possibilities at the beginning of the month. Provided you recognised this,  then Mercury square Neptune, on Christmas Eve, will bring more clarity.

You will begin to understand what the next steps should be.

Anyone feeling stuck in a rut will realise it is time to make a change and do things differently.

Even to the extent that something you believe in needs to change – including your job. Even long-term goals!

This can be confusing and resistance to change is likely. However, if you push through, then a whole new world of possibilities can open up.

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