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Welcome to Zodiac Love Compatibility

Are you in love and wondering about the compatibility of your star sign with your partner’s? Or maybe you are thinking of entering into a new relationship and you would like some insights as to whether it is likely to work or not? Maybe you simply want to understand your partner better?

Then I hope you find what you are looking for here.

If you are anything like me (and many women I know) you probably first showed an interest in Astrology as a teen. It was a bit of laugh and you would not admit to your friends you were taking it seriously because you were scared of teasing and ridicule. And little did you know that a lot of your friends were “into” astrology as well!

So you would take a sneak peak at the newspapers or the Teen Magazines you used to read, to see what the stars had in store for you for that day or week and if a boy took your fancy, one of the first things you would try to find out about him was his age, closely followed by his star sign. Then there would be a scramble to try to find out whether or not your star sign was compatible with his and even if it was not, you would still throw yourself into a relationship and when it was over, you could not work out what went wrong.

I did exactly that – the marriage lasted ten years before I realised it really, really was not going to work and it was only when I started to seriously delve into star sign compatibility that I came to understand that our relationship was probably doomed to failure from the start.

I am not saying that certain star sign combinations will never, ever work and had I known more about what really made my Capricorn man tick AND if he had been more willing to try to understand my Gemini traits, then perhaps we would still be together. But if I am honest my relationship with my workaholic, frequently undemonstrative and ultra-organized Capricorn was probably never going to work too well with this extrovert, multi-personality Gemini who has so many needs (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) at so many different levels.

And that is the purpose of this site – to give you the low down on all the star signs and explain the characteristics and needs of each so you can have a better understanding of your partner or an intended partner. You will discover with which star signs you are the most compatible, those where if you work at it, it could be OK and those from which you should probably steer well clear!

Of course a site like this can only generalise, but throughout you will find links that will give you the opportunity to get more detailed information based on your’s and your partner’s specific date, time and location of birth.

But if you want some general help to start with, then take a look around at the information about all the different star sign combinations, which may at least start you off on the right track towards understanding your partner – or someone you currently have your eye on.



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  1. Can you please tell me my sun sign and other key information? I have only just realized that there is something called a cusp sign. I was born on 20 December 1965 at 10:30am in Georgetown, Guyana. I finally am beginning to understand myself. Thank you

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