virgo compatibility

Virgo Compatibility Chart

Virgo Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Which starsigns make the best match for Virgo?

Below you will find two Virgo Compatibility tables, because for some starsigns what makes a good match for the Virgoan Man, may not be so good for Virgoan Woman and vice versa.

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Virgo Man CompatibilityWill it work?
Virgo Man and Aries WomanNo!
Virgo Man and Taurus Woman Easy
Virgo Man and Gemini WomanNo!
Virgo Man and Cancer WomanEasy
Virgo Man and Leo WomanNot easy
Virgo Man and Virgo WomanEither way
Virgo Man and Libra WomanNo!
Virgo Man and Scorpio WomanEasy
Virgo Man and Sagittarius WomanBrilliant!
Virgo Man and Capricorn WomanBrilliant!
Virgo Man and Aquarius WomanNot easy
Virgo Man and Pisces WomanEither way

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  • How to get chatting, even if Virgo Man seems not interested
  • Unique ways to ignite the passion of a sexy Virgo Man!
  • Advice about how common relationship tips can seriously put off unique Virgo Man!
  • First Date tips about the colours which he is likely to notice
  • The things that turns off potential Virgo lovers?
  • strong>One thing you can do to ensure Virgo Man showers you with attention and undying love!
  • The three things you MUST do to capture and keep a Virgo man!!
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Virgo Woman CompatibilityWill it work?
Virgo Woman and Aries ManNo!
Virgo Woman and Taurus Man Brilliant!
Virgo Woman and Gemini ManNo!
Virgo Woman and Cancer ManEasy
Virgo Woman and Leo ManNot easy
Virgo Woman and Virgo ManEither way
Virgo Woman and Libra ManNot easy
Virgo Woman and Scorpio ManEasy
Virgo Woman and Sagittarius ManEasy
Virgo Woman and Capricorn ManBrilliant!
Virgo Woman and Aquarius ManNot easy
Virgo Woman and Pisces ManEither way

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