taurus gemini cusp signs

Taurus Gemini Cusp Signs

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Characteristics of those born on the
Taurus-Gemini Cusp

Cusp dates: May 19 to May 23
Known as: The Cusp of Energy

Taurus has more influence on those born on May 19, 20 and (often, but not always) 21.

Gemini is sometimes the main influence for May 21 or 22 – or sometimes it will be Taurus.

However, those born on May 23 will definitely be Gemini with Taurus influence.

Taurus Gemini Cusp

The Element of Taurus is Earth and for Gemini it is Air. Earth signs are definitely more conservative and less adventurous than the Air Signs.

However, the question is will the Element of Earth, smother the lightness of Air?

Born on the Cusp?

Do you know your true Sun Sign?

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Taurus is consistent and can bring a conservative influence to their relationships.

Ruled by Venus, the Zodiac Sign of the Bull loves beauty and friendship.


Thanks to the influence of their ruling planet Mercury, Gemini is all about communication.

They are also adaptable and curious.

Taurus-Gemini Cusp Sign Characteristics

cusp of energy

Qualities of Taurus-Gemini Cusp Signs

The combination of Taurus and Gemini results in a youthful go-getter, who is physically strong, clever and communicative. They have tremendous imagination and are very expressive.

This makes these Cuspers very adaptable. For instance, they have an ability to get along with others from all walks of life and in many different situations.

However, Taurus-Gemini can run out of steam. They want to be able to “do it all”. As a result this can lead to fatigue because they don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

This means that sometimes they just don’t know when to stop!

taurus gemini cuspFind out about
Taurus-Gemini Cusp Signs’ Compatibility

More Taurus-Gemini Characteristics

Taurus and Gemini are both such pleasure-loving signs, that they need to be careful of not overdoing food and drink. They also need to try to be more sensitive to the feelings of others.

If they would just learn to stop, take a step back and listen from time to time they would have the potential to be successful.

The negative qualities of each star sign are successfully balanced out by the positive qualities of the other.

taurus gemini cusp signs

Taurus is literally bull-headed at times. However, this is tempered by Gemini’s ability to reason with people.

Likewise, the flighty nature of Gemini is balanced out by Taurus’ ability to be persistent and dependable.

On the negative side, Taurus-Gemini can be too materialistic as they look for constant stimulation.

The combination of Taurus and Gemini results in individuals who remain youthful and lighthearted throughout their lives. Usually charming and friendly, they make natural leaders.

They usually have many friends and contacts in all walks of life. As a result They tend to be very successful in what they choose to do.

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40 thoughts on “Taurus Gemini Cusp Signs”

  1. I was born on may 21st at around 3pm in Orange, Texas. I read both Taurus and Gemini horoscopes because I can relate to parts of each. Id love to know what sign I truly am.

  2. Hey, I was born on 21st May, 1989. I was born at around noon.. i.e. around 12.30 pm in Kolkata (India). Can you tell me my sun sign?

  3. Hey my girlfriend was born on 20th May 1985 in Kuwait City at 4.30am Kuwait time . Would like to know if she is more a Tauran or Gemini .

  4. Hi I am born May 19th 7 am, in Jamaica, Queens NY, USA. Please tell me about myself and which sign I am. I have found your website most commendable and wonderful, than k you.

  5. Interesting…born May 19; 1972 in Winnipeg, Canada and always assumed I was a Taurus but doesn’t always fit….wayyyy too chatty lol

  6. Don’t forget VENUS plays a minor role in love – many Taurus have Venus in Gemini, Aries, and Pisces (Venus in Taurus would make you feel more Taurean even on this cusp). Just a tip for those who may believe it’s their sun-sign only affecting your personality. Moon, Mercury, Mars, etc also play important roles.

    1. Hi I’m Jessica and was born on May 23rd, 1985 in Tacoma, WA approx around 3pm or so….

      I think someone told me my Venus sign is in Aris and that I am a cusp sign between Gemini/Taurus

      Can you tell me more

  7. Hi, I recognise myself completely now. I was born on 20 May at around 7 pm. My emotions are extremes there is no middle ground. I’m either highly charged or very low. Interesting how we are all different though…

  8. Hah!!…this is probably why I seem fun and edgy to the outside world but really I’m a mess inside when I go off balance.

  9. Hey AJ…Most of the time I feel more Gemini than Taurus…I was born on May 20th 1967 at 9:25 am ….I definitely have that youthful side to my personality and I can get bored and restless pretty easily…with everything…relationships can get to be a problem if I am at the boredom stage…What do you think I really am- Gemini or Taurus? Thank you!

    1. Sounds like you are more Gemini than Taurus, Suzanne, but we need your location to be able to accurately establish your true sun sign 🙂

  10. Hello. My birth date is Saturday 24th May 1969 at around 6pm in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I’ve never really read a great deal about being born on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus until now. It is interesting and enlightening! Can you tell me my true sign please?

    1. Hi Jo. Your sun sign is Gemini, as the sun moved in that sun on May 21, the year you were born. Glad you ind the topic of Cusp Signs interesting 🙂

  11. I have felt like one day I’m one and the other day I’m another.
    ive never understood how you can be in the middle till now.
    but I am really right in the middle…
    people have a lot of problems working out if my birthday is the start or end of a sign.
    I was born on the 21st of may.

    1. Hi Amber. If you can tell us the year of your birth, the time you were born and the location, then we can let you know whether the sun was in Taurus or Gemini when you were born. My birthday is also May 21st and the year I was born the sun had just moved into Gemini at the time of my birth.

      1. I was born 21May 1969 at around noon time in Lancaster, NH. Please tell me my true sign. Thank you! I found your articles very interesting and informative.

        1. Hi Darcy, I am so pleased you found my article interesting and informative 🙂

          According to my calculations, you were born at around 16:00 GMT on May 21, 1969. On that day the sun moved into Gemini at 05:50 so that is your Sun Sign. However, I would expect you to also have some Taurean characteristics and I discuss this in my article about those born on the Cusp of Taurus and Gemini. I would be really interested to hear if you identify with this.

          By the way, my birthdate is the same as yours and I too am a Gemini, but some days I am more like a Taurus!

      2. I was born may 21 1988 at 5:23 pm in ohio. Can you tell me my sign. Most days i feel as if i have the gemini trait, bit there are times i feel as if i am the Taurus trait. Also, what other signs am i compatable with?

          1. Hey, you share my birthday, although I am a lot older 😀 This free tool will tell you exactly where the sun was positioned on the day and time of your birth: Free Birth Sign Calculator (opens oin a new tab to another page on this site)

    1. I was born on the Cusp of Taurus and Gemini too Jasmine and some days I feel more like a Taurean and other days more like a Gemini 🙂

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