astrology basics

Astrology Basics

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These articles will help you learn more about Astrology Basics.  Relationship astrology is not just about which starsigns are the most compatible.

While the position of the sun when you were born will tell you your Zodiac sign, you also need to know about the Moon and the Planets.

Astrological Transits of The Planets
What are the transits of the planets and how do they influence our astrological birth chart? As the planets slowly Read more.
Astrology Houses
The twelve Signs of the Zodiac show the positions of the planets along the path of the Sun (called the Read more.
Compatibility and Astrology
When two people first meet, the chance of them having a compatible relationship will always depend on how their character, Read more.
Happy Winter Solstice 2018!
What Can We Expect From The Winter Solstice? December 21, brings the Winter Solstice and for those of us living Read more.
This Month Sees a Full Moon in Scorpio
The Full Moon in Scorpio – A Time of Heightened Emotion This May the Flower Full Moon in Scorpio will Read more.
Watch out for some surprises this week as Mercury goes Retrograde!
What will happen this week as Mercury goes retrograde? This coming week, on Thursday July 26 2018, Mercury goes retrograde. Read more.
What does it mean in Astrology when we say a Planet is Retrograde?
An explanation of what we mean when we say a Planet is Retrograde. Have you ever sat in a stationary Read more.
What Does the July 2018 Full Blood Moon Mean For You?
What does the Full Blood Moon Mean? How will it affect you? This July’s Full Blood Moon is unique in Read more.

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