Aries Taurus Cusp Signs

Aries-Taurus Cusp Signs

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Aries-Taurus Cusp Signs

The Characteristics of those born on
the Cusp of Aries and Taurus

Aries-Taurus Cusp dates: April 15 to April 24
Known as: The Cusp of Power

If you were born between April 15 and April 18, you are more of an Aries, with a bit of Taurus thrown in.

True Aries-Taurus Cuspers will have birthdays on April 19 or 20.

Those born between April 21 and 24, will be Taurus with Aries influence.

The Element of Aries is Fire and Taurus is an Earth Sign.  Will Taurus smother the Flames of Aries?

Those born on the Cusp of Aries and Taurus are certainly a force to be reckoned with. They are natural leaders.

They take charge in the home and at work due to the successful combination of energy from both signs.

Aries – compulsive with energy

Aries is compulsive and has an incredible energy, which drives them forward. However, they can become bored with a project before it is finished.

Taurus is more practical

The compulsiveness of Aries is tempered by the more practical side of Taurus.

Taurus will take care of the fine details and is more likely to see the project through.

aries-taurus cusp signs

Aries-Taurus Cusp Signs Characteristics

When it comes to achieving their goals, Aries-Taurus is one of the strongest Cusp Signs because they can be so darn persistent!

However, this energy can come with negative consequences.

Aries and Taurus combined can be forceful. This can result in them being too driven and opinionated.

OK, so they probably know they are right. However, the Aries-Taurus can be very blunt. This means that they need to make allowances for others’ views and feelings.

aries taurus cuspFind out about
Aries-Taurus Cusp Signs Compatibility

Those born on the Aries and Taurus cusp have the potential for great satisfaction in life.

This is thanks to the great action, that “ever on the go” Aries brings to the mix and the great will and strength of Taurus.


Are you Aries or Taurus?

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21 thoughts on “Aries-Taurus Cusp Signs”

  1. I’m an aries Taurus cusp…I always felt different…may partner is an Aries… and boy talk about fire on Fire! How many times I tried to leave our relationship but my Aries can’t let me go…. and they said Aries and Taurus are the worst compatibility… oh well I’m a cusp!

    1. Thanks. I get it, if it’s a fight let it go!! Life’s too short to not be totally happy!! I have only been in love once. Age 48. That was my Aquarius guy. They say if Aquarians can get past all the dumb s**t and not kill each other it’s the deepest bond there is. That sure is the case with that one. I left. I had to and it’s taken me 5 years with him on but off as it wasn’t right in some ways and never has he left me be. I always wanted him and died each time I walked. I forced him out last October. He’s never let me have more than 3 weeks to heal. He doesn’t want someone else to take my heart until he figures out what he wants to be when he grows up. I could always feel him think of me and he did me. Perfect record, seconds later one sent a text or called and it was always the same. A feeling so deep we felt each other’s hearts or minds. It’s always pain now and it’s killing me inside. 8 months I’ve walked and felt good and safe and he won’t dare contact me. I will have to take action to force him out to protect my heart. Literally, I have had a broken heart on and off for over 5 years. The first 2 we were together and lived close. I moved far to force it to be over. He moved here last here. I see him pass my house recently. I feel him all the time again moreso in the spring to now. He’s hurting bad. It hurts me. I never wanted to marry anyone before him. I have tried to date and Libra Guy was great, then he lied too much. I’m not missing out. Selfish people don’t really love very well. It seems Aquarian men are more arrogant, okay around and are self-centered jerks. Even mine. But the connection, my heart is bad and I’m fighting for my life from it. A broken heart can kill you. I will get by and he will show up soon to contact me, I feel it and it’s always been 100% spot on. If it’s damaging or not a great committed solid relationship leave. Don’t settle. You just have to remember to tell yourself you’re worth it! Water puts out fire. There’s my advice to you. Thank you for your reply!

  2. I’m a true Aries- Taurus cusp, born in 20th of April… I’ve always felt I was different… Odd is how people would describe me… I can be social and impulsive like Aries sometimes and I can be very calm and quiet like a Taurus… I think I’m Taurus dominant because I always try to suppress Aries impulsivity… I haven’t reached my balance yet, they said as this cusp grows they become more in control of their completely opposite zodiac signs personality and reach a balance, I hope I reach that soon…
    My only problem is I don’t really get along with most people, like if I met a leo, my Aries likes him but my Taurus doesn’t, because leo is a fire sign and doesn’t get along with Taurus earth sign… and if I met a Virgo, my Taurus likes him but my Aries doesn’t, because virgo is an earth sign and doesn’t get along with Aries fire sign…. So I’m so confused, I like someone but then a part of me doesn’t and it makes me really frustrated…
    Although I get along with all water signs, which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces… Water signs get a long very well with my Taurus and they’re fun and patient enough to keep up with the fire of Aries so thank God for that…
    An advice I’d give to the rest of the Aries-Taurus cusp would be MARRY A SCORPIO!… Why? First Scorpio are the opposite to Taurus in the zodiac but it’s not a bad thing because it keeps things interesting and you will have a very strong opposite attraction with them, I can’t even describe how it feels, they’re really good with Taurus and since you’re both opposites you will both complete each other… As for the Aries part of you, Scorpio is the only water exception for the fire Aries, why? Because they are both ruled by the planet Mars and you’ll find so much in common… Scorpio are a very understanding and gentle sign and they will understand the struggle inside you because of your cusp, so go for it…
    My problem was that I was always rejecting the Aries part of me and suppressing it… but I was wrong, never reject any part of you and just accept yourself and I hope all of you Aries-Taurus cusp reach your balance…?❤

    1. Wow, everything you just mentioned is everything that I am or everything that I have experienced, I was born on 4/20 as well.

    2. I was born on the 20th of April too. I was married to a Scorpio . He was very possessive , controlling and a liar . That didn’t go well with me . He was just way too loud for me and I like my privacy .

  3. I was born on April 18th 1984. I’ve always felt very different now I understand…I have a sister whose 2 yrs older and a March Aries we are similar in a lot of ways but complete opposites in more ways then that…Ive only just researched what it means to be born on a…My temper is astronomical…it scares me at times

    1. You have the same birthday as my Mother and she had one heck of a temper too 🙂 My brother is a March Aries as well. And guess what? His temper is something to behold 😀

      1. My bday is may 23… I’ve always said that I’m gemini with just enough taurus to keep me grounded. I love being on the cusp and i definitely share both signs….lol

  4. My love interest and I are both on the cusp. Im trying to find compatibilty between 2 cusp people. Any help would be great! He’s aries/taurus and I’m taurus/gemini. Thanks again ?

  5. Hi, I’m a little confused about what exactly born on a cusp means. I understand that the sun transitions to a different sign at the cusp but how much of a time variation before and after the transition are the cusp dates? I was born on April 19th 10:36 and my true sun sign is Aries(according to your birth chart ) but the sun transitioned to Taurus the next day at 13:36. Do I count as an Aries Taurus cusp?

  6. I was born on April 18th, a day before the listed cusp dates, but feel as though I possess Aries and Taurus traits. Full Aries characteristics never quite resonate completely with me.

  7. Born on the 20th. Im a Aries -Taurus cusp and would like to know which i really am. My partner is a gemini woman and i would like to know our compatibilty too.
    Thanks Marko

  8. We’re very different!! It took me 33 years to see just how special we are and it took me that long to have complete balance with both signs lol; it’s been a struggle! But, I tell ya experience is the greatest teacher and I finally understand my full potential and its a beautiful thing. Embrace the Cusp ??

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I am also an Aries/Taurus cusp, and I’ve always wondered why I didnt feel like I was a pure Taurus. I mean I have the nurturing tendencies of a Taurus, but I will take charge of a situation if it’s going way too far. It’s like I can be nurturing but at the same time I can be a strong leader when times are bad. I am blessed to be the cusp of power and I hope I can get to know many more that are like you and I. 🙂

    2. I’m exact same, April 18, I haven’t been able to control this power till now (33). I’m finally mature enough to handle the power.. love this life.

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