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Virgo Horoscopes – All About Virgo Personality Traits

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Virgo Horoscopes are underpinned by the Virgoans efficiency, organisation and dedication.

What’s your horoscope, Virgo?

The two words that define Virgo are: “I analyze”.

Virgos are efficient, organized and dedicated. This means that they make loyal and trustworthy friends and take pride in a job well done!

So who is Virgo? What’s their best colour? What’s their lucky number? Which starsigns are they most compatible with?

This page gives an overview of the starsign of The Virgin and the Virgo Horoscopes.

However, anyone who would like to delve deeper and plot a Virgo birth chart should check out this Astrology Guide.

And if you are a Virgo, we know you will work diligently until you have learned everything there is to learn!

So who is Virgo?  What do the Virgo Horoscopes have in store for those born under the Zodiac Sign of The Virgin?

Stop! Is the Sun Sign definitely Virgo?

Born on the Cusp of Virgo?

Those born on the day the Sun moved into a new sign are said to be “born on the cusp”.

Just two hours before I was born, the sun moved into the next star sign.

Are you absolutely sure that the star sign is Virgo? Or could it really be Leo or Libra?

Those born “on the cusp” of Leo-Virgo or Virgo-Libra (ie within a few days of either the 20th August or 20th September) should use this link to check exactly which star sign the sun was in on the day of birth: Cusp Signs

Virgo Horoscopes 2019 by Kelley Rosano

Now you can build something powerful Virgo!

Introducing Virgo: “I Analyze”

August 23 – September 23

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac and its symbol (or glyph) is the Maiden or Virgin. She is often depicted holding sheaths of wheat from the harvest.

Virgo represents purity, piety and fertility.

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In Western astrology, Virgo is considered to be a “feminine”, negative and introvert sign, along with the other five even-numbered signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Virgo is the second largest constellation in the night sky and largest of the 12 Zodiac constellations.

She is easily located and visible to the naked eye, found between Libra and Leo. Some believe that Virgo holds the scales of Libra.

Are you in Love with a Virgo Man or a Virgo Woman?

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The Story of Virgo the Maiden

The Constellation of Virgo

The exact origin of Virgo is greatly debated among astrological scholars. There are many different figures that The Maiden (or Virgin) is said to represent.

The most common story behind the constellation of Virgo originates with Astraeia, the goddess of Justice.

Virgo was born a mortal and ruled on the Earth. However, when man no longer valued justice, she flew to the heavens where she remains today as Virgo.

The constellation of Libra, depicting the scales of Justice, is found right beside the constellation of Virgo.

Some say The Maiden is literally holding the scales of Justice for eternity in the stars.

Virgo Horoscopes Planner 2019

Two of my favourite Astrologers have published this Planner to help Virgo navigate through 2019!


The Ruling Planet of Virgo

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known for cleverness, intelligence and awakening.

In mythology, Mercury was the Messenger God. The planet was named after this God because of the speed with which it moves across the sky.

Famous people born under the Zodiac sign of Virgo

Do you identify with any of these Virgo Celebrities?

Ingrid Bergman – 29 August

Warren Buffett – 30 August

Roald Dahl – 13 September

Richard Gere – 31 August

Salma Hayek – 2 September

Stephen King – 21 September

John Locke – 29 August

Cal Ripken – 24 August

Oliver Stone – 15 September

Trisha Yearwood – 19 September

Lester Young – 27 August

The Zodiac Elements

Virgo is an Earth Sign

The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which represent the four basic modes of being.

Signs that share an Element are generally regarded to be in harmony with one another.

The Element of Virgo is “Earth”, which it shares, and is compatible with Taurus and Capricorn.

astrology elements

Image is in the Public Domain: The Aristolean Elements

The Element of Earth symbolizes steadiness and dependability.

However, this can cause Virgo to focus too much on work or projects, creating an unbalanced existence. This can sometimes alienate them from others.

The Qualities of Virgo

The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Signs that share a Quality are normally hostile to each other.

The Quality refers to an individual’s basic temperament. They will have unique and prevailing identifying characteristics that remain the same throughout their life.

Each of the four Qualities sees their world differently and their reactions to stimuli are different so that any resulting action will be different as well.

The Quality of Virgo is “Mutable”

Mutable signs stand for transition and change. Virgoans tend to transition through the pursuit of efficiency, organization and productivity.

Virgo (Earth) shares the Mutable Quality with Gemini (Air), Sagittarius (Fire) and Pisces (Water).

Virgo Qualities

The Positive Side of Virgo

Virgo has many positive traits that make them desirable as lovers, friends and employees. They can be timid and shy, but also very friendly, once you get to know them.

Virgos care about helping others and being productive members of society.


Virgoans tend to be very loyal and dependable, the “go-to” person when something needs to be done well.

They are very organized and efficient. Virgos always do a job to the best of their ability and see it through to the end.

Vigo Negative Traits

What’s to dislike about Virgo?

Those born under the star sign of Virgo are not all perfect and tend to have some negative traits as well. They are so focused on end results that they tend to ignore everything else until a job is complete.

Virgos may look down on others who are not as efficient and organized as they are. This means that they can be to be overly critical of their friends, loved ones and co-workers.

Virgo worries to the extreme, making them vulnerable to stress, depression, sleeplessness and ulcers.

free cosmic energy profile

Virgo Careers

What is Virgo good at?

Virgo loves to complete work thoroughly and efficiently. Any career that allows complete control over individual work and office space will be perfect for the well-organised Virgo.

Jobs that are chaotic or change frequently will not suit Virgos. They will probably not work well in a group setting . Sharing duties and responsibilities with others who may not be as proficient will really grate with Virgo .

Great careers for Virgo might be: Accountant, freelance writer, medical transcriptionist, archivist, tax auditor, computer specialist, meteorologist, executive assistant or small business owner.

Possible medical weaknesses of Virgo

Virgo governs the abdomen and central nervous system

Virgo rules over the abdomen and the organs within, including the stomach, intestines and spleen. They are prone to digestive issues and tend to have sensitive bellies and bowels.

Those born under the star sign of Virgo should take care with their diet so as not to upset the delicate digestive processes.

Virgo also rules over the central nervous system and the hands. This means that they are prone to stress, nervousness, minor coughs and colds, and more serious ailments such as pneumonia.

It is crucial that Virgo takes measures to strengthen the immune system.

Virgo’s Lucky Number is 5

The number 5 is the number of energy and vitality. Five is associated with Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury.

The Number 5 represents:

management skills

Virgo’s Lucky Colour: Blue

Virgo Blue is the deep blue of the universe!

The lucky colour for Virgo is blue, the colour associated with it’s ruling planet, Mercury. Blue is a universal colour and reminiscent of calm, confidence and intellect.

Blue suggests vitality and energy. It symbolizes stability and permanence. The colour blue symbolizes trustworthiness, dependability and loyalty.

Positive qualities of Blue: knowledge, integrity, steadfastness, productivity, piety

Negative qualities of Blue: depressed, sad, dull, labored, uninteresting

Virgoans find luck with the color blue because it brings a sense of calm to even out their tendency toward stress. Blue helps with Virgo’s productivity and efficiency and gives them the confidence they need to succeed.

Other favorable colors for Virgo: purple, grey, pink, yellow

Unfavorable colors for Virgo: red, orange

Virgo on Holiday

Suggested vacation for Virgo

Virgo enjoys working so they rarely take a vacation for enjoyment alone. They will often travel for the purpose of volunteering or doing charity or mission work.

Instead of bragging about a fabulous cruise or a luxurious resort, Virgo will come home talking about all the things that they accomplished while away.

Virgo should look for opportunities to attend business conferences or seminars in interesting locations. This will fulfill their need to further their work, while at the same time offer sources of fun and relaxation.


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